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Henkei Sons of Cybertron Set

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Henkei Sons of Cybertron Set

I won't lie.

I only wanted this for the Hot Rod.

I've hated that mold of Prime since he was released in that crappy Classics Ultimate Battle 2-pack with that shitty Megatron.

Henkei Ghost Starscream

Henkei Ghost Starscream (Exclusive)

My god! Even in the package he's beautiful.

Takara really knows how to do transparent figures! He's goddamn pretty!

He and Crystal Convoy will make sweet sweet love on the shelf together.

Looks like he's number 2222 in the collection too.

Perfection in transforming robot form.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Every now and then a Transformer comes along that is in this humble geeks opinion is perfection personified.

And that figure is most definitely now found in the recently released and generally expensive Henkei Ligier Electro Disruptor redeco.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I am a total whore for monochrome color palettes. And this version gives me that with more love than I ever could have hoped for.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

The tiny splashes of red here and there over a generally translucent figure is just f'n amazing.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

He is totally worth the $100 I spent on him.

He's better than all those ugly ass movie robots that have been released this past few months.

$100 for this version is better than dropping $100 for that ugly ass movie Devastator trash monster.

Henkei Strafe (Japanese Credit Card Exclusive)

Henkei Strafe (Japanese Credit Card Exclusive)

Let's face it. The Cyclonus mold is just too damn iconic to really be repainted into anything else without going "Oh... that's a red and white Canadian or Polish Cyclonus." and nothing more.

But I gotta admit... I like him.

What's really amazing about him is his red chromey goodness against the greyscale packaging. It really pops!

Henkei Ligier (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I love him.

But I'm a sucker for certain translucent reissues.

Henkei Brawn

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TF Henkei Brawn

I had already bought the Hasbro one but man... I'm loving this one a lot better.

The colors are more intense.

Henkei Cliffjumper

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TF Henkei Cliffjumper

Available only in the Henkei line... Cliffjumper!

Henkei Beachcomber

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TF Henkei Beachcomber

I have never found the Hasbro individually packed Beachcomber. I'm kinda glad I didn't.

He came in a Henkei Legends 3-pack and his colors just "pop".

He's an awesome little figure!

Henkei Thrust

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TF Henkei Thrust (Exclusive)

I figured he was different enough from the Botcon 2007 version to get him.

Plus... well... I suppose I had to get something. I managed to get he and Dirge for $120 which was the cheapest I saw the set sold anywhere at the con.

Henkei Dirge

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TF Henkei Dirge (Exclusive)

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