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Betty White is not a fan of Earth-Three Ricochet

I kinda wish the TYFSUNLUTFAF had been unveiled as the other 2 mini-cons now.

I'm sorry, but I just can't believe that this year's 2008 Botcon box and loose sets have sold out if, and I mean if, they were produced in equal numbers to the last two year's sets.

Now I would believe it if they reduced the production run substantially and therefore, it has sold out because of that.

Now what's funny is that they are still trying to get rid of the extra 2005 sets, and they are using a slightly discounted rate to lure people to still pay for a Primus package.

At least they are throwing in this year's attendee figure, whatever it may be. (Though it'll be balls crazy hilarity if it those two leftover minicons!)

The spontaneous creation of that other package also is indicative of something bizarre.

Oh well.

We'll have to see when we get to the Queen City.

I suppose I shouldn't care.

I got my Jetscream and Earth-Three Convoy.

And I'm a total fucking selfish dick when it comes down to it anyway.

Or so I've been told.



Custom Brawn by WarMAchine

Holy ballskicking customs Batman!

What a great custom Brawn for sale.

Someday I'll buy up some customs.

I really wish I'd have snagged Jin Saotome's one Shockwave custom when I had the chance.

There'll never be anything like it again.

I may bid on this custom Beachcomber in a couple of days depending on where it is at.

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Torchwood: Adam

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So I need to digress from my usual Transformers blabbering for my weekly pointless commentary on Torchwood.

This week's episode "Adam" was actually really top notch as far as Torchwood stories go.

In fact, I would has used the premise of a creature that only exists if it insinuates itself into your memories as really bizarre multi-parter but I don't have the privilege of working at BBC Wales.

Anyway, this episode is creepy and great and it more of what Torchwood should be like on a regular basis.

Next week: Marfa returns to the Whoniverse! All you Marfa haters can just bite her smooth oh so fine mocha ass!

Home ill = Bad


Being home sick today was dangerous.

I kinda found myself perusing online stores and ended up droping a ton of scratch on some toys I had my eyes on for some time.

I snagged an Encore Sky-Lynx, the TakaraTomy black version of Movie Incinerator, and the WonderFest Exclusive Dai Atlas figure from last year that I've wanted forever.

The only thing that I feel the slightest bit guilty about dropping money down on is the Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream.

While I hated the general Hasbro release I totally love the insanity of the translucence on this.

Yes. It cost and arm and a leg but I've been building up such a bad crazy niche on the translucent stuff that I'm having more fun with that then the general mainstream lines.

I'm more or less thinking of it as spending the money on one figure I really want instead of all the movie crap that my previous "gotta collect 'em all" mental illness used to drive me to do. I just need to find the Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy at the GRC and I'll be set.

I'm hoping that Fumihiko has some of those, as well as some of the other crazy Takara shit that's been coming out.

Oh. Also preorded a couple of things too.

The Takara grey Classics Megs, the Takara Classics Astrotrain (in the purple and grey), and Revoltech Starscream and Hot Rod.

I'm actually surprised I'm not feeling the guilt right now.

Almost pukies.


So I'm not sure if I'm fighting the influenza or if if I've got some kind of ulcer or other stomach condition going on.

Of and on for the last few days I've felt randomly pukey, but yesterday at work it got bad enough that I came home at 1.

I felt more or less the same this morning so I've taken a sick day to lay in bed and see if it goes away.

Thankfully, I can do a lot of my "virtual paper pushing" remotely so I can still keep in touch via VPN and stuff.

So. I suppose I should look up simple treatments for my symptoms.

Maybe I just have a case of the vapors.

Where oh where has McBeardo gone?

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You alive out there?

Earth Three Starscream is Jetfire!


So that auction that popped up the other day was for the final Botcon box piece after all.

It is actually the only bot in the box I really really like with the Prime coming in second.

The minicon is no big deal to me. I mean, it can't even connect to the Starscream so it is just another thing to throw in the box. I've never been much for minicons anyway.

From a mold standpoint, some of the people thinking they'd do an Armada Starscream since he had the minicon made a certain amount of sense, but I've got to think that the economics of this means that the other 2 animal minicons'll be in the add-in packs.

I love to read all the speculation on these things.

It goes from one extreme to another, and it can't be helped that the Classics line didn't have a Scout Class level figure, unless you count the minicon releases.

So the box contains a Voyager, 4 Deluxes, and a Minicon.

That leaves the other 2 minicons (the cat and the eagle) likely in an add-on set.

Though what the other add-ons could be and the attendee figure could I haven't a clue.

Maybe they'll be more to my taste than the box set.


Though I was just thinking. If it holds true that the other 2 minicons are in the add-on set, that would mean that they had to make equal numbers of add-on sets to the box and loose ones.

What would be awful, but I wouldn't put it past them at all, would be to do the 2 minicons as the attendee "figure" with them saying "it is 2 figures instead of 1" or something.

But those quantities wouldn't work either since there are more box sets made then attendees to the con. Sure they give away at the casino night and as door prizes some of the attendee figures, but they'd have way too many.

Oh well.

As I said, s'all pointless speculation by fandom. And now I feel dirty and filthy for just having contributed to it here.

Just lovely.


Ok. So you know what I hate most about Ebay right now?

Internet Ebay fags who use bastardized versions of my photography on their auctions.

I've had my photography ripped off so many times now.

I've seen it on Ebay. I've seen it reposted by other people on Flickr as their own. It just doesn't end.

And what's worse is that various spammers have snagged my RSS feeds and have copied entire categories and sections into spam blogs from here.

That's always so f'n grand.

Botcon 2008 JazzI forget who I was IM'n with the other night but they brought up the fact that I hadn't said much about Botcon Jazz or Grimlock.

That's a lie!

I haven't said a single thing about Botcon Jazz or Grimlock.

There isn't really anything to say.

Jazz looks like any other countless Jazz figures that have been produced and Grimlock isn't all that much different from Classics Grimlock.

I mean, I could have seen them do the Jazz in Stepper colors. That way at least he'd be kind of an Anti-Jazz palette-wise.

But a few words about killing, painted on an alt mode, doesn't do anything for me.

So far Jazz, Grimlock, and Goldbug will likely leave my possession within a few days of returning to Cowtown.

That is if I don't sell 'em off to any dealers who want them at the show.

I wonder if there's any truth to that post at Tformers about 2 repaint Binaltechs coming out.

Bluestreak and Meister

Quite frankly though, I'd be really hard pressed to buy these.

I mean... I might as well just scrape all the stickers and decor off Smokescreen to get that appearance. It is is true then that's pretty boring a la the straight up blue Binaltech Prowl.

And is there a demand for... I can't believe I'm typing this... a movie homage Meister?!?!!?

While I could see TakaraTomy resurrecting the Binaltech name, I can't see them doing much in the way of the die-cast figures again after they abandoned that for plastic of KISS Play.

Then again who knows.

I'm not one for really going to Ebay anymore. I find myself looking at links that some of you email me but on the whole, I can't remember the last thing I bid on or actually spent time looking for there.

I can't stand the keyword and category abuse that sellers do to place their shit in your face even when it has absolutely nothing related to your search term.

But I found myself there this afternoon and was both shocked and awed at some of the things I found.

Shocked - If anybody pays $800 for the 2005 Botcon "Descent Into Evil" box set then they need to seek mental help. The seller, thinking he can get $800 for that also needs to as well. This one, going for $99 is far more realistic. The set is worth at least that. $900 for that Seeker set is also frigg'n insane and totally not worth it.

Sorta Awed - This one guy who is selling his sketches to help he and his kid get to Botcon. If it is true, then I give him credit for trying something different. Hell... if his kid did the drawings, I'd commission a Shockwave done in the animated style from him. I'd probably frame it too.

Very Awed and Actually Sort of Shocked - That auction for that Jefire decoed Starscream with the huge NOT FOR SALE mark hasn't sold. Kudos to the TF fan boys out there for not buying that.

Shocked - Botcon 2005 Ratchet is still going for only the low hundreds? He's a damn fine figure and last time I saw them they were way higher. I still owe Evebird thanks for mine. He won one at the casino night thing and traded me it for one of the biker chicks (I think.) This Ratchet is one of those figures that I'll never give up.

Awe - Here's a damn fine G1 Scorponok for sale. No idea what the reserve is but I'd like to have that box and styrofoam!


There are barely any PVCs on now. I wonder if they've dried up.

They do look good.


I'll give the guy an A+ for effort.

And they do look good.

But man, you really can't polish a turd can you?

And there was much rejoicing.


Found new crack but no Big Daddy.


Found some new scout class crack repaints at Target today.

I was hoping to find a Big Daddy but was surprised to see the 3 I did, all of which I wanted.

Crosshairs has got a really nice como deco on him. I've been particularly drawn to the Air Raid camo deco and the pseudo Skyblast version of this kind of paint deco in the previous Sector 7 repaints.

Warpath isn't bad. The heavy black and red is nice but I can't say the light blue works as well as it could. I'm not sure what color would though.

Storm Surge however is shitloads of fun. The predominantly blue/white/black works so well and it is a bright vibrant blue.

I've seen some people do customs of this mold as pre-Beast Wars Skorponok and I think it works for the most part. Sure he's a small mold but whaddaya gonna do.

Alas, no Biggy Daddy to be found.

I will be so happy when the Crack Vault is remodeled and I can have my light box and lights again. Grrrr... I shouldn't even bother with photos if I can't do them right.


Oh, and Kelmeister send me this link that has some Season 4 BG promo pics.

Transformers Movie Storm Surge (Target Exclusive)

Transformers Movie Storm Surge is the 2022nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Crosshairs

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Transformers Movie Crosshairs (Target Exclusive)

Transformers Movie Crosshairs is the 2021st Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Warpath (Target Exclusive)

Transformers Movie Warpath is the 2020th Transformer that I've acquired.



Hey! You!

Yeah you!

What the hell is this?

This wouldn't be the Starscream from the Botcon 2008 set would it?

It would be quite a twist on the old Starscream/Jetfire Earth-1 relationship no?

Update: Of course I just happened to look at Tformers and they just posted the same link.


I'll never have firsties will I?


DiCaprio, Warner Bros. in for live-action 'Akira' (Hollywood Reporter)

"Akira" has long been in development at the company, with producers Jon Peters and Basil Iwanyk involved at various times, as well as directors Stephen Norrington and Pitof. The rights lapsed but Warner managed to re-scoop them again for Robinson, who came to the studio with a vision of a two-part adaptation.

The new story moves the action to "New Manhattan," a city rebuilt by Japanese money.

So... you are moving a Japanese story to "New Manhattan" over "Neo Tokyo".

I can only imagine how un-Akira like this'll be.

And Akira was only a tiny fraction of the original manga even.

No excitement here at the 'Crack for this one.

Now maybe if Michael Bay were to direct it I'd get really excited.

Yeah. That'd do it.

A uniform only a true real man would wear!



I've been thinking.

Since there's no real Polish clothing that I could adapt to a "uniform" for the GRC I was thinking...

How about a Utilikilt?

I mean... the commercial at the site makes me want to buy one because it appears wearing one will give me some kind of Scottish ass-kicking powers.

And us 'Crackers need to look our best at the robot dinner.



I think a Utilikilt will rock!

Zeta Convoy? Would you wear one?

Universal Pictures and Hasbro Sign Strategic Partnership (ENI)

Universal Pictures and Hasbro, Inc. [NYSE:HAS] announced today that they have formed a six-year strategic partnership to produce at least four motion pictures based on some of the world's best-known and beloved brands, including "MONOPOLY," "CANDY LAND," "CLUE," "OUIJA," "BATTLESHIP," "MAGIC, THE GATHERING," and "STRETCH ARMSTRONG."

Ok. I can see Transformers. I can see GIJoe. I can see frigg'n My Little Pony and Care Bears even.

But I am just not seeing fictional based value in any of these outside of maybe some really thin fiction based on the Magic game thing.

"This deal gives Universal access to some of the greatest brands in the world," explained Shmuger and Linde. "Hasbro's portfolio of products has tremendous emotional resonance with children and adults. They offer an exciting opportunity for us to develop tentpole movies with built-in global brand awareness, which is a key component of our slate strategy."

"Universal's creativity and worldwide marketing and distribution strength make them the perfect partner," said Goldner. "Today's Hasbro is so much more than a traditional toy and game company, and this partnership is a powerful example of how we are offering our consumers new ways to enjoy unique and immersive experiences with our brands."
Maybe I'm just not cool and hip but I've read this last quote a couple of times and all I can do to keep from laughing is realize that someone, regardless of how utterly bullshitty it all sounds, is making money.

Though quite frankly, I can't see Hasbro making much off some of this.

So you... *snicker* make another Clue movie or a Monopoly movie or even a Candy Land movie... how many repaints of a board game do you have to sell to make a profit?

It isn't exactly like "tremendous emotional resonance" of these games can possibly translate into new "unique and immersive experiences".

It is like the 80's logic in green lighting film productions is back in full swing.

Earth-3 Happy Go Fun Bots


So I was putz'n around the TFCC forums looking at the GRC chat and I saw something that actually got me thinking.

Well... thinking in a totally lame way but thinking nonetheless.

Let's draw the Earth 3 set out to the inevitable possible geek conclusion.

If you could have any character done under that theme, who would it be?

I'm thinking I'd drop scratch on:

  • an incredibly pink happy Shockwave with super-hug action feature (he'd be almost Care Bearsish)
  • a totally messed up entrail-encrusted evil Tako Tank
  • an evil Heinlad with a clock that goes counter-clockwise
  • a Minerva splattered in blood with all kinds of blade/scalpel weapons
  • Little Daddy

I could go on...

Oy koledy.


So I happened to notice this today.


T'would appear that I'm fully committed now.

It is a chicken versus the egg scenario isn't it?

That cash would have been better spent on a shelf to store crack, yet one needs to spend money on crack that will inevitably go on a shelf.

Oh the humanity.

I can haz robotz?

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...

The Bible + Robots = Awesome!

So since The Domicile is of the general Arts & Crafts era, I tend to try and find a balance between era-appropriate appearance as well as modern necessity. This is especially important to me in the main "public" areas of the house where I entertain.

However, I'm not at all afraid to go off style a bit in the private rooms of the 2nd floor, and the future Crack Vault™, as many of you know, has been proving troublesome for the past 4 months or so since appropriate shelving is a must for me this time around.

Outside of the occasional era curio, 'Muricans of the 1920s didn't seem to have all that much need to store thousands of pieces of crap on shelves, and hence there isn't much massive shelving designed for that era.

Possible Shelf...However, this weird little design caught my eye this morning. While it really wouldn't work in the Vault room, being more natural looking in say the Greg's Attic of Groovy Love or maybe Steve Austin's pad.

There's something about them though that I like.

They'd actually work in Moni's 50's era home.

Nah! Too drastic! I'll keep looking.

I'm bound to find something...

in the next 10 years or so!

Give her a ride on your rocket.


I've been thinking lately about snagging an Encore Omega Supreme when he's released later this year.

I mean, I've got a beautiful one that really only needs new stickers to be visually impressive but his electronics are iffy at best. Plus I had to repair his FCS back in 2005.

My 2nd one, while still lovable as only Omega Supremes can be, has seen better days.

To have one with fully operational electronics, perfect stickers, and no FCS would be kind of nice in a "oh they'll never reissue that so I'll just keep repairing old ones" kind of way.

Just lovely.

All the MT 4.1 sites are now experiencing the occasional 500 Internal Server errors, resulting in double and triple posts and double comments at times.

These used to plague MT constantly in earlier versions and was a daily occurence at my previous hosting company OLM.

But I haven't had them in ages.



And it shall be called...


...The Crack Vault™.

And there was rejoicing in the domicile of the Internet's Most Beloved Polish-American™.

(Still no shelves though!)



Torchwood: Meat

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There is one thing that Torchwood excels at.

And that thing?

Total inconsistency!

Did any of you catch this the recent episode "Meat"?

If so, please explain to me what the hell is up with the acting of Captain Jack?

Exactly what emotions is he showing?

I mean, there's a seed of a really good story in this episode here but it was like director Colin Teague just didn't know what the hell to tell the actors to do.

And then, when this disjointed filming was completed, they let someone with narcolepsy edit and assemble the final cut.

I'd like the blame Teague here since he also shoveled up that piece of shit final season episode of Doctor Who last year but maybe it goes deeper than that.

This series is so haphazard and so inconsistent that I really cannot fathom how it is produced at all.

Yesterday, Dan posted some links to some stuff that I hadn't seen yet.

And all I can say is that at least the Marvel Transformer mashup has resulted in some toys, Iron Man and Hulk for example, that are more TF and less Marvel.

This has kitbash fodder for TF customizers all over it!

The alt modes for Iron Man Jet and Hulk Tank work well as bases for so many potential TFs.

I mean, the Iron Man Jet practically looks like the Autobot Broadside's jet mode!

But the real love for me is only 1 1/2 inches tall.

Black Getter. I haz one.

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I loves my Black Getter

I've been really trying to avoid opening any toys until the new room is remodeled and shelves are bought but Revoltech Black Getter has been sitting here staring at me out of his box for weeks now.

And let me just say... he is fantastic!

I love the revolver and pistol accessories.

The cape's great too.

TF Classics 2 GalvatronObviously, with Toyfair in full on mode, there was bound to be some TF-related stuff being announced.

Classics 2 Galvatron was not something that I seem to remember being previously discussed.

I'd say he is a pleasant surprise but I'm not a Galvatron fan at all.

He's like my #2 TF cliche right up there after Unicron.

No doubt G1 Galvatron's introduction as a reformatted Megatron is the cause. It left a bad taste in my mouth character-wise in 1986 and continues to this very day with Hasbro constantly playing the Galvatron card for a Megatron repaint. I'm shocked we haven't seen one in the movie line.

At least this time he's an original mold and that head is really great.


I shouldn't have been too surprised that they'd regurgitate other molds for Classics 2 but Cybertron Soundwave done up as Blaster?

That really looks like a Botcon kind of repaint.


The news about Hasbro wanting to get Alternators back on the shelves is about the best thing I could have heard.

I'd still love a Mini Cooper and a Dune Buggy.

Problem logging in. Prayer may be useful.

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I noticed in the logs that some people, namely DL and Andre, had unsuccessful logins.

It might be because of the rebuilding of the archives slowing down my scripts.

Hopefully it is fixed.

If not, email me.

Slowly but surely...

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Well I've managed to start understanding the new logic in the new Movable Type and was able to get some of these "widget" modules to work.

Figuring out the rather complex CSS styles is always fun.

Managed to implement some changes to the entry page comments too.

It'll come.

But alas, I've wasted too much time today on pointlessness.

I'm done for now.

Needs me some Raider and Poseidon


Getter Robot Getter 1

Hey Geeks!

I saw this CGI old school Getter 1 image somewhere and I'm hoping that one of you may have crossed paths with these before and may know where I, Nala, could find a GGI Getter 2 and Getter 3 like this one.

Any of you seen any of these?


Found 'em!

And this...


Man oh I wasted time after school watching the dubber version of this called Starvengers.

And that was on Showtime too!

Earth Three Bumblebee makes his debut.


Love the head sculpt.

But that's all I can pretty much say.

Run... don't walk...

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For the fans of The BG I have to tell you...

Run... don't walk... to your nearest purveyor of video crack disks and pick up Razor on DVD.

The unrated version has so much extra footage that it is truly amazing that they edited this stuff out.

There's so much First Cylon War action and Cain character stuff that it really is a better film.

I see why some of it was deleted, but man oh man, the amount of visual effects footage that was cut is mind-boggling.

Old school basestars! Fanwank homage shots! Battlestars go'n explody!

Of course, it was a Netflix version that arrived for us to watch so now I gots to go buy it!

Oh, and the DVD version of Family Guy's "Blue Harvest" is also better than the broadcast version.

From the land of toys that don't suck...


Jin Saotome's G2 MegatronSpeaking of Mr. Saotome, any of you seen his not-so-the-brick G2 Megatron yet?

Verra nice.

His tank mode is perfect and captures G2 Megatron perfectly.

I've never been a fan of the Megatron door stopper but somehow I've acquired 2 of them.

I think one of 'em sold at one of the toy shows but who knows. If not they're both buried in a bin somewhere.

Good job Mr. S.

And the Ultron kicks ass and that Jetfire ? Oh. He could make a boy excited.

Quite excited.

Earth Three Convoy makes his debut.


Earth Three Convoy (Robot)Hmmm. This has got me all bad crazy and shit.

See. The whole Botcon theme doesn't really appeal to me at all.

I mean. Zero excitement.

But there's something about doing Prime in what basically amounts to an almost- Shockwave color pallet that stirs something in my loins.


Total dammit!

Balls dammit even!

He's not a pad repaint.

Earth Three Convoy (Truck)I even like the cracks, the "Until all are gone!", and especially the wear and tear. (Jin got me moist and lov'n the wear and tear.)

The colors for the most part work pretty well.

I'd prefer dirty silver or even a worn grey for those gold details but that's just because he's so "dirty" in general.

I hate to say it.

I really do.

But I like it.

Now I'm wondering if the rumblings and rumors are true of yet another repaint of this mold for SDDC as a straight-up Nemesis Prime Scourge.



It took 4 hours to rebuild the archives but everything seems to be working. The rebuild only occurred on part of the archives last night, hence why some pages no longer existed. (I hate to think what the other blogs with 4000+ entries and such will take.)

And for those of you who've been emailing me about comments... they aren't broken. They are just not the same as before.

Back in the day, comment and trackback spam were horrible blog problems and I used the best hacks around at the time to prevent them from queuing up. Since it was a hack, it broke part of MT's authentication and comment options.

That's all operational again.

So... some of you who I've known for years are trusted commenters, some of you get queued for approval, and others will get trusted as they resign in and post for the first time. Some comments, if not relative, will get trashed.

And no... there's no anonymous commenting anymore.

So I had a major moment of glory this evening in my quest to move some of my other blogs to Movable Type 4.1.

Some of them are subdomains of other sites and others have their own domains.

Well it is indeed a pain in the ass to publish outside of one's main domain and yet remember every minute detail of the history of various blogs going back almost 8 years now.

That's what part of my trouble was.

If I had started from a blank slate, with no content, it'd be easy. However, because there's so much historical baggage in content and permissions and restrictions, things are bound to get f'd up.

And that's exactly what's been happening.

Now, with this issue resolved, I can go about redoing Plastic Crack.

It'll take a while for me to reimplement my TF-based theme and I'll have to use a shitty default for a bit but there's a lot to be improved with upgrading.

Livejournal users and Open ID users will automatically authenticate if they so choose. Commenters can actually register interally at the site to comment.

And... the best part... in preparation for the eventual sell off of crack... I can convert the my collection data pages to ones that can be commented on!

So. Things'll be a bit fugly here for a bit.

But the infrastructure benefits? Oh la la!



I feel kind of dirty.

The geek in me really wants to see and really wants to like that Jumper movie.

However, the geek in me also knows it will suck horrible balls of nastiness.

Things are never easy...


I really had hoped to have the shit upgraded to Movable Type 4.1 but I pretty much have to face the facts that this new version is absolutely nothing like the old.

Versions previous to 4 were fairly understandable, especially if you had basic html skills.

This new version?

Ugh... you gotta be a programmer or scripter to understand this shit.

The default templates are now files that just pull in modular code here and there.

This is definitely not the simple system it used to be.

If you don't use their templates than there's a massive learning curve.

And me?

I barely have time for any of that anymore.

Movie Stockade


He wasn't really on my radar but after finding him today he actually may be worth it for his vehicle mode alone.

Alas, I ended up buying him.

I had two of the Real Gear repaints but put them back. Maybe if I find them on clearance later.

Transformers Movie Stockage is the 2019th Transformer that I've acquired.

50" TV or a shag? Hmmm....


Missing the Attic of Love.


I'll say this:

Walking up into the Domicile of Love's attic stairwell...

Domicile - Attic entrance

Sure as hell isn't as awesome as walking up into the Attic of Love's stairwell...

The Attic of Love™ Circa February 2005

Even back in only 2005.

Just call me Darth Balls!

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He's like Convoy... just starrier.


I liked the way the reissue looked in the package so much that I've never taken him out.

And ya know... after watching the video I'm inclined not to.

Still... life will never be complete without the brick that is Grandus.

(And a Tako Tank!)

Mister H. has a great post about him over at Shadowbot.

Even Carly had curves!



So after catching a bit of The Grammy's the other night. I realized that Beyoncé actually has some curves.

Now Howard was complaining that she was fat yesterday and I just couldn't disagree more.

I'm really rather sick of girls and women who seem to want to have the physiques of 11-year-old boys.

I'm finding that the "Golden Age of Hollywood" female form, regardless of how fake and propagandist it is, is really what I find attractive on a woman.

Lauren Bacall had it. Rita Hayworth had it. Betty Grable (above) had it. Ann Miller had it.

Many others had it.

There's some T. There's some A. And quite frankly... it is all woman!

Now I'm not implying there's anything wrong with being skinny or even plump if that's where your body tends to be. I mean, I live my life in a constant battle with the size of my gut and ass!

But the pop culture of the late 1960s gave us the almost emaciated girl as the standard and for 30 years girls and women have been way too heavily influenced by it. (Though Audry Hepburn, while skinny, totally had it in a different way!)

I demand curves on my women dammit!

Though I'd like 'em to be as sultry as Grace Kelly in Rear Window too!

Man did she ooze the sult!

The toys that just magically appear at the Domicile of Love.

If you're good I'll tell you how this guy just magically appeared in The Domicile of Love the other day.

He's not actually a future resident of the collection.

But this kind of thing has been known to happen before.

Mum! There's geekery on the telly!


So Torchwood's "To The Last Man" episode cements in my mind that the series is definitely improving.

Well... it is actually making small modest improvements episode-by-episode.

We finally get some Torchwood history, however minor, and that was a welcome addition.

Surprisingly, I think I would be interested in watching the adventures of the 1918 Torchwood group than the 2008 one. It'd cost a shitload to shoot a period show like that but damn if that wouldn't be the balls over this series!

Of course, this being Torchwood, we had to have a brief quaint face sucking scene between Jack and Ianto.


Transformers Animated
, while extremely well scripted, doesn't really hold much interest for me anymore.

If Megatron isn't making an appearance, or they go the route of human villains, I pretty much lose interest immediately.

All in all, I'm still happy that they haven't focused on Optimus Prime all that much. He's definitely the most boring character on the show.

He's also the toy I like least from what I've seen.

Not surprising though. I've never been that into Convoys and Primes outside of the Car Robots series.


If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend The Prestige.

Damn that was a good film!

Christopher Nolan is a damn fine director.

The original book's plot sounds a lot different but I think the film works better than what I've read so far.


Also watched Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable.

I still wish he did stand up.

Well... the dirty deed is done and faxed in.

Alas, it is not done dirt cheap though.

At least I can be happy that there's no airfare to pay this year.

Movie Incinerator


Transformers Movie Incinerator

Look what I found today.

Actual new crack non-repaint crack that I've wanted.

I'm thinking that once the toyroom is remodeled that some of these jets, planes, and helicopter TFs might best be served suspended from the ceiling.

Transformers Movie Incinerator 2018th Transformer that I've acquired.

The thing is, I'd probably buy a Godzilla on a Speeder Bike if I ever saw one.

Hell... a human-sized statue of that would almost make a great centerpiece to the future landscaping of the Domicile of Love's garden.


In other news, while perusing a bunch of comments that got junked and filtered, I found one stating that "You are all nerds!".

Alas, no. I am no nerd.

I am a geek. That much is certain.

I don't know about the other readers and commenters but I suspect at least 50% of them are geeks with a high, though unknown, probability that there are some nerds in there. Probably some nerd-geeks in there too.

The thing is... how would one really find Plastic Crack and an old entry too boot without looking for something TF geek-related?

I mean, other than the occasional parents that have found the site and have asked me questions on how to find a toy their kid is looking for, it is pretty much a geek jack off fest here and you'd need to be searching the internets for something geek-related to begin with to end up here. No?

Unless you were in fact doing research on cracks in plastic or other PVC materials. I get a lot of that.


I've noticed I've gotten a lot of traffic from here. I think it is a Portuguese blogger but my Portuguese, like my Spanish, isn't what is used to be 20 years ago.

Then again, throw my Polish, French, and Ancient Greek into that mix as well.

Back in the long long ago I could pass adequately well in several other languages than English. While I was never fluent vocally, especially in Ancient Greek, I could read and write all of them to various degrees.

That lingering knowledge of Spanish and French still pops up at the most odd places too.

I wish I had had others to speak with. It would have made it possible to still be vocally and aurally fluent.


Some recent search terms that let geeks to this here site?

transformers don figueroa
marvin cobain
jin saotome custom bots
crack de transformers
transformers hentai
micron densetsu

Unfortunately, not a lot of people are searching for "gay robot convention".


I saw this and had to gank if from Terry Sloane.


Apparently, in his net wanderings, he came across this custom repaint of Classics Jetfire done up as Wing Saber.

Dare I say... nicer than that Botcon repaint last year.

I would so love Hasbro to official introduce Wing Saber, Victory Leo, and Dai Atlas into the new American continuity somehow.

I mean... c'mon!

That shows gonna get imported back into Japan and they loves them more than we do!


...and tentacled-tongued Megatron look-a-likes non-nom-noming of prepubescent girls.

Spam or Transformers Talk?

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"Manish Burlingham" spams... "Show the world the giant you've been hiding".


Fortress Maximus and Brave Maximus are down in the basement.

They'll be making a reappearance shortly.

The Replacements


Well I'm in the final days of Domicile of Love™ Project Number 3 and that means next up is the *fill in the blank* of Love™, the room that will serve as the replacement for the now long lost but never forgotten Attic of Love™.

I have no idea what this room should be called once it is completed and the toys that will remain are brought out of storage and back on some kind of shelves that are yet to be found.

I'm going to try and find a way to dismantle half of my glass desk so as to free up more wall space.

Since I'll never use the closet entrance, I'll likely put the desk somewhere near there so that I maximize wall space for maximum crackage.

Yes. I plan to reduce what I have no love for.

But I'm thinking that the Attic used to be long and horizontal due to the eves. Here I have the height I never had.

It is probable that a lot of the show-appearing mainline figures could still all be kept.

Of course, all of that will once again depend on the shelves.

I've been budgeting about $400 (paint, plaster, new light fixture and electric, etc.) for the remodel work and then $1500 or so on shelves, give or take a couple of hundred dollars here or there depending on what I end up going with.

One of the readers here recently emailed me the JCPenny shelves link again and they're on sale now.

I'm really tempted to get them. They would very much work.

I'm planning on going with darker walls and a bright white trim. I'm thinking that the off-white finish or the oak finish on the shelves would look good.


Ok. Got that out of my system.

And I still want to find a pedestal, with a properly sized class top, to put Black Fire Convoy under with spotlights shining at him.

Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy

He is the Holy Grail after all.

I've only taken him out of the box for that one photo and left him as-is.

He deserves his armor.


Yes. I'm afraid that with the return of a crack room, there'll be more crack blogging.

Well... until Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica start back up.

TF Club shit and other stuff...


So it looks like the TF Club's Nightbeat is just around the corner.

And the Seacons repaints too.

While I like what they've done with Nightbeat color-wise and with the head... I really hate the Energon Hot Shot mold a lot.

And the Seacons? I might have gotten them in something like a seaweed inspired "Ocean Camo" or something but definitely not this new garish paint job. I wouldn't want the G1 colors since that has been done but something that also inspires the ocean depths would work so much better for me.

I always thought the original 80s release of the Seacons and their King Poseidon form was great because they had a relatively cohesive color scheme that was dark and menacing.

These bright ones just don't do it for me. And since they aren't releasing the full set it isn't quite like a real reissue in any sense.

Unless I'd find these guys really super cheap I see no reason to buy them. The money would be much better spent to try and complete my original Seacons collection.

Hell... you can find a decent loose but complete Seacon set for about $150 at the cons.

2008-02-06-tfh-henkeiastro.jpgNow you won't see me talk about wanting G1 looking stuff all that much.

I'm not... how do the kids say... a "Geewunner" and I'm always shocked (and often appalled) at how fandom gets all bent out of shape over 25 year old toys and new toys not being painted exactly like the characters they may be based on.

Sure... there's some good G1 stuff pre-1986, but once they exhausted the Diaclone stuff and really went into the gimmicky "-master" I pretty much lose most interest in it.

Anyway, I figured it would end up being a GRC repaint but nope... Takara seems to have done the G1-inspired Astrotrain in all his purple and grey non-shuttliness.

I seem to remember reading that originally, he was going to slated as an Autobot and hence he could have had his white and black deco but once they put him into the Decepticon camp the funky colors came in.

It isn't bad though. I mean, from what a little relatively blurry pic can show.

Let me know if any of you read about people bitching that Hasbro ripped them off for not painting the Classics version in this color.

I always love reading about that.

Adult Supervision is required.


My god what shit they'll slap a brand on.

Of course, I need a couple of these for when my back is really bad.

This boo boo has hurt since May.

Perhaps I just need to be dipped in a vat of Bactine.

Torchwood: Sleeper

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Watched "Sleeper", episode 2 of this season's Torchwood.

It is a step in a better direction and they're obviously setting up a theme for the forthcoming episodes.

And... it was 98% less gay than the season opener.

But Jack was kind of a dick again.

It was almost like this was written for the first season or definitely filmed before the season opener.

Or then again, I may be reading into it and the series is just as "all over the place" as season one.

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