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Disco Prime

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2007_04_30_typeface.jpgI know you are all a bit younger than I am so you may not get this post but all I gotta say is this new Transformer Pillow case screams 1970s.

Look at the typeface for "Optimus Prime". It is based on a general typeface design that was so prevalent in the late 70s as to be forever tied to that era.

A similar version was used for the Logan's Run film logo.

I was kind of shocked to see it make a comeback since it screams 1977 to me.

I wonder if this was a designers joke or what.

Revoltech Ultra Magnus


Revoltech Ultra Magnus

Yay! He's finally here!

I will have many hours to waste with this guy. He just gets me go'n far more than Convoy ever good.

Many thanks go to revlimit for emailing me about a place that still had them to buy!

Revoltech Ultra Magnus is the 1861st Transformer that I've acquired.

Your Nazi Moment of the Day


I just came across this over on Wired.

It is a fantastic little 13-minute totally CG film that includes... and I'm not kidding... 3 of the things I most love in my fiction and/or history: Robot Mecha, the WWII era US Military, and frigg'n Nazis!

Part I:

Part II:

There's nothing worse than getting this shit beat out of you with your own arm!

If you want one...


Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) (Bot Mode)Hey all! I found a very low starting ebay auction for a Galaxy Force exclusive police-type Gasket.

He truly is awesomeness!

Some of you had emailed me about the one I got last year so now's your chance! And it is only at 99 cents right now!

Believe me! I know it is mistransformed!

Ok. I hesitated to write this (many many times over the past 2 years) but I just have to because the emails and such I get are just wasted effort.

What's even funnier is we talked about this yesterday at the toy show and today I got another comment that indeed, is exactly what we were talking about.

Yes. I know that sometimes my Transformers are not transformed according to official Hasbro/Takara instructions!

And no, I don't especially care!

There are a lot of times where I transform them and if I don't like the way a particular part looks I will find something that I think displays better.

It is as simple as that.

I have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of transformers from every single line (well, except Animorphs) and they may all, at any given time, vary depending on what I'm thinking of when picking on up a shelf.

Alt Grimlock and Wheeljack and Prowl? Their legs will look different because I prefer them backwards than the official instructions say.

This is especially true to some Transmetal 2 Beast Wars and Beast Machines figures!

I will even change the way they are transformed if I am taking photos of them depending on where I place the camera and such. I may even transform them slightly off-instructions if they have little color showing in a given transformation and I want more color (that would normally be hidden) to show.

I really don't need to be "informed" that I have something mis-transformed. I will likely know that already.

It is only important that it looks ok to me at the moment I'm looking at it or holding it.

You may now return to your regular Internets reading.

So I'm reading this TFormers blurb...

Peter Cullen commented that there will be at least two more movies in the works due to the heavy financial investment of the CG developed for the character of Optimus Prime by Dreamworks.
...and that got a what the phrock out of me. "Financial investment of the CG developed for the character of Optimus Prime" doesn't make much sense to me from a production perspective.

Prime is theoretically no more complex than any other of the CG sprites that make up the other bots.

And you wouldn't make 2 additional films to get your investment out of the first one back! That doesn't make one iota of financial sense.

The funny thing here is figuring out the gimmick that Hasbro will force Paramount to use for a Transformers II: Cybertron Boogaloo that gives new forms to Prime and the others.

Hasbro will have to have new toy designs on the shelves since most of the money made off the film sure as hell won't be going to them!

As geek fans, we've come to expect a totally different Prime every series without the slightest explanation given for why Prime (and the others) looks different.

The audience for the film will be a bit different.

I suppose it may just be as simple as scanning a new truck for some reason. But then every character will do this and every character will end up doing this in every film!

That's what's so funny.

But the toys gotta be sold!

So the toy show sucked for those of use with Transformers-related merchandise.

This will be the 2nd show where this stuff just didn't move and people had barely any interest in it.

Anyway, we got there a little after 7 to start setting up again and reprice and generally organize our shit.

Will joined us and we were all ready to make some money!

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Our booth of stuff.

Toyshow 2007 - The Setup is Done


So Evebird helped us move a few things but all in all, the trailer and the pickup bed handled just about everything.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Setting up our booth.

So Mister and Mrs. B. met us all at the convention center and helped us setup.

Mister H. showed up with his stuff to add to the tables and shelves which is nice because combined it looks like he and I have 70% or more of the TF stuff. Thankfully very little of what we have conflicts.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Holy crap! This dealer's got the new Who toys!

This one dealer has a ton of the new Who toys. Giga and I got our panties in bunches over this crap! I so want that die-cast TARDIS for my office.

I even sold $33 in comics already (to other dealers) and Mister B. and Evebird bought some of Giga's stuff. One guy wanted Will's GIJoe stuff but I'm not sure if he sold it or not.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - G'nite toys and comics. See you tomorrow.

The toys and comics are all now asleep under sheets and are awaiting their move to new homes tomorrow.

We'll be there bright at early at 7am.

It is gonna be a helluva long day.

Packing for the toy show...

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So the sorting and packing and prepping for the toy show continues.

We went and picked up the trailer for Giga's Deluxe Luxury pickup. Between that, the pickup bed, Alex B's CRV, and Evebird's station wagon we should do ok with space to move all this in one trip for set-up tonight.

Well, I got 1 table down and packed up for the show!I managed to get the Marvel comics sorted and boxed up for sale. There's just too much DC stuff from the past 30 years to deal with. It'll take weeks to sort that. (But we have a space rental it can all go into once sorted!)

I wish I could get more but I'm just hoping somebody will buy the Marvel stuff. I'm only asking 25-50 cents for most of these books. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent on comics over 3 decades and all I want to do is get rid of them now. I'd love to make a bit more though just to add to the downpayment on the new house.

Byrne Fantastic Four for Mister McBeardo

I got all of the Byrne Fantastic Four and Simonson Thors from the 80s pulled out for Frowny.

God there's some good shit here. Better than any of the crap Marvel has produced from the 90s onward if ya ask me.

Giga sort'n through his shit.

Giga's been sorting and determining what he doesn't want to sell. Honestly, the show last year and this show is all about his stuff. I'm just trying to blow out my duplicate TFs and get some comics moved.

TFs binned up.

I'm taking a ton of extra Energon and Armada shit as well as some exclusives. I've got a G1 Takara MIB (with instructions and stickers) Star Saber starting at $400 and a CostCo Energon Exclusive 2-Pack of Urine Prime and Overload for $75. Add my OTFCC Exclusive Megazarek for $90 and those are the 3 highest price things I have to sell at the show. Everything else is between 25 cents and $30.

Oh well.

Time to go sort some more shit.

Columbus Toy and Comic Show


Don't forget... if you are the the vicinity of Cowtown tomorrow, Sunday, April 29 is the Columbus Toy and Comic Show at Vet's Memorial from 10am to 4pm.

CTS - Out booth the night before the show. Can you guess which crap is mine?

Join Nala and Giga and their geek loser friends for excitement and plastic deals aplenty!

Who knows... you may be the first winner in Nala's new "Unlucky Draw" contest!

*Note: Pic is from last year with a stinky sweaty Giga!

Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure)

After many many years, and alas at quite a high price tag, I finally have found one of the hardest to find Takara PVCs.

Not only is it a chase figure, it is also considered a bonus figure as each piece was broken up with other full figures and you had to collect and track down all of them.

But finally. I have one! The first one I've ever seen.

Takara Scorponok PVC (chase/bonus figure) is the 1860th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Coronation Starscream PVC (chase figure)

Takara Coronation Starscream PVC is the 1858th Transformer that I've acquired.

This makes most fuzors look good!


"Cool T-Rex Transformer Guy"

Sorry niknatti. This most certainly would not be a "great addition to any transformers collection".

In fact, I think it may be one of the most disturbingly ugly things I've ever seen.

Animorphs... the true bottom rung of Tranformers.


Would somebody please wake me up with the Tranformers Movie tampons or baby ass-wiping towelettes get added to this list.

Family Dollar and Dollar General are gonna have all kinds of new stock come August!

The old "jet not cyclops" chestnut...


2007_04_27_filmdread.jpgSo apparently there's a Dreadwing figure coming out in the movie line of toys. He doesn't quite share the movie design aesthetic, which is kinda bizarre.

You can kinda see where the film production / Hasbro design breaks down with the non-film figures.

He's gotta be "filler" for the line since so much of film figures seem to be the same characters at differing price points.

His jet mode is fantastic. I like the color deco and everything.

His bot mode?

Well, it is either totally mistransformed in this pic or he's utterly craptastic!

It is like somebody really liked Armada Thrust and decided to kinda go that route but then sorta liked parts of the new movie Starscream ape-jet look and then worried that there are not enough cyclops toys on the shelves these days and did some of that here.

The bot mode is all over the place.

But man... I do love the color palette.

And number three is...


2007_04_27_conthrust.jpgSo Botcon Thrust was unveiled and he looks pretty much like I expected he would.

They had to do the remold of the wings for him or else it just wouldn't be Thrust at all. The wings are really his distinctive characteristic.

I made the mistake of going into some geek forums and I am shocked and amazed that there are some people actually bitching about this figure.

It totally blows my mind that there would be any reason to complain.

Sure... they chose to put the wings up instead of on the legs. Who cares!!!!

Sure Botcon seems to want to follow some direct G1 deco pattern on these guys. Who cares!!!!

They are doing a pretty decent job with the 2 Botcon coneheads. If someone knows the G1 cartoon and toys they will certainly know who the hell these figures are if they see them.

Nobody is going to confuse these guys with Aerialbots or Powerglide!!!

All I can say about this is quit'cher bitch'n, sit back, relax, and drop your cash down on the set because you know you are eventually going to do it.

G1 purists can't get more gee-wunny than this!!!

Another bad crazy auction win.


Wow! Two days in a row of bad crazy auction wins.

This never happens to me.

My quest for bizarre and relatively rare shit continues with the addition of 2 exclusive (and fairly rare) Takara Masterforce "engines" Powermasters that were sold separately.

I've now go Masterforce Aquastar and Masterforce Zetoca, both single-packed Masterforce "engines".

Hopefully I can find those single Headmaster animal heads again.

Congratulations to me.


I was offered, and I accepted, a new job today.

Alas, my current manager is on vacation until next Tuesday so I won't know how the transition will work out until she, and my new manager, figure out all the details.

Suffice to say... I'm both excited and scared shitless at the same time.

From a certain perspective, this is a huge promotion for me.

From the opposite angle it means leaving publishing which I dearly love.

But the world turns...

Turns along the golden path...


I had such high hopes for film Ratchet too.

Like I've said previously, these toys are just proving to be so frigg'n boring!!!

Remy Rodis' gallery pics just prove to me that these mainstream film toys look more like knock-offs than any previous line to Transformer toys.

For a toy guy like me that really is disappointing.

I guess I'm now down to only really wanting Blackout.

Even clitoral-stimulator Megatron looks more colorful than Ratchet.


CORRECTION: Of course, now I realize, thanks to Frowny, that these are the Legends of Cyberton tiny figures.

Thank god! Those can look knock-offish. I didn't plan on getting them anyway.


So I was clicking through all of my TF sites today and lo and behold the TF Club site was updated with a future comic cover for their inhouse book.

I'd imagine that this will tie into the GRC toys derived from the Classics (and possibly Cybertron) lines.

You've got Classics Ultra Magnus leading a variety of characters, some of them "based" on current toys.

From what I can see, you've got Elita-1 (from the Cybertron Thunderblast mold), Springer (from Cybertron Vanguard Hot Shot), Power Glide (from possibly Cybertron Brimstone or Cybertron Jetfire --- I think), a very blue "Huffer" (from Cybertron Armorhide), and 2 others I can't make heads or tales of.

One on the bottom right is too vague and the character between UM and Grimlock looks almost like a Grimlock himself.

I'm thinking the Primus attendee-only toy at the GRC will be another decepticon like the rest of the box set so that leaves some of these characters open to being show-exclusives like last years Megs/Waspinator and Laserbeak/Buzzsaw 2-packs.

Holy shit!

I actually won an auction with the extremely rare Takara PVC chase figures I needed and one of the even rare PVC chase/bonus part figures.

Cost me a shitload more than I really wanted to pay and contains a ton of PVCs I already have but I have never physically seen the chase/bonus colored Scorponok!

Insanely overlypriced awesomeness!

And I remember somebody recently emailing me about wanting to buy some PVCs.

Well... I'll have a ton for sale as soon as the items arrive!


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Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Go steal some music to put on your MySpace page or something.

Trudging through the comics sorting...


So the past few days have consisted of me trying to sort my old Marvel Comics to get rid of the shit.

I'm not evening going to try and deal with the DC stuff at the moment since it is taking me so long just go get the Marvel shit in order.

And quite frankly, I haven't been seriously interested in Marvel books since the 80s.

I realized as I was going through the comics that I remember the actual stories of the 80s books but I apparently bought various Marvel books in the late 90s that I can't tell you a single damn thing about.

Uncanny X-Men from the issue #94 to the early #200s I remember every single story. Apparently I bought a lot of stuff later than that and I can't guarantee I read any of it.

Marvel all kind of collapsed for me once Uncanny X-Men split into multiple pointless books and when The New Mutants became the godsawful X-Force.

And once John Byrne left Fantastic Four in the 80s, I can't really say what happened after that for those characters either.

**warning** picture heavy



Originally uploaded by JasonCross.
I so love this pic!

I have to getsme a Revoltech Megatron!!!

Actually I really need me a Revoltech Ultra Magnus.

Anybody got one to trade?

Damn google analysis!


You know what sucks?

What sucks is when you are trying to research specific toys on the damn net and your own goddamn site comes up as one of highest returns.


This and that.

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So I started sorting the thousands of bits of paper crack trying to get some of it in a state to take to this weekend's toy show.

It is actually more important to me to clean this shit up (below) than it is to sort the Attic of Love right now. I need to reclaim my basement from useless shit!!!

All the comics have been moved to the basement.

Hell. I need to get the AC in upstairs since the past few days of 70+ degrees have made the Attic a little warm.

Hopefully I'll get the beginnings of the for sale list up soon. Hell. I may try to quickly list what I have to take to the show since that's already in bins that I need to verify.

Damn. I am that old.

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So. You think this guy got a shitload of $20 clearance Cybertron Primii and now is trying to get over full price for them?

Don't know how long the link will work since it is timed.

Bad craziness.

I was reading something this morning and realized parts of it could disgustingly (and jokingly) apply to The Attic of Love™ so I decided to edit it slightly.


Allow me, with your kind permission, to present to you my pièce de résistance. I must warn you, as one of the select few to have ever witnessed it, you may find it difficult to maintain your composure. A sight such as this is not to be viewed lightly. Steel yourself, for it will be overwhelming. Behold my Transformer collection in all its glory!

Amazing, is it not? I can see that you are both confused and astonished. Take it all in before I continue. When you have quite gathered yourself, I will proceed.

What you see before you are over 1860 transformers, arranged from left to right in chronological order in which they were made, shittily displayed on extremely cheap plastic and fake wood shelves. Each era has its own place and is displayed with the largest figures to the rear which gives each piece the proper amount of space to be admired for both its individuality and its place in a grander scheme.

Ah, I see your eyes are drawn to my newest piece. Not surprising. I happened upon this 2007 Wonderfest Binaltech Black Convoy at an online store in Hong Kong. An important find, yes, but I would never have purchased it if it didn't complement the collection as a whole. Its beautiful clear packaging and extremely heavy die-cast metal body serves as a stark counterpoint to the plastic and crappy Hasbro Nemesis Prime that sits beside it. Realize that you, too, are merely mortal.

My favorite piece—and I say this knowing that it won't surprise you—is the Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy. I paid a hefty sum for it on Ebay, and when I finally had it in my hands, I let out a sigh that seemed to echo the full weight of humanity. Its beauty is stunning.

When I began this collection, I was 31, barely an adult male, ignorant of my destiny as curator of one of the greatest collections of Transformers ever assembled. I realized long ago that I am not so much its owner as its steward, maintaining it so it may be passed on to future generations.

My first Transformer is the one back over there behind the Fortress Maximus called Lightspeed. No. not the big one. Just the "leg" of that smaller one there.. Notice how he's not only a robot, but he's also a car and a leg!!!

Remember your youth? Your innocence? Could it be we were ever so naïve, regarding our Transformers as nothing more than objects to be played with and thrown away upon adulthood? Do not fear to touch it, for to touch it is to feel its beauty. Go on, allow yourself to be humbled in its presence.

Look further. The missing small yellow clips of that otherwise exquisitely awesome Omega Supreme proves that, no matter what, true perfection is not easily unattainable.

That framed drawing on the far left? That's a cel from Transformers: The Movie. That was a gift I received.

And those ink and color washes of Megatron and Optimus Prime? That was a present from Giga, because I am a pretty big fan of extremely unusual and rare TF shit.

I sense that you are starting to understand the enormity of what stands before you. What you are experiencing right now is an onslaught of universal truths words cannot describe. I know that profound and inexplicable sensation well. Indeed, I feel it every day. The soul quakes a little at the sight of the sublime. We are, after all, only human.

Oh, but how I ramble on. The collection is best appreciated in silent contemplation. I am going to leave you alone now. Don't be afraid. This is a safe place. If it all becomes too much, draw strength from the collection's anchor: Beast Wars Neo Stampy. A constant companion on the rockiest of life's winding roads,he has guided me through many a tough time, and no doubt he will again.

Yes, no doubt he will again.

"Punkrocker" by the Swedish band the Teddybears (with vocals by Iggy Pop) is one of my new favourite songs.

Now with new shoe smell.


Transforming Shoe ConvoyAt first I couldn't care less about these but in lieu of what I consider lackluster film toy designs I am actually now considering snagging Shoe Convoy and Shoe Megatron.

Shoe Convoy itself is just ok but the whole package is great.

Shipping in a sneaker box is brilliant!

That's the kind of added touch typically seen with Takara stuff that Hasbro just has no interest in ever doing here.

Hmmm. I just noticed that Xenadar's recent comment was the 3000th comment left here.

2007_04_24_thunder.jpgSo this is going to sound a bit stupid coming from somebody who has a site devoted to Transformers and has wasted entirely too much time on them but... and I mean this... Is this a good Thundercracker?

Truth be told, beyond his appearances in the G1 cartoon, I have absolutely no real familiarity with this character. He and Skywarp are pretty much just differently colored Starscreams to me and that's about it.

My apathy for the G1 seeker toys is pretty solid and I've only ever had them given to me. I've never sought out to buy either the originals or the coneheads.

So. Is this repaint a good Thundercracker?


My card got charged for Botcon. Based on the dollars charged it looks like I got what I wanted.

They also sent out an email about confirmations and such that also said...

Faction Feud - The Battle of the Boards

This Transformer trivia game show pits different Transformers web sites against each other in the battle for all Transformers knowledge. Faction Feud was a huge hit at BotCon 2006, so don't miss out on the chance to compete this year! There are eight slots available for this tournament so sing up ASAP! It will truly be a battle of wits!

Courtesy & Video Room
Transformer web sites can sponsor (at no cost to the web site) the Video Room. Take this opportunity to thank your members by hosting this fan event.

Should plasticcrack.com sponsor the video room at Botcon? Or worse yet... dare I get a bunch of geeks together under my banner of addiction and actually partake of that Faction Fued?


I wish Aldomania had lasted longer.

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I would so buy a series where Mary Worth becomes the host for Eclipso!

That makes a helluva lot more sense than Jean Loring!

I need a new Tandy computer.

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Even RadioShack CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business.

"There must be some sort of business model that enables this company to make money, but I'll be damned if I know what it is," Day said.

I've been asking myself this for about 20 or so years now.

So I'm wondering...


So I'm wondering if fanboys are going to whine and moan if they don't get a Skywarp now that a Thundercracker is being done.

I can't tell if the head is retooled or not.

Hah! That'll be the Botcon 2008 exclusive!

Must have. Must have. Must have.



Yes. It is a gimmick.

Yes. My panties are sopping wet for a gimmick.

But c'mon... if you've got a character who possesses the ability to become invisible then I'm sure as hell not going to bitch about a transparent redeco version of him!

I gots to have me the e-hobby BT-18 Mirage.

These are the kinds of repaints and redecos or whathaveyou that I totally love!

Binaltech Black Convoy (Takara 2007 Wonderfest Exclusive)

My god is he heavy. If I accidentally dropped him I think I could take out at least 2 cats with him. He cost a pretty penny but I think in the long run he's totally worth it for my collection.

Even looking at him in the package you can tell he's a thousand times purtier than Alternator Nemesis Convoy!

But the weight! Insane! He's as heavy or heavier than MP-01 Convoy and MP-02 Ultra Magnus.

Binaltech Black Convoy is the 1858th Transformer that I've acquired.

Botcon 2007 Dirge


2007_04_20_condirge.jpgWell, I didn't really have much to say so I wasn't going to bring the topic up.

But 2 people wondered what I thought about the recent reveal of Botcon 2007 Dirge so I might as well post about it.

Botcon 2007 Dirge? Well... he looks pretty much like I expected he would from the mold.

If this is indeed the final paint deco then I can't complain. He looks like what a modern repaint of the mold would look like from his old-school G1 counterpart, especially if using the G1 animation model sheet as a guide.

He's a perfectly acceptable G1-inspired Dirge even without retooled wings. Is he good enough to come down to being a $40 repaint? I don't know. Each TF geek has to make their own call on that one.

Now I figured retooled wings, especially Dirge's wings, would be the cheapest route to go but obviously I was wrong.

Now Thrust? He's gotta have retooled wings. He'll suck a bit if he does not. The lift rotors are very important to his overall appearance.


So. World War III finally happened.

And I wasted 50 weeks for this?!?!?


And the shit keeps rolling in from every side.
Hasbro's licensing arms reached out and they reached wide
Now you may think it should have been an obvious thing
But that's not the point my friends
When the shit keeps rolling in, you don't ask how
Think of all the TF geeks guaranteed to buy more shit now
Hasbro's called the hungry to her, open up the doors
Never been TF shit like the TF shit for this forthcoming film.

[Peter Cullen, Gary Chalk, and Neil Kaplan in background:]
Rollin' rollin' rollin', rollin' rollin' rollin'
Rollin' rollin' rollin', rollin' rollin' rollin'
Rollin' rollin' rollin', rollin' rollin' rollin'
Rollin' rollin' rollin', rollin' rollin' rollin'

Rollin' on in, rollin' on in
Rollin' on in, rollin' on in
On in

Arriving soon in his die-cast glory!


I clicked on the link I recently received and read...

The item left Hong Kong for its destination on 16-Apr-2007.



Now I haven't been much of a fan of the design aesthetic for the new film toys but after looking at these pics from Tformers.com I realized something.

Other than the tank Brawl... they are all just rather boring.

No. I'm not a fan of the designs.

But I think it is actually the super reduced color palettes that kind of just make really not like these.

Some of them looked fine as grey prototypes but now?


Gay Robot Convention drama.

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So I've been worried about the fact that I have not gotten a confirmation email or anything for the Gay Robot Convention so I called.

I was #316 but... all they got was a fax sheet with the phone # of my fax machine. The actual cover letter and form came out blank on their side.


But... and I suppose this is good... they kept the #316 slot open so it is highly likely that I'll be able to get the Primus package and the other shit.

I was told that the first 400 people will get tour tickets and then there will be a lottery for the last 100. I can't imagine the tour being much but I really don't need another pointless con so I better get tickets for it.

I re-faxed my info and they have it all now.

MP-06 may actually be worth it.


I just read some slightly better news regarding MP-06, the next Masterpiece figure.

...although no picture is yet shown, the page features a description, which mentions that Skywarp will feature a new head with different expressions to Starscream. One expression will be of Skywarp gnashing his teeth, the other is described as a "high handed" expression. The description also implies that Skywarp will feature a little more die-cast than the previous use of this mold - watch this space for more information.
Good news on the fact it may be slightly retooled and have more die-cast.

That definitely changes my thoughts on buying one when it is released.

I'm so not lying to you!!!


"Oh my god! I suck so bad!" - War Within Ultra Magnus

If you thought I was lying about War Within Ultra Magnus you better think again.

Just trying to remove him from the stage made both of his arms fall off!

Both of them!!!

He sucks major balls of nastiness just like War Within Optimus Prime!!!

My god I am stupid.


Oh my god! These "energon cubes" suck balls.I really fucking thought that I was getting the Unicron.com energon cubes that I've seen in Evebird's office.

But noooooooo!!!

Stupid Nala has to just go and order something without looking closer.

These are overpriced frigg'n undrilled translucent dice!!!!

That's it!!!!


Nala <---- Lame.

Titanium War Within Sunstorm


6" Titanium War Within Sunstorm

After opening up such darkly colored figures, it was nice to open up something blazing yellow!

Titanium War Within Sunstorm is the 1857th Transformer that I've acquired.

Reissue Soundwave with Ravage and Laserbeak

On retrospect, I feel really bad about buying both this figure set, and the Alternators.

Basically, I just contributed to "online retailers" basically descending on mass market toy chains, buying up all the exclusive figures to those chains, and then reselling them with a significant markup.

I thought it wouldn't bother me when I bought these but now it is.

Guilt over toys. That's the story of my frigg'n life.

Reissue Soundwave, Ravage, and Laserbeak are the 1854th to 1856th Transformers that I've acquired.

Titanium War Within Ultra Magnus

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6" Titanium  War Within Ultra Magnus

He totally sucks!

Hasbro didn't even attempt to improve the poor quality of the original mold.

Awful! Awful! Awful!

Avoid him like the plague. Don't be a stupid Nala and buy one!

War Within Ultra Magnus is the 1853rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium War Within Megatron

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6" Titanium War Within Megatron

His legs are kind of loose and fall in a bit but I like him.

Titanium War Within Megatron is the 1852nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium War Within The Fallen

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6"Titanium  War Within The Fallen

I really like him!

War Within The Fallen is the 1851st Transformer that I've acquired.

Alternator Rumble

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Alternator Rumble

He and Ravage are staying in their boxes for the time being..

Alternator Rumble is the 1850th Transformer that I've acquired.

Alternator Ravage

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Alternator Ravage

Alternator Ravage is the 1849th Transformer that I've acquired.

Movie Protoform Optimus Prime


Movie Protoform Optimus Prime

I so hate the way his legs move.

Movie Protoform Optimus Prime is the 1848th Transformer that I've acquired.

Movie Protoform Starscream

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Movie Protoform Starscream

Well. He doesn't suck as bad as the other one.

Movie Protoform Starscream is the 1847th Transformer that I've acquired.

Masterpiece Skywarp? Well duh!

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Geez. I honestly expected this for MP-05 and was shocked with TakaraTomy released a Megatron.

Now honestly, I have to say, I can't see myself getting this unless it is discounted.

MP-03 Starscream is the biggest feels-ready-to-break-at-any-second figure I own. There's a reason I have done much more in the way of photographs or even transformed him back into a jet.

He just feels too fragile.

For $100, I just can't justify a repaint of it when I know it will have little if any die-cast.

With TFs now doing so poorly in Japan, it is nice that TakaraTomy continues to try and release something new a la Megatron but a big $100 repaint is even too much for my stupid addiction.

Oh... the by-gone days of MP-01 and MP-02 in all of their deadly 10 pound die-cast glory!

Well. I got a shipping # from Robot Kingdom for my BT-17 Wonderfest 2007 Exclusive Black Convoy.

Yes. That's what I bought the other day. One day soon he'll arrive in all his die-cast goodness!

The rest of the crack should be here today from Digital-Toys.

I'm going to try to spend a few hours in the basement and a few in the attic today. Maybe I can open up my Spermbots and mock up my super secret project.

And I'm sorta-kinda tempted to buy this Stampy cel. It even has Big Convoy in it too.

TF Universe Ultra Magnus (Sam's Club Exclusive) (close-up) - I so love the eyes!

One of the rarer figures released here in the states over the past few years, but also one of the best of the TF Universe line, was the Sam's Club Exlusive redeco of RID Ultra Magnus.

He's got a much darker color palette than his Car Robots/RID counterpart and I really wish I had 2nd one to open.

One's really fantastic about him is his eyes. Hasbro gave them a chrome paint job that really makes them glow when the right light hits them.

I so love this guy.

I can't think of it. Help!


Beast Wars Depthcharge (close-up)So after posting a pic of Depthcharge this morning I realized that he too needs an exclusive made of him in his pre-Earth manta ray mode.

Botcon 2006 stretched the fiction to get a pre-Earth alt mode for Airrazor and Tigatron while not producing ones for Terrorsaur or Scorponok. Today I realized that there's the completely awesome Depthcharge who can logically have a Cybertron form.

But the more I've been thinking about it, the more I realize I don't know what previous vehicular toy could be kitbash/customized into a viable format for him.

Now I don't think there's anything totally spot-on from the previous 3 lines that would work.

Cybertron Override looks too "crab" like. Vector Prime might work but the sword/knight motif doesn't fit.

Energon Barricade is one current possibility as a base mold. A heavily reworked Energon Bulkhead? Maybe. Energon Snowcat? Hmmmm.

I'm really wanting to find that ideal one to do as a kitbash/custom.

Mind you, it may happen only in the future of my very busy life. But Depthcharge deserves it!

Thoughts on a mold?

In my opinion, it has to be at least Crumplezone-sized to work well with the pre-beast Optimus Primal.

Depthcharge has to be at least Primal size or slightly bigger.

Update: Holy shit!!! Energon Jetfire may actually work! His top fin actually sorta kinda looks like Depthcharge's "wings"! Beachcomber too!

Soon... For Sale!

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Some of you have been emailing me about items I may have for sale and within the next 2 weeks, I'll be packing up the Attic of Love and also getting ready for the Columbus Toy and Comic show.

I've prepped a For Sale page where I'll post items, my asking price, and so forth.

I'll post when I update it,

 Beast Wars Cheetas (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue)

Beast Wars Cheetas (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue) is the 1846th Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Black Widow (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue)

Beast Wars Black Widow (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue) is the 1845th Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Dinobot  (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue)

Beast Wars Dinobot (10th Anniversary TakaraToy Reissue) is the 1844th Transformer that I've acquired.

What a day!

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Basement 99% done. Check.
Successfully did 9 miles this morning on the cross-trainer. Check.
Transitioned color workflow (at work) from Iris2Print to a Xerox 7760. Check.
Got my automation batch script working by 7am. Check.
IT is setting up my interview for a new job tomorrow. Check.
The sun is brilliantly shining into my office and upon the Cowlands. Check.

So far. It is turning out to be one helluva day!

I hope it keeps going like this!

And now... The Beast Wars (shit)!


So today I managed to get 90% of the Beast Wars toys packaged up.

Now when it comes to Beast Wars, the only guys that are actually on display are the show appearing characters.

Quite frankly, the others are either thrown into a bag or there's the few MIB ones littered around.

This is one series that produced entirely too much toy crap. Then again, I came very late to the Beast Wars table so the only ones I care about are those toys that appeared in the show.

Doctor Who - Gridlock

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On the whole, 80% of the new episode of Doctor Who felt like filler...


*spoilers ahead*

Swiped for CrazySteve, who swiped it from someplace else.

What a long strange year it has been.


Now today is a very important day in my life.

And it involves something you may not know about.

See... I'm not all plastic crack and shit.

I have another life outside of this geekage.

And today was a major day in that life.

And after 12 months, and 153 days of major labor, the principle repair work on the basement of the House of Love III has been completed. And after 12 months, and 153 days of major labor, principle repair work on the basement of the House of Love III has been completed. And there's been a major bedroom remodel in that year too.

Now all that's left is some minor painting, some touch up here and there, to install the runners and carpet on the stairs, and get those damn comics sorted and those toys sold off!

It has come a long way since I started on it last April 21, 2006 when it began.

What a long year it has been:

Nala's Basement Restoration gallery 01
Nala's Basement Restoration gallery 02
Nala's Basement Restoration gallery 03
Nala's Basement Restoration gallery 04
Basement Stairwell gallery

All of Giga's toys are moved back into the main basement room along with some of my shit (below). We'll sort that this week for the toy show in 2 weeks. We are crack dealers again!

Day 153 - All of the toys to sell at the toy show moved back into the basement!

I need to get all those comics sorted, documented, and boxed too (below).

Day 153 - Now to sort all these damn comics!

I so want this shit out of my life.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever do so much concrete and cement work in my life I would have laughed.

I learned a helluva lot this past 12 months.

And none of it what I ever intended on learning.

Bad craziness.

Something Awful


Kelmeister's Brother, occasional poster over at my non-TF blog, alerted me to a Transformers-themed Something Awful Photoshop Phriday.

Some of them are fun.

And ya know, I never thought of Emmet Brown's DeLorean as a vechicle alt-mode for Megatron but it totally works color-wise.

And this one made me laugh the most (below).


That's pretty much what my recent attempts to transform all of my Alternators from bot mode to car mode has resulted in.

I remembered why I only transformed them once and left them like that on the shelves!

Must have Blackout-branded Rohypnol!!!


And the flow of miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam just keeps coming.

Like all of these big-budget summer movies with all the ancillary shit, I expect to see a ton of this at Odd Lots by September.

It still blows my mind that some stores are still clogged with pointless Superman Returns shit.

Thank god I stocked up on Deep Impact licensed lube when I could in 1998. Though you can still find a tube at Dollar General or Family Dollar if you look hard enough.


I broke down this afternoon and bought another big ticket item.


I've gone totally bat-shit crack crazy this week.

Evebird sent me this link and it probably is legit.

See. Some of you thought it would be important to have Cullen or Welker voice the characters.

Not one bit.

That could be Cullen or possibly any of 100 other actors there.

Sure. It isn't much more than one line.

But the digital processing was always going to be there so the actual true voice didn't matter.

Hell... it could even be Gary Chaulk or Neil Kaplan there and it wouldn't matter! The voice would basically be the same.

The only think that is important... and I mean really important here... is that Blackout not suck!

He's too cool looking to suck.

Am I?


Am I the only fan of Transformers who would be perfectly happy with Simon Furman not writing any more Transformers stories?

I'm just wondering.

Never shit where you eat.


Transformers Toilet Seat

w00zyguy sent me this link thinking I might want to bid on this auction.

Now I usually try to limit all geek-related shit to the Attic of Love™ since I that's my personal thing and I don't need my house guests knowing about my depressing habits.

However, with that said, a red autobot symbol on a white seat would work in the Shitter of Love™.

If I can find a cheap one, I still plan on putting a Hello Kitty toilet seat on the Basement of Love™ toilet next week.

Hasbro 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime


Hasbro 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime is the 1844th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Frostbite

I got started on the Transformers Universe gallery today.

Thank god 98% of this are all still MOC or MIB! They'll be so much easier to pack up into boxes.

The Infamous Orange Plug of Masterpiece MegatronI've got to assume that they are all the same and believe me, the orange tip that had to be placed on MP-05 Megatron is absa-lootly-posa-tiv-ly no big deal.

I feared it might be glued into the barrel but nope.

I popped Megatron's barrel cherry in three seconds!


Masterpiece Kremzeek


Masterpiece Kremzeek

Electric Insanity

I am a total weak loser geek.


In a strange fit of excitement over new crack, and the stunning realization that I'm only a few days away from finishing up the Basement of Non-Love™ remodeling, I kinda went bat-shit crazy and ordered a shitload of new crack online.

Now basically what it really comes down to is the fact that I'm too old and bitter to do the "toy runs" anymore.

Giga and I'd spend 5-6 hours some Saturdays driving all around Cowtown hitting Targets, Wal-Marts, K-Marts, Meijers, WeBeToys, Kay-Bee, and a slew of other miscellaneous places in hopes of finding 1 new Transformer for me or a JLU figure for him.

I can't do that anymore.

In fact, I really hate doing it.


When an online store has a shitload of new crack in-stock I'm just going to order it online, pay a small premium and shipping and handling, and be done with it.

That means as of now I have the 3 TakaraTomy Beast Wars X figures coming, as well as:

6" Titanium War Within Ultra Magnus
6" Titanium Sunstorm
6" Titanium War Within Megatron
6" Titanium The Fallen
Alternator Rumble
Alternator Ravage
Soundwave w/Laserbeak and Ravage Reissue
Some energon cubes

And... you are going to all rip me a new asshole for these...

Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream

(commence ripping me a new hole now)
What sucks is they were sold out of the Revoltech Ultra Magnus that I really really want as well as the 6" Titanium G1 Ultra Magni and Cheetors.

Takara Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron


Takara MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron

Look! No orange tip!

For the $100 I spent I wish he'd frigg'n stand!!!

Masterpiece Megatron is the 1843rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Revoltech Convoy


Revoltech Convoy

Damn! That was fast! I just ordered him the other day.

He's a pricey little bit o'crack. But fun!

I really want the Ultra Magnus version through.

Really. Lots!

Revoltech Convoy is the 1842nd Transformer that I've acquired.


So on top of MP Megs and Revoltech Convoy in the queue I decided to take advantage of JRS Toysworld's current 15% off orders of $50 or more to snag a few things I wanted.

I picked up that TakaraTomy 10th Anniversary Re-Issues of TM-06 Black Widow, TM-03 Cheetas, and TM-05 Dinobot.

I will now have almost a perfect set of show-appearing accurately colored Beast Wars characters!

This picture pretty much sold me on the Black Widow!

It is true. The 1980s Cybermen suck.


So I'm laying here in bed rewatching "The Five Doctors" and I think one of the greatest moments of all time in Doctor Who is in this episode.

There's just something so awesome about The Master being handed a "recall" device by the High Council and all it is is a Glade Stick-Up spray-painted gold.

Anybody that lived in the 1980s would probably immediately recognize it.

Totally awesome!

Alas, there's barely any Jamie and Zoe in it, and the fact that Tom Baker doesn't appear sucks the balls and somehow ruins it a bit.

And it has the sucky 1980's era Cybermen and not the great late 60s versions.

Does anybody need a Taxara?


Taxara needs to belong in every plastic crack collection.

There was a time when Hasbro was releasing all kinds of crazy repaint shit as "exclusives" to certain stores.

Most recently, they've repainted some Energon shit as a Devestator for the finale of the Classics line, and last year they regurgitated yet another repaint of the Car Robots Build Team molds as another Devestator.

The Dinobots stuff was done to death a few years back with the repainting of several Japanese Beast Wars-era figures.

Transformers Dinobots

Transformers Dinobots

Transformers Dinobots

Oh man! There's so much shit in the Attic of Love™.

The next few weeks will uncover more and more of it.

A shitload of cars!


I've set up a Binaltech / Alternators / KISS Play gallery on Flickr .

I'm kind of shocked that 2 of my figures were never ever opened, and because of that, they are actually now some of the more rare items in the Attic.

Alternators Camshaft

Camshaft (above) barely ever appeared in the retail channels. I think Giga found me this one back in the days when he did a lot of evening and weekend toy runs. Personally, I've never ever seen one other than the one I own.

Alternators Swerve

Swerve (above) has to be one of the stupidest rare figures that has ever come about. He's basically a head-retooled Tracks. The Tracks Corvette mold has been used for 2 versions (Binaltech Yellow and Blue), Hasbro Tracks, retooled head Ravage, and then Swerve.

Swerve was fairly late in the line but it is so funny he's become so rare. And surprisingly, I never opened him either.

Alternator Nemesis Prime (SDCC 2005 Exclusive)

The San Diego Con Exclusive Nemesis Prime (above) is a toy with a major cluster fuck history. Hasbro royally screwed the online ordering of this. I actually got one from the Transformers Collectors Club of all places.

The horror. The horror.


Beast Machines Optimus Primal (Basic)

I totally forgot how awful he is.

My Robot Masters Collection


Behold... the Attic of Love™ Takara Robot Masters Collection!

*pic heavy post*

Um... no.

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Ok. Now normally, Ministry of Toys prices are pretty fair for the Lucky Draw and other rare Takara items that they put on Ebay.

Even at the cons they are very appropriately priced for the rare merchandise they usually have.

They are the first vendor I've ever seen with the fairly rare Lucky Draw Master Sword

But $99 for a Transformers Universe Razorclaw!?!?!?

Hell... I'll sell ya mine for $50! Save $49!!!



Personally, I'm no fan of the G1 Ultra Magnus/Diaclone Powered Convoy toy mold.

And no, putting Predaking's head on it doesn't improve it either.

Here's how I see it...
Originally uploaded by Ramen Junkie.
There's just something incredibly photogenic about the Classics figures.

It has to be the poseability.

You can do so much with them.

Happy Dyngus Day!

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Happy Dyngus Day!

Next year I'm taking the day off and going to Buffalo! I have to!

But anyway, Dyngus Day reminds me of pussy willows, and pussy willows always reminds me of Serial Mom, and Serial Mom reminds me of this exchange:


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Did cosmiscrust.com fade into oblivion?

So... slow...

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So I got my federal and state taxes done and while I should be working downstairs in the basement I decided to put in the VHS copies of Then Trial of a Time Lord.

Ten minutes in and I remembered why I just can't get into 80's era Who.

So... slow...


I wish the lumber yard had been open. I could be working on the last of the basement floor.

UPDATE: And so very very boring. I fell asleep.

Now this is bizarre.


I got this strange letter today in the mail about Fun Publications.

The address is a printed label so it came from some distribution list.

The 4 sheets inside are really bizarre.

The first is a print out of some Fun Publications business ID stuff.

Two of the others are pictures of Brian Savage's house and stuff.

The fourth is a brief history of Master Collector, the GI Joe Club, and basically implies, along with the photos of the house, that the hole Fun Pubs thing is some kind of sham or something.

There's no return address really. Just a sticker that says "Let the Buyer Beware" and looks like it was sent from Fort Wayne, Texas.

Anybody else get this?

It appears that it is from someone that got a hold of the FP Transformers Club mailing database and has a major grudge against Savage and FP.

Very strange.

I only say that since the name on the mailing is the name I give to groups like this and not the full name I use so it has to be from a database.

Very strange indeed.

Any of you that belong to the club get this?

Everybody's Polish on Dyngus Day


T-Minus 3 days until Dyngus Day!

Do you have your pussywillows and water?

This prison has now become your home.


I donn't know what the hell got into me the past 2 days but I've dropped a shitload of cash on crack!

Yesterday was the Beast Wars Antagony and I just dropped money down on a Masterpiece Megatron and a Revoltech Convoy.

You know... I kinda wish Antagony would somehow make a retro-appearance in some kind of animated fiction.

I'm totally thinking a raspy old Agnes Moorehead/Phyllis Diller voice would totally work for her!

2007_04_06_ghost_starscream.jpgMay I present to you the only Takara Ghost Starscream that I have ever seen up for auction on Ebay.

I almost passed by it with a few minutes left.

I was only going to do $65 since I have everything else. I emailed Evebird and it wasn't even moments later I decided to up my bit and sure enough, he'd taken it up to $88.

What's both awesome and sad at the same time was one guy that obviously had quite a high top rate (regardless of if he was using ebay or sniping software) but he himself got sniped at the very last minute.

Ebay needs to kill the ability to use the sniping software.

It is just wrong.


What sucks more though is the remaining Takara Chase PVCs are where Evebird and I are actively trying to complete and competing all the way on.

Funny. I remember when he didn't give a shit about the PVCs.

Yay! It arrived in Brunei!

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Classics: Magnus
Originally uploaded by reignfire.
The Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2-Pack that I bought for Reignfire in Brunei arrived!

I was getting scared it didn't make it.

Botcon 1998 Antagony Exclusive

I've wanted her for a very long time and every time I tried to snag an ebay auction of her I was always sniped or the auction itself went into the $250-$300 range. Hell, I can't remember seeing a dealer with her even.

But I'm buying her off Evebird since the opportunity has presented itself.

These are the kinds of rare figures I'm now going after. The movie toys don't really interest me all that much but Antagony here I can appreciate for some reason.

Beast Wars Antagony is the 1841st Transformer that I've acquired.

What the fuck!??!?!?!?!


Today's "What the fuck?!?!?!?!" auction.



It... is... a... common... toy.

I so want to make an "Ebay Powersellers Bullshit" site.

Here's the deal...


So I'm sitting here in The Office of Love™ having a meeting with two managers when I see Evebird walk by holding something wrapped in pop-a-mania.

Seems like he decided to play the role of crack dealer and dangle of all things a Botcon '98 Antagony in front of me.

Now there aren't a whole lot of Antagony figures out there since only 600 were made.

She's no where near as outstanding as certain geekage, but I've never been successful in acquiring an affordable one.

I think she'll be mine.

Damn you Evebird!

You know all I care about is the shit on the wishlist these days.

(Shit... that wishlist needs some updating.)

I hate toys.

Doctor Who: The Invasion



*spoilers ahead*

It will make us mad.


In light of recent events concerning monies spent, I feel somewhat like Lady Macbeth this morning.

"These deeds must not be thought
After these ways; so, it will make us mad."


It will make one mad!

Doctor Who Series 3 begins...



It is with great joy and happiness in the House of Love that Doctor Who Series 3 began Saturday night.

And as sad as it was to say goodbye to Rose Tyler last season, with this series opener we were quickly introduced to Martha Jones, the new companion.

Overall, I really liked it!

*spoilers ahead*

I feel so dirty.


Well I faxed in my registration to Botcon.

And I feel so very very dirty. Not to mention utterly lame and disappointed in myself.

I guess it is because I know deep down I've outgrown this kind of thing and I'm only going because we were stupid enough to book non-refundable airfare without knowing a damn thing about this convention.

Let's face facts kids: There's not a whole helluva lot different from one convention to the next.

In fact, other than a different toy set, each con is practically identical with the same panels going on and the same exact questions being asked and the same exact answers being given.

The same dealers with basically the same things plus whatever may be recent and all of them with pretty much the same pricing.

Over and over and over.

I'm trying to rationalize this as a "vacation to see friends in Boston" but that is only going so far with me.

And spending hundreds of dollars to see people at Botcon isn't a decent rationalization either.

I've definitely outgrown this thing.

What adult in their right mind pays for airfare to a convention without knowing what the fuck will be going on at the convention?

I certainly have never done that for the publishing and IT conventions I've travelled to over the past few years. Why should this be any different???

I'm looking at the "brochure" and I'm just totally blown away at how utterly stupid I am for having committed to this and committed to spending the cash for this.

I'm too old to waste this kind of money on frivolous bullshit.

I think I can say for certain that this'll pretty much be my last attendance at a Botcon.

There's just no valid reason to go anymore. All of the info will be on the internet. All of the toys will be available on ebay for a price.

I don't think there's enough alcohol in Rhode Island to make this trip worth it.

Here's hoping seeing A. in Boston makes me feel less guilt about wasting the money.

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