I finally got to have amaebi!


So Marcie decided that since I didn't celebrate my birthday last March with the usual group sushi-gang bang at Haiku that we'd go out for sushi.

We went to Sushiko up in the northern part of Cowtown and it was fantastic! Definitely a place we'll go again. Not even remotely as pretentious as Haiku and the sushi was much better.

With over a decade of sushi consumption to my credit, I finally broke down and got a piece of the amaebi that I've wanted to try for ages. It is fantastic!!!

Is it worth $4.95 per shrimp? No.

But it is worth trying at least once if you have never had it? Definitely!

Oh. And what does this have to do with plastic crack?

Well since I was up in parts of town that I don't frequent I made her go to the Target up there to look for fugly movie Arcee.

I so gots to have that hideously beautiful thing!


I'm a sushi fan but stuck in the deep north Midwaste...er Midwest I only get sushi when I travel and can convince anyone to try it with me. So what is a amaebi and how is it made?

Normally when you get shrimp on sushi it is the same generic kind of white shrimp that you find in shrimp cocktails and such.

Amaebi is this very expensive "sweet shrimp" that has a very different texture and literally does have a sweet taste.

I've wanted to try it but always was leary due to the usually extreme price per piece of nigiri that most places have it.

It is totally worth trying once though.

Cool that's my attitude about lots of sushi worth trying once if the wallet can support it. Most things I'd normally avoid or other people think were gross (probably the raw fish factor) was really really good.

Hoping I can get some sushi in when I go to Indianapolis for GenCon in August.

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