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And I hope the jam is gonna last.



I don't read Shortpacked! much anymore but I happened to look at the RSS feed just now and I gotta admit, sometimes it hits too close to home.

Well... 'cept I don't really do hand-me-down shelves anymore.

However, I seem to recall moments like this with Mr. B., Giga, and a few others who shall remain nameless.

I'm still in 2nd-tier toy shelf drama mode but the literal pain in my neck is more important these days.

But... the 2008 Ikea catalogue arrived today!


And there are a few potential shelves at Pier One (their site is shit so I won't link).

Maybe after dinner (I'm making special nalasausageburgergrilledsammiches) we can run up there.

That is if the oxycodone doesn't have me all trippy again.

I had to leave a meeting today because I kept staring at the speaker and his mouth wasn't moving to what he was saying. Balls trippy I tell ya!

Ka'Plah! Die beast!


Originally uploaded by KenekeB

I guess we'll have to wait for Klingons vs. Furries: Requiem to see how it all ends.


There was a special appearance by certain luchadores as well.

Now if that Stormtrooper legion had been available too...

Anyway, here's a shitload of video from the thing.

I'm actually kind of shocked that bowling is still common.

It just screams 1950s-1970s to me. I can't think of anyone I know that bowls.

Hell... I know more adults on kick ball and dodge ball leagues than I do that bowl! That's a change in the pattern of adult living there!

Booo... this sucks!

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I am so glad I didn't upgrade this blog installation to Movable Type 4.0.

My god... this has got to be one of the most awful upgrading experiences I've ever had in software in my entire life.

MT 3.35 wasn't great but it was acceptable.

4.0? is just dog slow.

Hell... the user interface to write entries is so slow I get fed up with it and just close the window.

The other sites will need to be wiped and and a downgrade performed.

Thankfully my oh so precious Plastic Crack didn't suffer.

She's not well right now.


This freak actually called into Stern yesterday.

The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

| 13 Comments's The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

Some highlights?

#4 Computron

Five unpredictable, badass robots combine to form Computron, whose motto is, we shit you not, “Thorough data analysis is essential for the synthesis of successful strategy.” Right off the bat, we're disappointed in a Transformer who has a motto that isn't “I'm a giant robot who fucking loves fighting other giant robots.”

#2 Perceptor

Perceptor was designed with the sole purpose of going into battle and hanging out with Soundwave to figure out which one was more useless and outdated.

#1 Repugnus

It's still not really clear what Repugnus turns into. Some scholars claim that his secondary form is a metal crab, while still others maintain that he is just a “Monsterbot.” A third school of thought, however, suggests that Repugnus transforms from robot to “Fucking Pointless” in record time.

So I was going through the referrer logs this morning and came across some traffic from a site where someone has posted a review of The Crack.

Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog. The guy also likes to talk about the Dr. Who robots and other science fiction TV shows, but for the most part is on topic with the transformers toys. Goes to all the Botcons and other transformers trading events, too. How do you know he's legit? Will be able to legitimately explain why some of the G1 toys sucked ass. A lot of information on the toys here that's not found anywhere else either. Mostly I stare at pictures he took of the rarer and more valuable transformers he got, and you will too.
I think what totally caused me to start laughing was just the line "Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog."

Some day I'll go into how much I love the power of the English definite article "the".

Though I'm not sure when I've ever legitimately explained why G1 toys suck ass.

In my opinion, so many of them, especially the post-Diaclone remakes, suck so much self-expanatory ass that I don't need to even mention them. Yet people love 'em!

Thanks plsburydoughboy. Glad you like the photos too.

And in other stats-related news, a lot of people are hotlinking my pics even though my htaccess redirects these to a a lolcat.

Don't these people look at the final result???

I think I may have to go back to redirecting to the explicit pr0n images to see if that stops it.

The Pulse sent me this. I had forgotten how funny SNL was in the past. This has got to be one of their best commercials ever.

I randomly clicked on a few others and came across one for actions figures from the film Philadephia that's great too.

I was even more surprised at the surprise appearance by G1 G2 Starscream!

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