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There must be some way out of here.


That Transformers Club Heatwave figure showed up today.

Wasn't expecting that.

About 12 hours until we leave.

I suppose...

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I suppose I should be packing for Pasadena.

I may get this! I know. I'm shocked!


Now I have had zero interest in any of the new movie toys.

So I was kind of schocked at the fact that Leader size Jetfire piqued my moistness.

I think it is all about the alt mode and the size of the jet.

If I'm going to get a movie figure I can see this one being it.

I'm still waiting for Autobot Chip.


1000010 1110010 1101001 1100001 1101110 1000100 1100101 1100101 1110110 1100101 1110011 sent me a link to this custom on eBay.

Woah! Nice!

Kickass Package Art!


With the recent Henkei releases, they've started using some kick ass illustrations of the characters and not photos of the toy.

Henkei Smokescreen Box Art

Smokescreen is great! The smile is just great.

Oh? Where's Red Alert you ask?

Henkei Alert Box Art

Other than his gaping mouth ready to receive Inferno's tool... he's pretty good too!

Henkei Smokescreen

Henkei Smokescreen

Two winners in a row!

Henkei Smokescreen is great!

And once again, the chrome does that tiny bit of awesomeness that I feel the Hasbro one lacks.

Never fear. Underdog is here!


I could never bring myself to buy the thing, but that's a pretty cool microscope mode.

Obviously the BBC has the term "The Doctor" totally wrapped up and copyrighted and thank Teen Jesus for that!

And man... that alt mode... ugh! I just don't get the appeal of any of the movie design aesthetic. It has been years now and I just don't know how I got suckered into buying all those first movie figures without really like any of them other than the copter, the Takara black osprey, and the pink and white Arcee.

However, while dusting the shelves the other day, I realized those two Protoform Fusion versions of Convoy and Starscream are probably my favorite movie figures. I really really am shocked I like them as much as I do.

So I got an email yesterday to this link to an eBay auction to a Crystal Clear Classics Optimus Prime.

Obviously, China's still popping out bad crazy lunchtime specials or something like this.

This one I'd buy in a heart beat if I didn't already have something like $400 in those 3 Henkei preorders outstanding.

There's something really sweet about the gold and how it accents the transparent clear. Of course, some of the comments on the link are bitching about it.

I think it would be sort of boring totally clear.

But TF fandom wouldn't be TF fandom without intense bitching and whining.

The only thing we should actually be allowed to bitch about is Botcon. Why? Because I want to be legally allowed to bitch about my stupidity of going to this thing every year and knowing it will be the exact same thing.

All other bitching should be illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

I need to look up if there were any Lucky Draws for Henkei. I know there are a shitload of exclusives since I have Crystal Convoy and Wildrider with the other 3 on the way.

Yes. I actually get more TF news these days from people emailing me things than actually reading them on the net.

So if Grandus managed to pop up this week on Animated, you know Tako Tank isn't far behind!

From my dust print... what Transformer am I?

What Transformer am I?

Looks like my Henkei Smokescreen finally shipped too!

That damn Henkei Cyclonus is the only import from these molds that I've been disappointed with.

I mean... how often does Hasbro produce a better painted robot than Takara?

Takara usually pleases me in a Biblical sense while Hasbro gives it to me with a bit more meh.

Now all I have on order are those Henkei exclusives Ghost of Starscream, Electro Mirage, and Strafe.

I seem to be the only one I know that likes the Maple-leaf powered Strafe. But I like my bots with minimal coloring.

And speaking of color... I loved the way the Shockwave changed to his "true colors" this past episode of Animated!

Why does he have to be so cool in the damn show and so sucky as a toy. *sigh*

Damn those arms and legs reduce the turdiness of Energon Superion!

Ya know... if they really wanted to make my shit moist they'd release a set in matching red and blue translucent colors for that damn Transformers Club figure I've been patiently collecting for 4 years now!

I may have to rethink this.

Oh... who the f am I kidding. I'll probably end up buying this shit and just make that figure one of the few from Energon I won't pitch.

Teen Jesus knows I'm probably gonna drop the money down on the Gear of War pack!

However, it will still take a shitload of Jack Daniels and having the bathroom and kitchen remodels complete to think about paying the outrageous sum of cash that the Cliffjumper set is running at these days.

Pulse Warrior, one of my oldest Flickr robot picture compatriots, mentioned a scene from the G1 cartoon with Inferno carrying Red Alert. I vaguely recalled it and so he sent me a screen capture.

Rescue Vehicle Bromance

This was the one where Red Alert when bat shit crazy isn't it?

Anyway, here's my literal gay robot homage to it.

For Pulse Warrior... With Love, Nala.

Some day I would really like to get back to actually giving a care about my robot photos.

As much as I tend to bitch about this thing of ours, I really really really hate the fact that I've posted quite a lot of bad robophotography over the past few months.


Guess which Transformer I am from my dust footprint!

From my dust print... what Transformer am I?

Transformer #1 is?

From my dust print... what Transformer am I?

Transformer #2 is?

From my dust print... what Transformer am I?

Transformer #3 is?

The winner gets my sincerest condolences.

Cheers and Jeers


Damn! I'm looking forward to Titanium Thrust and most especially Titanium Hot Spot!

But damn... they are actually going to rerelease that shitty ass War Within Prime again?!?

That and the Titanium G2 Megatron are two of the shittiest figures ever made!

"Oh my god! I suck so bad!" - War Within Ultra Magnus

Shelf Topper

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Good job on the packaging.

Too bad the contents doesn't elicit the same excitement.

Yes. At lunch with Evebird and Mr. and Mrs. JackOfAllGeeks I once again came to the realization I really wish I wasn't going to Botcon.

However, if I can't dump the box set, at least it'll look decent on the top of one of the shelves.

Henkei Alert

Henkei Alert

He's a repaint! He's a few cogs loose of a full deck! He's Red Alert!

And he's mine!!!



Can this be any uglier?

How can you go for the original concept of her from the first movie to this?!? That animated version so has to be made!

At least there's one toy Botcon toy I want.

In other news, the guest list for Botcon may be more underwhelming this year than any previous year I've gone.

While Weird Al is at least fresh, the others are really not. And is there a demand for all those IDW people? Um.... hmm... it smells more of padding than anything else. "See... we had all these guest! The most guest ever!"

How about getting Fred Willard! Now that would be different! John Moschitta? Cree Summer? Phil LaMarr??

And yes... I'm complaining about Botcon before it has even happened! Why? Because I've learned that any hope I have for this being fresh and new pretty much doesn't exist.

Woot! Henkei Alert has shipped and will be here this week!

Yeah. I know.

Most of you who still stop by would rather get off on my new project instead of my robots.

Why oh why is it so hard to find a purple tshirt that I can put a big yellow dot on?!?!?!

It sucks to get old and fat.


It really does reduce the suck!

$45 worth of suck reduction? Probably not.

I love these add-ons but I don't think I can spend that kind of money on 'em anymore.

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