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Devestator!All kinds of chatter around the net that don't involve terrorists trying to blow up US election and voting booths.

The current chatter, though officially unconfirmed, is that the live action Transformers film that has been in the works will be going to Dreamworks studio.

After a tug o' war between New Line Cinema and DreamWorks, the latter has reportedly won out after "Steven Spielberg got in a plane and flew out to Rhode Island to personally meet with Hasbro's team and to dangle the, if we have this, I may direct it, golden carrot. After which Hasbro agreed to Dreamworks getting the project."
The article then goes on to say...
IGN FilmForce checked with its own trusty Transformers source, however, who dismissed AICN's report. Still, what fanboy wouldn't want to see Spielberg direct this movie?!
This fan for one.

Steven Spielberg on a Transformers film would suck levels of balls unseen before in any film.

While going to Dreamworks is totally within reason, Spielberg involved in it completely contradicts a recent CBS Sunday Morning interview I saw in which he said he doesn't want to make the kinds of films he did in the past, such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, etc.

There are far better directors for this.

Hell, and that is only a part of it.

The script is the key!

It can't be cheesy nor can it be aimed at children.

A Transformers live action film has to have the broad appeal and coolness factor that made the first Star Wars film the powerhouse it became.

And... it has to has to be based on the original 80s characters.

Sure... modernize their alt modes and all, but that Optimus Prime and Megatron are the ones fans want to see and who, 20 years later, still kick much major assage.

Hell, I'd love to see it still take place in 1984 if they are gonna do it. Or better yet, have the film take place in 2005 but have the Autobots and Decepticons still have been awaked in 1984.

If I am geek enough, and you know I am, I may just post my plot points and general story ideas for my ultimate Transformers film.

And yes, it involved an young adult Spike walking off on a pregnant Carly and the Autobots, searching for a reason for the insanity that has been following his family all these years and the effects it may have on his soon to be born child.

And Chip Chase will be in it too. Except a totally ass kicking wheel-chair bound Chip Chase!!!

My version would be slightly dark, only a few cliches would be there because this is about freak'n robots from outer space that turn into cars, and a viewer would not be annoyed at the humans.

Let's face it... they are the best point-of-view for this kind of story. And of course all my ideas kick major ass!

I don't need your life story...


So I was checking up on various ebay purchases from the other week. Some have arrived. Some haven't. So of course that means sending emails to the seller trying to get an idea of an arrival date.

To one seller, I sent the following:

Dear *seller*,

I am wondering when this item was mailed to me. I am trying to estimate when it will arrive.

To which I recieved the following response:

Honestly I haven't sent your item yet and I want to apologize for the
inconvinience, I went out on vacation on Wednesday and just came back
yesterday Sunday. I was going to send it before I left but I was bedsick with fevers of over 100 most of the week. So I didn't get really get to enjoy my trip either, I only went for the kids. And I didn't have anybody else send the items for me because I rather be sure the items that I sale are properly sent to the right buyer. I really don't trust anyone to do it besides me. I will sent your items by Wednesday the latest. I'll give you the tracking number as soon as I send them. I usually sent items regular parcel but I'll send them priority for faster delivery. Once again sory about the trouble and hope you'll understand.

Um... I just wanted to know if and when it was sent.

I didn't need a sob story or need any knowledge about children, fevers, vacations, etc.

A quick, accurate, and short exchange of data and information will always suffice for such a simple request.

Excellent Cowtown geek run today.

Meijers had Energon Unicron on sale and then a discount on top of that! $28 ain't bad of it! So of course, we got two... one to open and one to trade/sell in the years to come.

Saturday's Transformer HaulThe Andersons still had that lonely Armada Megatron that has been on their poor shelves since 2002. I felt bad for him being solo and having no other real Decepticons to command there. So I picked him up too.

And then... Target actually had something new!!! I finally found an Energon Insecticon that I've been searching months for.

And then... mere moments ago... my Beast Wars Second Leo Convoy ebay win arrived, followed by my Energon Omega Supreme purchase off of KB online.

This is what you would call a "cracktastic" day for me.

It does piss me off that when you buy something online from say KB Toys they have no consideration for the collector mentality. The true online toy shops such as BigBadToyStore and Small Blue Planet go out of their way to not degrade the packages.

KB? They slap a huge frigg'n sticker right on Omega Supreme's window!

What the f*ck?!?!?!?!

Windows 95?!?! Ack!!!

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So I spent the past two hours helping Dave B. get files off of his father's ancient and practically dead Windows 95 Compaq.

At 24MB of RAM, the little bugger was oh so speedy!

Let's just say... thank god Matt found some parallel port Zip drives at work to do the job.

No USB. No working floppy. No network card.

Without the Zip this'd been a pain in the ass!

And there was a surprise for me too! Seems that Mary Beth happened to find a rather yellowed, but physically complete G1 Jetfire in the trash that some neighbors were throwing away! Sure he's missing his armor, gun, and is yellowed, but we are talking on of the greatest 1980s figures ever released!!!

He's now a proud member of the Attic Of Love™, I'll have you know that updated and new pics are available in case you are just lame enough to check out my addiction.

And speaking of the Attic Of Love™, you'll be happy to know that there are now 556 Transformers in my attic.

Today's acquisitions, though not arrived yet to share their love, are a G1 Trypticon that I've been craving for years, as well as a Takara Lio Caesar figure, and... while I really didn't need it... the impossible to find anywhere K-Mart Exclusive Armada Optimus Prime and Jetfire Gift Set!

Then again... do I ever really need any of it?

Should I?


rough trade @ naladahc.comI've been thinking of starting up a special online site for the trading of old, possibly broken and dirty, but otherwise possibly useful Transformers from the 80s to the present. This will by-pass crack pricing at Ebay.

I think I'll call it "Rough Trade".

Rainy B-ville day...


So today found Nala sorjourning through the Extended Cowlands to the ancestral home of Matt as we delivered a new computer to his family.

Surprisingly, I managed to find vintage plastic crack at an antique store there and quickly picked it up. G2 Megatron and G1 Headmaster Hosehead now reside in the Attic of Love.

The drive back was horrid. Assholes aplenty on I-70, regardless of the torrential downpours and lack of visibility.

I think tonight will be delivered pizza and hours in the Attic of Love, working to put that floor in order.

Have I told you I have 496 Transformers?

Sick. Ain't it.

Uh-oh. It is 4:05pm and I'm still at work. I'm miss'n the Hoont's scheduled pooping.

Cracky goodness...

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the ebay winsThere is one thing gentle reader that you must understand implicitly about my relationship with you. That one thing is... Nala must be kept off of Ebay as much as possible.

Now I'll let you know that it has been 3 months since I made any bids on any auctions or really even looked at anything.

I held back strong in my convictions to not feed my habit.

However, a certain drug recently has left me with form of delerium tremens and I was forced to view page after page of plastic transforming goodness.

And... well...

I finally got found me a Generation 2 Megatron that I've always wanted.

And I even found those funky Robots In Disguise Christmas lights that I've wanted for much cheaper than the specialty stores had them. They'll look totally super mega tits hanging on the wall up the stairwell to the Attic of Love.

I have a ton of bids in on a ton of other auctions due in 5-6 days. I don't expect to win any of them really. Perhaps if people accidentally miss them and my low bids do ok then more crap will be added to the shelves. Then again, maybe not.

I'll be watching this auction closely. These are very rare specialty Takara versions of the Autobot brothers from Car Robots done in transparent plastic. To even see a set of these in the US is amazing.

Please... grant my wish...

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Transformers Universe Desert Camo RuinationDear Hasbro:

I do not know what we have done to offend you here in the Greater Cowlands, but your lack of delivering new transforming plastic crack to the shelves of your many far flung vendors is beginning to have serious ramifications on those of us with this sad addiction to your drug.

Week after week and month after month has gone by and the Targets, Meijers, WeBeToys, Kay-Bee, K-Mart, and even the much dreaded and despised Wal-Mart have shelves clogged with Wave 1 and Wave 2 Energon figures that don't sell.

Armada Unicrons, Smokescreens, and Powerlinx Optimus Primes still litter the WeBeToys, even at 50+% off original retail.

Is it too much to ask for possibly a few Insecticons, Arcees,

You teased us with short packing Energon Ultra Magnus by short shipping him and now a $25 toy sells for $70+ crack pricing on E-Bay.

Where is the new Alternator Hound and Universe Battle Unicorn and Stockade?

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years to fill your coffers and bottom line.

Is it too much to ask for new product? Is it?

Am I being too demanding?

I was forced to buy a clearance Desert Camo Ruination just to have something new to open.

Is this what you are forcing me to? Why oh why?

Please get some Energon Omega Supremes, Sharkticons, and hell, dare I say it even Energon repaints out to these dark and humid Cowlands.

We may not survive for much longer.

The Ultimate Guide To TransformersAfter leaving the film this afternoon, I dragged Matt to the bookstore and managed to finally sucessfully acquire a copy of Transformers: The Ultimate Guide by Simon Furman.

Not a bad book really, though it was a little light on the Robots In Disguise section, much to my chagrin.

It tried to cover the past 20 years of Transformers geekdom and for the most part succeeds. It is definitely the kind of book my father could pick up and perhaps get some small inkling of my plastic crack addiction's origins and such.

I wish they'd have included a complete episode listing for each series, but that's what I have the internet for now isn't it?

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