Legion of Super-Heroes - Season 2 Sausage Party!

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So I saw that Legion Clubhouse acquired what appears to be a sneak peak teaser from season 2 of Legion of Super-Heroes.

Looks like they are throwing a ton of old Legion-esque things into it, going so far as to age the characters as well by a few years.

Lightning Lad now sports a stereotypical "bad ass goatee" and apparently has been working out his upper body.

Superboyman gets a strange make over but I'm assuming the image is showing the future clone that is very much a nod to the Kon-El Superboy.

The only thing I can say I'm not thrilled about is the mention of Imperiex, a one-shot incredibly lame-ass excuse for a massice DC Comics crossover series called "Our Worlds At War". Then again, they just may be using the name.

I suppose the best part of the teaser is pretty simple: Reep Daggle, Chameleon Boy!

Here's hoping we get a classic origina Reep but who knows!

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This looks a lot like the Titans and JLU promotional material from ComicCon the last few years.

*crosses fingers for ComicCon exclusives*

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