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I did it.


So I broke down and preordered the Transformers Club exclusive Astrotrain (and minicons) as well as the Pre-Beast Wars Airazor.

I really feel dirty about ordering from the club these days.

Sick and disgusting furversion.


In the greater universe, we may be geeks, social retards, and losers, but I gotta tell ya...

At least we aren't these people.


Very very scary.

UPDATE: Holy shit! There's a dedicated Furry Wiki.

Run away!

UPDATE 2: Um. Frowny's comment about being gay for Heinlad wasn't shocking.

However, with that said, coming across the Midwest Furfest's logo immediately after Frowny's post did scare me.

Crazy Steve + Antarctica = Waaaaahhh???

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So I'm putz'n around Flickr yesterday and came across Crazy Steve's pics.

He's in frigg'n Antarctica!

Now that's some insane bad crazy coolness there!
I can't say I have an pics of me in any location that would remotely be as interesting as this.

Homoerotic Goodness???


I was putz'n around and came across this post at Tformers about the Revoltech Prime and Magnus figures.

The first comment by "slugpitcher" of "homoerotic goodness" had me burst out laughing.

I mean. It is bad enough that these alien robot life forms have gender when they don't reproduce sexually but it is even funnier in the context of them also frequentling combining with others to make new figures.

From a certain viewpoint, the G1 Constructicons have a veritable metal spark orgy going on.

Comments about G1 Sky-Lynx are best left unsaid.

I'm on this!


I saw on Tformers today that there will be a 6" Titanium Fire Convoy coming out!

As expected, I'll be all over that!

Nala loves his Fire Convoys!

He's quite possibly my all-time favorite version of Optimus Prime and hands down I think he's the most detailed one ever.

Sure Masterpiece Convoy is perfect but I kinda of see him as the ultimate expression of G1 Prime while Fire Convoy is the best concept of having a Prime that combiners with his trailer and another figure (God Magnus).

Of course, there's a certain lack of detail on this Titanium version but what they hell can ya do!

Lego people at work.

Ya know. The Lego people are the typical under-noticed invisible agents of reality, making sure that all your toys are in working order while you sleep, ignorant of their importance.

I'm just saying.

Plastic Crack v6.0

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So I started working on redesigns of all my blogs this weekend. All in all I have 2 main blogs (this here crack one and then my non-crack one) and a few other ones for topics I can't discuss here.

Plastic Crack redesign 6.0 was inspired by MP-02 Ultra Magnus and, if I have the time, will hopefully be up within a week or two.

The great comic book purge begins...


The great comic book purge begins!

It has started.

With the help of Jay and Giga the comic boxes have all been brought down to the dining room.

And thankfully, my memory has been way faulty on how many comics I still had.

I did a purge back in 87 and then again around 94 and I had pretty much forgot how many I had gotten rid. Back in my teens and during the Dark Ages I needed quick cash and selling off the comics was a way to get it.

Still. This is way too much baggage to have in my life.

The great comic book purge begins!

The goal here will be to reduce this by 95%, with only graphic novels, trades, and very specials individual issues or series kept.

I think I can manage that.

Of course, some of the stuff from the past 9 years is just as much of Giga's as it is mine. But I think he'll want to thin out the baggage as much as I do.

Yet another repaint I must have. Grrrr....

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Oy koledy!

So that Revoltech Optimus Prime action figure is being given the old white Ultra Magnus redeco treatment.

Well all I gotta say is... I gotta have one!!!

I don't know why but the white and grey just gets me moist!

And damn that's posing!

Like you didn't know already...

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Holy shit! It has been one helluva cracky week here in the Attic of Love hasn't it?

And all I have to say is...




G1 Victory Leo

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Victory Leo

My beautiful Victory Leo arrived today from Canada!

He's purty. Brick-like yes. But purty.

Victory Leo is the 1772nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Mirage


Classics Mirage

I've had you less than 4 hours and I am totally in love with Classics Mirage! In a totally gay way even!!!

He's everything I hoped for in a Classics figure.

He's a perfect homage to his G1 self. He's got a certain lanky-ness that I find completely appealing right now.


He's the most insanely articulate Transformer that's been released in a long long long long time!

Mirage can be posed in so many ways that it blows my mind!!!

Thank you Hasbro!

I'll love him long time!

Classics Mirage is the 1771st Transformer that I've acquired.

Woot! Gimme some o' dat Mirage!

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Giga went out early to find a few deals today and ended up finding me a Classics Mirage.


I love him!!!

He'll have his haters. I can tell that already.

But I loves him. Loves him lots!

I noticed that the Classics 2-Pack Prime and Megs suffer from a gimmick that I just don't understand: the distracting intentional design flaw known as light-piping.

You know... when they put the colored translucent plastic in the head to supposedly let light through and glow.

Yes. I think of it as an intentional design flaw. It is a gimmick that I just can't figure out.

By putting the translucent plastic in, it usually means having the back of the head totally different from the rest of the design.

For me it is distracting and quite a negative.

And honestly, unless you put the figure directly in front of a light source it doesn't really do anything.

Do kids, the real audience for these toys, care about such things?

If I was a kid and not a loser adult with toys I wouldn't give a rat's ass about the gimmick at all.

Light-piping completely screwed the Heroes of Cybertron line. The original Takara PVCs didn't have it and on the whole, I think the quality control was a lot better.

I don't know.

Maybe it is just me.

What do you think?

Does light-piping sucks the balls nasty or not?

I don't think I can put into words how totally unprepared I was for the level of suck that these 2 figures have made me feel.

Well... suck may be too harsh. They don't totally suck total balls. But they do suck partial balls.

Prime's truck mode (below) is just plain awful and contributes to his faults.

Classics Optimus Prime - totally awful in alt mode

It is sad.


The new Jetfire figure in the Classics line is pure unadulterated love.

Classics Jetfire - Bot Mode

Classics Megatron (Ultimate Battle 2-Pack version)

Much like his box companion Prime, Megatron is just kind of there.

I really like certain parts of him but as a whole he's just not doing it for me.

He feels cheap and suffers from one of my only pet peeves about TFs which is a gimpy hand on a non-Shockwave figure.

His head is great though. I tried photographing him from different angles and then I realized it was just best to go for the mid-shot and leave off his guns and especially his feet-claw things.

Even with his bright colors, regular Classics Megatron beats this one hands down!

Classics Megatron is the 1770th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Optimus Prime (Ultimate Battle 2-Pack version)

Um. I try not to be a hater any more when it comes to the plastic crack that Hasbro and Takara put out but man oh man this was just feels "called in".

The Ultimate Battle 2-Pack totally feels like an after-thought. There's just something cheap about Prime. He even feels a bit like a knock-off.

And the alt mode? Oy koledy! Don't even put him in truck mode. Keep him in bot mode. It isn't that bad really and in fact, it has a Super Ginrai-esque minor vibe to the head.

But so far, the real Classics Prime rules the day in this line!

Classics Optimus Prime is the 1769th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Skyfire Jetfire


Classics Jetfire

This is as close to a G1 figure that we'll probably ever get and the fact that he has a animated Skyfire vibe is fantastic!

I haven't gotten around to bot mode yet but so far I totally love him!

Classics Jetfire is the 1768th Transformer that I've acquired.

New crack.

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Found the Classics Prime/Megs 2-Pack today as well as a Classics Jetfire.

Haven't opened them yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

We gave them our vitamin money. *cough*


So Evebird and I hit Target at lunch.

No Classics Mirage there.

I so want him.

I totally love him (in a totally non gay way)!

Must have him... in all his lanky glory!

My Stern life and my TF life just unexpectedly crashed into a head-on collision of disastrous proportions.

There's nothing worse than listening to Howard Stern do a live ad for the Transformers 20th anniversary DVD and Howard not knowing a damn thing about what he's reading.

He then lists off all of the people who did voices and asks why the hell he has never heard of this film. Howard then asked Robin what the hell Transformers the movie is and she really doesn't know but says it is robots that transform into things.

Gary then jumps on a mic and trys to explain but even he doesn't know but he says his kids like Transformers.

What a cluster fuck of an ad.

Man oh man Sirius could have provided them with a bit more info, or at least scripted the live ad a bit better.


3" Titanium Energon Skorponok

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Titanium Energon Skorponok is the 1767th Transformer that I've acquired.

I kinda of wish Hasbro had done G1 Scorponok or Black Zarak.

Black Zarak would be great as a 6" Titanium.

3" Titanium G1 Predaking

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Titanium G1 Predaking is the 1766th Transformer that I've acquired.

3" Titanium G1 Grimlock

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Titanium G1 Grimlock is the 1765th Transformer that I've acquired.

Almost here...


My Victory Leo and Star Saber auction win has shipped!











More Black Convoy!


Hey geeks.

Did any of you buy that Takara "Hybrid" Convoy that came out earlier this year?

I'm kind of debating with my internal monologue about getting the THS-02B Hybrid Style Black G1 Convoy that's popping up for preorders.

Dear Transformer Fandom...


Dear Transformers Fandom:

What is it with so many of you?

You bitch about there not being a Masterpiece Megatron figure.

And then, Takara comes along and apparently delivers a realistic transforming Megatron and most of you seem to find some reason to bitch about that.

"The legs are too thin!"

"The fusion cannon is too big!'

Wahhhhhhhh!!! Does your pussy hurt too?

Fandom should be lucky TakaraTomy even remotely seems to have something of this magnitude on the drawing boards.

Quit your bitching about Megatron and go back to your bitching about that movie coming out in 8 months.

Holy Shit!


Holy shit! I didn't figure on winning this at all but I just got an email from Ebay that I won a Star Saber and Victory Leo for $400!!!

That means I can no doubt sell the Star Saber for at least $200 and have only paid $200 for the Victory Leo I so badly wanted!

Bad craziness.

Now here comes the guilt over the next few weeks for dropping that kind of money.

Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager

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I'm going to take a minute to digress from my usual pointless crap about useless expensive transforming plastic and talk about something more important.

Let's talk about beer shall we?

Or specifically, Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager.

Gordon Biersch Marzen Smooth Auburn Lager

Consider this a new review here at PlasticCrackDotNet.

A beer mini-review.

Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager is an incredibly fine lager.

I'm shocked at how in less than 24 hours of drinking this lager it has become a favorite of mine.

There's just an incredible amount of flavor and smoothness with just a touch of bitter.

I highly recommend this beer.

Now go buy some Transformers and while you are out, pick up some Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager.

Nala wouldn't lie to you.

TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod


TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod

TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod is the 1764th Transformer that I've acquired.

I think per square inch of plastic he's probably the most expensive too. Way too damn expensive for a non-die-cast figure.

But what's a loser to do.

So I gotta say, when TFSource packages something up... man they package something up!

KISS Player Hot Rod arrived today and I can't recall the last time I saw such care taken in packaging up a toy for shipping.

Beware. This post if photo heavy.

And the Oscar goes to...



Kelmeister sent me a link to this image.

Christopher Walken should totally have been cast in the Transformers film.

And of course, you all should know my theory about adding Rip Taylor to the cast.

[Update: Frowny passed on that the artist is actually Brandon Bird. I think I'm in love with his The Anguish piece.]

I tell ya Bay... guaranteed Oscar!

I have absolutely nothing geek-related to talk about.


Nothing. Zilch.

Almost opened that Ultra Magnus eHobby repaint of Laser Prime but didn't really have it in me to crack him open yet.

Every day I get closer and closer to cracking open Super God Fire Convoy in all his translucent god master sword glory. But I haven't.

I did get the oak tree leaves all raked up.

I suppose that's something.

But that's leaf-related isn't it?

And the various hoont bombs that I stepped in would be poop-related.


Ok. I'm bored now.

No. That doesn't look awkward at all.


Um. Hmmm.

Since Hasbro didn't have one in bot mode at Botcon I guess I never really would have figured that Titanium Soundwave would have a diaper full of poo on.

I think this'll be my first 6" titanium figure that'll stay in alt mode.


No. Really. It is a saggy diaper full of poo or those are the largest Cybertronian low hangers ever seen!

With the long face, pulling down...

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Just got an email from TFSource.

KISS Vagina Player Hot Rod has shipped.

I still haven't heard from Captured Prey about MP Starscream or Autolooper.

The 1998 Yoda puppet is creepy.

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So I'm laying here this damp dreary cold Sunday morning watching Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and I really kind of forgot how bad it is.

However, with that said, I do believe it produced one of composer John Williams' finest pieces of music in the form of his "Duel of the Fates" theme.

It really is quite a good piece of music.

I'm sorry.

I thought the contest to have a line spoken in the TF movie was pretty lame to begin with.

And now that I see the winning results and it just hasn't changed my opinion about how lame it is.

Carl, from Norristown, PA, will see his number-one winning entry – “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”
Um. Shouldn't the person who wrote the bio for the 1984 Prime box get credit? And you can't tell me only one person submitted that line!

Several of the other winners are just lines previously said by Optimus in old cartoons.

The one that should have won, at least from a truly creative end, and at least implying a historic past/fan wank to the character was from Jason Methuen was “Alpha Trion said there’d be days like this.”.

Now that would have been a decent original line!

Obviously, my "Who the fuck is Super God Ginrai???" didn't make the cut.

TFs here and there.


Rodimus II
Originally uploaded by Senex Prime.

I really like this picture of Classics Hod Rod from Senex Prime. There's just something really nice about the lighting and the differing background and "bottom" colors.

This would be phenomenal with an SLR with the right depth of field settings.

And no. I can't bring myself to refer to this character as Rodimus or Hot Rodimus or Rodimus Major just because Hasbro lost the naming rights to "Hot Rod".

Originally uploaded by Senex Prime.

I like this pic of Masterpiece Starcream he's done too.

The one I ordered from Captured Prey hasn't arrived yet. I'm pretty sure this has been 'pshopd' a bit since it looks more like anime Starscream than the real figure.

Hasbro said they'd do the real color scheme if they ever choose to release the mold stateside.

Anyway, a good pic. Love the smirk.

Cybertron Smokescreen
Originally uploaded by Ramen Junkie.

Frequent commenter Ramen Junkie's got a good angle going on here with Cybertron Smokescreen.

This redeco is a thousand times better than the original paint job too.

I like the reflection on the floor here too.

Think I'm sick?

How's about this geek?

Cyberton Shadow Recon Team (Six-Speed, Reverb, Jolt)

I totally love this version of Reverb (center above). I just gots a thing for the lighter translucent figures. The darker ones just don't do it for me.

Thankfully, Takara has done a lot of lighter ones.

If I'm not mistaken, these guys officially warrant the comment "here endeth Transformers Cybertron" since I don't think we'll see anything else under the subline.

Shadow Recon Team Six-Speed, Reverb, and Jolt are the 1761st through 1763rdTransformers that I've acquired.

Cybertron Hightail

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Cyberton Hightail

A really nice repaint of Lugnutz.

Cybertron Hightail is the 1760th Transformer that I've acquired.

Yay! Back online!

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I've corrected the damage from my little IT faux pas last night. (and are back online.

2006_11_8_buildron.JPGUp for sale on Ebay is my Japanese ToysRUs Exclusive Takara Superlink Buildron Giftset.

Item is new and has never been opened.

There is very minor wear and tear on the box. This item is a part of the world famous Attic of Love™/PlasticCrack™ collection but has to find a new home. Won't you consider taking in a lonely Takara exclusive set? Buildron will love you and make you happy.

Buy it today!

Takara? Why hast thou forsaken me?



Those UK peoples get all the good shit!

Why oh why does this stuff get regional DVD releases everywhere in the world except in the most damnable consumer-driven culture there is.


Oh. And in other news, I really really really really really want a Ratchet made from an Alternator Skids (from here).

Car Robots Super Spychangers


Wow. That Super Spychanger box really let me down.

Even though it had 2 chase figures in it I already have both of them and everything else in it.

Super Spychanger Artfire (Translucent Chase) (1748th TF)
Super Spychanger W.A.R.S. (1749th TF)
Super Spychanger Ox (1750th TF)
Super Spychanger X-Car (1751st TF)
Super Spychanger W.A.R.S. (1752nd TF)
Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (1753rd TF)
Super Spychanger Eagle Killer (1754th TF)
Super Spychanger Artfire (1755th TF)
Super Spychanger Artfire (1756th TF)
Super Spychanger W.A.R.S. (Translucent Chase)(1757th TF)
Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (1758th TF)
Super Spychanger X-Car (1759th TF)

I now have a veritable army of Spychangers.

Sent to me by Chloe's Father, 8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons.

Of course, the only one of concern around there parts is...

CARTOON: Transformers
LESSON: If we’re not careful, robots will kill us all.

This is a humbling lesson for any child to learn, but an easy one to accept, considering Transformers was one of the coolest cartoons of the '80s. Would the Unabomber have renounced his violent ways if he were to witness the sheer stunning spectacle that is Grimlock? Hard to say, since he didn’t have a TV. But we will tell you one thing: when machines replace humans at the top of the food chain, we’ll be standing on the sidelines, waving our Autobot flag with fervent pride. Because, let’s face it, getting eaten by an alien car would suck.

How it affected us as adults: The reason we stay away from Priuses and make our TV wear a blindfold when we sleep at night.

Um. I don't get the blindfold the tv thing. Am I too old?


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My Super Spychangers arrived!

I'm so hoping there's a chase figure I need it the box.

Odds are against me. I know.

Damn you Lilfrenzy!


Ok. Lilfrenzy's comment triggered me to go order a Masterpiece Starscream and pre-order KISS Vagina Player Autolooper.

I bought from Captured Prey this time. I was going to use TFSource again but they were $12 more for shipping and a few bucks more per figure so I had to go with the cheaper route at the moment.

I have several $23/gallon polyurethane enamel paint purchases in my future. It never seems to end.

What could it be...

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So there was a thingie from the Post Office today that a package arrived. I'm assuming it is for me and not Giga but who knows.

It could be my Super Spychangers from China or it could be my KISS Player Hot Rod.

I'll be happy with either.

Even more so if the Super Spychanges pack contains 1 or more of the chase figures I need!

I'll try to snag it tomorrow after work.

Cybertron Megatron (Deluxe Version 2)

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Cybertron Megatron (Deluxe Version 2)

He's here just because I finally found one.

Cybertron Megatron (Deluxe Version 2) is the 1746th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

6" Titanium G1 Scourge



It has been 20 years and I dislike this character just as much as I did in 1986.

I just think he's an ugly boat.

Don't get me wrong here now... Hasbro did the ugly boat thing justice here. He's solid with a good paint job.

The character just does nothing for me.

Titanium G1 Scourge is the 1746th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

6" Titanium Optimal Optimus

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I can truthfully say that Hasbro has worked out the quality issues on the 6" titanium figures.

Optimal Optimus is top notch! He's great! His paint deco is decent. He's solid and not flimsy!

He rocks!

Titanium Optimal Optimus is the 1745th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

Sorely lacking.


Sorry there hasn't been much new lately.

My KISS Vagina Playset Hot Rod hasn't come yet.

My Super Spychangers haven't arrived.

I haven't found the Micromaster Superion yet... (but I hear he's been popping up at CVS of all places).

Plus, work has been extremely busy and they've started cracking down on internet usage.

And of course, real life has been more important than silly plastic play things.



Have any of you ever used

It never seems to have more than a handful of auctions on it but I really like the way it is far better organized and TF-specific compared to the almost useless Ebay.

I'm leary about posting anything there since even their forums link doesn't work.

It has been around for awhile now but I'm assuming people are afraid to use it.

Thoughts? Knowledge?

Enlighten me.

I'm assuming it is primarily a United Kingdom-centric demographic site but I'm basing that purely on the fact that most if not all of the current auctions are listed in pounds.

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