Behold! The Master Sword!


Stampy basks in the awesomness of the Master Sword

I broke down today and opened my God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword Giftset to take out the Master Sword.

I mean, there's swords and all and then there's the incredibly insane awesomeness that is the God Master Sword!!!

Making its only reappearance since Transformers Headmasters, the Master Sword is summoned by God Fire Convoy in the last moments of Car Robots/Robots In Disguise to defeat Devil Gigatron/Galvatron.

Car Robots Super God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword GiftsetTakara only released it in the special translucent Toys R Us Japan giftset and they even retooled the original Fortress Maximus Master Sword so that it has a long handle that allows more normal bots to wield it.

Of course, Stampy has a problem holding it up.

Then again, the sword is also about 7 times his height!!!


But the question is, can black god fire convoy hold it? Does he have the gusto? Will it burn him? Do you have a light box that big?

Yup! He can hold it.

And no, I will not be able to get a full size light box pic.

However, I hope to buy fabric to make a light box big enough to hold Fortress Maximus when I get the new house.

There was also a mail away contest prize Super God Sword limited to 1,000 pieces that had the Brave Max hilt. It was during the Car Robots line and was done in conjunction with TV Magazine and Hyper Hobby. Takara also ran an ad with a postcard for the drawing. With the Takara ad and Hyper Hobby mail in methods of entry you had to cut out and send in your robot points from the Super Fire Convoy and/or God Magnus boxes. I think I remmeber would offer to enter these contests on behalf of their customers but I wasn't willing to cut up my SFC box.

does TF sell accessories like armor and weapons like gi joe?

you remember M.A.S.K and Starcom

i had the purple Rhino truck thats Bruce Sato's.and most of them even Mayhem's Switchblade,Thuderhawk corvette,
most of them tillt he third series except the base and the Toll Collector.

ah so ill.

and Macross was good you dont any of these plastic crack?

CSteve: I forgot about those. I've never seen one in the wild.

YoungAriff: No. The closest line that you could have done it with was Takara Superlink/Hasbro Energon since they had all the energon weapons and stars and such.

I suppose they could have done it with Cybertron planet keys too.

And I guess, from a certain point of view, minicons are kind of accessories.

I do have several Macross Valkyries and a Mospeada Alpha Fighter. This site is Transformers focused since that's pretty much 99.99999% of what I buy.

im heading to shibuya in oct.

wanting to get some revoltechs

and the Black Convoy and Black Victory Saber.

and the dream of owning the original VS & Sixshot.

a ALT Shockwave would be nice as well.

but if couldnt get any.Spy changers and minicons are best.

what would you get,you cant possibly have them all?its like sneakers.theres always something new out and basically in the same mold but wed get it anyway.

Well, if I was going to Japan, I'd probably buy the Nike Sneaker Convoy and Megatrons. I'm totally pissed for not snagging them at Botcon.

The Revoltechs are the best! I love Ultra Magnus.

Uh. . . shoes? I'll admit a giraffe is stretching it as an alt mode, but shoes? I really wish someone had tried to make a fiction out of those, to try to explain why they turn into shoes. . .

Psst... Frowny... TJFTs!

. . . that turn into shoes. I thought toys were supposed to be fun. . .

Frowny, I was skeptical, too, till I saw them in person. And they actually come in shoe boxes!

Unfortunately, I had thought they would be adult-shoe sized, and was disappointed by the fact that they are not.

That's really my only complaint about the Shoeformers.

Nala - If you are a Macross fan, you have got to pickup at least one Yamato 1/48 scale perfect transformation VF-1 series Valkyrie fighter. Trust me, they are AWESOME.

wonder if you already have this

my friend from here is sellin it for about round 30 bills US

youngariff: Is that a real one or the custom knock-off one?


How would I get in touch with your friend?

ive already msgd him to check out plastic you could hit him up then.

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