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And now... The Beast Wars (shit)!


So today I managed to get 90% of the Beast Wars toys packaged up.

Now when it comes to Beast Wars, the only guys that are actually on display are the show appearing characters.

Quite frankly, the others are either thrown into a bag or there's the few MIB ones littered around.

This is one series that produced entirely too much toy crap. Then again, I came very late to the Beast Wars table so the only ones I care about are those toys that appeared in the show.

The horror. The horror.


Beast Machines Optimus Primal (Basic)

I totally forgot how awful he is.

Beast Machines Primal Prime


Beast Machines Primal Prime

I don't know why but this repaint of Optimal Optimus really seems to be expensive. I managed to find this one for $65 two booths down from someone with a $100 one.

This is the 1707th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Takara Beast Wars Returns Tankor

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Tankor

Now I just need to get all the other very expensive show-accurately colored Takara versions.

This is the 1706th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Botcon 2002 Exclusive Catscan

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Botcon 2002 Catscan

Slowly but surely I'm picking up the various con exclusive figures.

Number in Collection: 1619

Beast Machines Tankor

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Beast Machines Tankor

Numbers in Collection: 1597

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