Vector Sigma...


Botcon 2007 Vector Sigma

Oh yes. I also now own a hollow yellow ball that has a stand.

Someday... I'll tell you the importance of this in Splintered.


I can't believe Hasbro actually released this gimmicky crap .... meh.

Hasbro has nothing to do with this.

This is created by specifically for Botcon.

They already did the Key To Vector Sigma years ago in a gold metallic finish. It was pretty cool.

The testicle of Vector Sigma? Well... maybe if it had been done in the same gold metallic plastic it would have been better.

Vector Sigma ball ready for tee-off:)


I'd like one, but they're decidedly not as cool as the golden disc sets from last year. Also, the paint's a little rough on their BM Cheetor swords, but they look so much better than his tail-whip. So, I kinda dig their stuff. The quality isn't always 100% but they do do some things that Hasbro just won't.

@Nala - Thanks for the clarification

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