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Greetings from the Cowlands!

Been back since Sunday. Been shitloads of fun walking around on crutches and trying to keep weight off my knee.

I decided to take today off. I was supposed to go back to work today but I talked with the Mangler and she said I could take off. May do so again tomorrow and just go back on Jan 2.

I still have no idea how I'll manage doing the physical labor parts of my job. I'll figure it out. There's always temp/intern/co-op slave labor I can use.

So did you get a lot of crap for Jesus' Birthday Day™?

I got spoons and other cooking utensils. The NalaMatka resupplied the House of Love IV™ with new bath towels.

I can thankfully say I got no robot crack.

Hell... I haven't even taken pictures of Dragstrip or Overkill for the site. As my lack of crack blogging no doubt indicates I'm so not caring about robots right now. Though I gotta admit there's a twitter in my nether regions for Animated Blurr.

I haven't gotten one iota done on sorting toys. I moved the boxes around to get at Christmas decoration shit pre-surgery but since I really can't stand or easily move/carry anything my thoughts of working on crack in the basement pretty much dried up.

However, a main resolution for 2009, no matter how futile, will be to deal with the Transformers once and for all!

Alas, that's got a bit lower priority than undoing 2008's weight gain and muscle loss from my year-long back problem and 5 month knee problem. *sigh* I gots so much shit to do there!

The only stuff I could say is really "fun" is stuff I bought for Giga and/or myself: the new 42" plasma TV.. the new 1080p upsampling DVD player, and a shitload of Doctor Who DVDS is pretty much it!

I added the following Who love to the House: New Who Series 2 and 3, Old Who "Invisible Enemy / K-9 and Company", Old Who "Brain of Morbius" New Who "Infinite Quest", and the awesomely goodness inducing 3-DVD old Who Beneath The Surface box set of "Doctor Who and The Silurians", "The Sea Devils", and "Warriors of The Deep".

I love the insanely James Bondish 3rd Doctor action of The Sea Devils so much!

In retrospect, since this became the most expensive Christmas I've ever spent, I should have thrown The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 in there too.

I should get a thank you note from the f'n US economy for what I spent this year. (And I actually despise the whole Christmas bullshit spending spree!)

So. Anyway.

What did you all get?

Merry Christmas


Ok. I got to try to wobble around and get stuff done prior to a 3 hour drive to Glass City.


Merry Christmas.

May you get something more practical than crap to clog your shelves.


I don't really collect much non-mainstream line TF shit so I'm calling out to all you geeks that are geekier than my lame ass.

These skateboards are kinda silly cool.

Any of you know what size TFs these would be someone appropriate for?

They look too big for basics but deluxes look sorta right?

I'm thinking some of these for some of the classics figures like Bumblebee and the more fun-inclined characters.

Any geek knowledge? Help a brother addict out!

I still function!

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Surgeon had to do the worse of the two options so I'm basically on crutches for 4 weeks with my leg in an immobilizer a good chunk of that time.

All in all the nurses from post-op were fantastic! I've never had such good nurses.

And there's just something awesome about watching 50 year old nurses busting each other's balls. They were really great.


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Surgery moved from 4:20 to 1:45

S'gonna be interesting to see how Giga can not only manage his work schedule around my surgery moving but also how carting the NalaMatka to the hospital in a pick-up truck with work out.

So tomorrow at 4:20pm I go under the knife.

Of course. For those that really know me. I don't think they could have picked a more appropriate time.

But man... I've never had a surgery so late in the day. They've always been at 7am or even earlier once.

I bought the first two seasons of SNL to keep me company and the NalaMatka is bringing down the first two seasons of Boston Legal. (Leave it to me to fall in love with a show 7 episodes before the series finale!)

Would you believe I had the TF: Cybertron DVD in my hand and then realized I probably would have lost my mind trying to watch it... even bonked outta my heat on narcotics!

I agreed to let my mother come down and take care of me for a few days. I don't need any help or anything like that but she has this guilt over not seeing me that often nor coming to my various events this past year. At least she'll feel like she's helping me out. I may even find things for her to do to make her feel like she was needed.

Hah! I should have her sort Transformers! She's already been damaged enough by her adult son's various geek inclinations but she's finally wised up to the fact that it really isn't any different than my father's football and basketball addictions. Plus... I can make a few bucks here and there with this crap!

I never thought I'd see the day...

Robot Heroes Victor Saber and Dessaras!!!

And let's not forget Robot Heroes Jetstorm!!!

Optimus Prime Will Protect The Baby Jesus

Finally, Megatron and Optimus will go mano a mano right in front of Jesus and just as it looks like Megatron will win -- they get zapped back to the present.

Mission accomplished, Autobots! Jesus is safe, and kids will receive presents at Christmas... including the new Autobot Underground Base Layer, now available for $42.50 at Kay-Bee Toys!

How fortunate the man with none.


So while we were all making pierogies yesterday at The 2008 Bat-Shit Crazy Pierogi Party, I received Dragstrip and Overkill.

Maybe get some photos of Dragstrip done tomorrow.

I overtaxed my knee the past 2 days just can't mess around with the tripod and crap right now.

But man... the packaging is awesome!

I got a charge from HasbroToyShop.

Looks like my Dragstrip and Overkill are on their way.

Apparently, I must have ordered a Swoop too.

Why I don't know.

Looks like somebody's getting a Swoop for Christmas.

Goodbye Betty!



Betty Page died.

I've always had a secret thing for her since I was about 14.

Dave Stevens introduced me to Betty Page in The Rocketeer.

The Dildo of Horath

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If you haven't been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures then you must hate Doctor Who.

Why are you such a hater?

Just finished Series 2 with the 2nd part of Enemy of The bane and all I can still say that this spin-off is more Who than Doctor Who is!

It amazes me that they are able to cram more into 22 minutes of story that most shows ever could.

Yeah. It is aimed at tweens! But it doesn't matter!

it is fun.

I was hoping Horath was related to Sutekh but we never found out.

I'm all for bringing back the Osirians!

I can't wait for Series 3!


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First Snowfall of the year

The first major snowfall of the year hit today.

We don't usually get this much snow until later in December or even January.

Between the bad back, the totally f'd up knee, and all the shoveling I just did I am going to be one messed up mo fo later tonight.

I think I need to take another percocet.

Cheers to f'n winter!


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

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I don't know if it is real or not but all I can say is I'll be incredibly happy if that Movie Ravage image is legit.

I can thankfully chalk up more money saved!

Actually, I'd rather have the Alien3 version.

A change like that is just so hard to do.

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I loves me the new Waspinator even though he really doesn't transform into anything. I mean... he's an obvious wasp in either mode.

I'm also totally in love with Perceptor. There was a usless derivative robot character (of Ultron and Computo) I used to draw in high school that had a similar appearance.

However... Wheeljack would have found much love here in the Crack Den if he hadn't been given a creepy leather daddy porn 'stache. That one Constructicon has it too and I just can't stand it.

Of course, I'm ok with the soul patch.

And to those who emailed me that I didn't respond to, yes I've seen the sorta G1ish colored Animated Shockwave. And regardless of the colors he still looks like some cow-horned monster robot. They may as well have given him a creepy leather daddy porn 'stache too. Ugh!

Animated Sunstorm is fun though! Gotta love the occasionally insanely bright colored robot.

Dare I say it... maybe they'll... and I can't believe I'm typing this... make a TF Movie Shockwave that does the guy justice.

I'm pretty sure I'll spent the extra money on Henkei Ratchet after seeing how the chrome works with the white.



I put back every figure of the new Robot Heroes wave today.

That's $42 saved.


I'm improving.

Happy Birthday Giga

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Happy 35th Birthday to Giga.

Not much to say.


Not much to write here these days. Here or anywhere for that matter.

Getting ready to go under the knife sometime in the next 2 weeks or so.

Unlikely I'll get any TF crap outta the basement and up for sale.

Every time I get ready to sell stuff something else gets in the way.

Maybe in January.

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