Botcon - Day 4 - And thankfully it ends.


Hey geeks!

The GRC is done and Giga and I are stuck here in Logan with a delayed flight. We won't even get the hell out of Boston until 7! Balls!

Anyway, enough of that shit.

Today was another fuck'd up day of waiting in goddamn lines!!!

I screwed up bigtime last night by not getting the boxes of crack wrapped up so I had to ship this morning. Thankfully, it didn't cost as much as Evebird's shit but I waited in line forever, missing the start of the Hasbro panel.

So no. I can't say anything about that panel at all but of course there's probably enough shit out there by now that this backwater blog could never beat.

I heard that you couldn't take photos but from the geek chatter the new animated series should kick arse! And Corey Burton will be doing Shockwave again!!!

Hasbro also did not display any new figures after the panel so I really have nothing to go on but what the geek sites post.

Anyway, I just want to go home and sleep and go pick up what must be an extremely pissed off Hoont tomorrow morning.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - Super King, Nala, and Despotes

It was great to meet up with Super King and Despotes who both post a lot of shit with me on Flikr.

I'm the old fat one in the center. I hadn't realized how much weight I've put on since I stopped going to the gym and slacking. I'm starting to really look like my dad. Those jowls have to be gone by Labor Day! Enough of this fat ass slacking over the past few months!!! Compare this photo from this one from last year's Botcon but ignore the glazed Giger.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - It is great the kids have a place to play!

It is really awesome that Hasbro provides a ton of toys for kids to play with in the play pit. This time it was merged more with the dealer floor and not hidden away in a corner.

As usual, I picked up a ton of shit that I could carry onto the plane today and all at pretty good prices.

I snagged an e-Hobby Sunstorm, the e-Hobby Kiss Player cassettes, a super cheap loose Car Robots Osaka Toysland Exclusive Mach Alert, a complete white chase Takara Six-Wing, and Botcon 2001 Tigatron Exclusive, and an unopened box of Takara Super Spychangers in the hopes of it having the 1 I'm missing.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - Yay for super expensive bright yellow repaints!

Now I'm not a Seeker guy. I just don't get the jets at all like some of these guys (and a few of these chicks) do. Their collective jiz over all of the seekers in the boxed set just doesn't make much sense to me in light of last year's set but to each their own.

But there's just something mega attractive about the e-Hobby Sunstorm. I don't know why I bought it but I like it.

Botcon '07 - Day 4 - The cassette box is creepy.

I also snagged an e-Hobby Kiss Player cassette 3-pack and I never saw the packaging until today.

If those 3 Kiss Player girls are not fellating that microphone (above) then I don't think I've watched enough multiple girl pr0n action!


I just read on that Hasbro said they'll try to work those unproduced molds in. Something about Classics 2.0.

Despotes= niiiiiiiiiiice.

Botcon 2001 Tigatron Exclusive .... nice find. I'm hoping to own that someday ...

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