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T-Minus (insert some number less than 24) before we leave.

I found the bulb for the light after trying a few other places.

I got some clearance Target clothing cuz you know I'm all about the value and looking step above white trash.

I'm basically all packed except for a sweater or two.

Oh. And Matt returned from his evening sorjourn with new fresh crack for me.

I'm now at 746 Transformers!!! I don't think it will be possible to hit 800 by Christmas unless I get a whole shitload of Micromasters or something.

Holy shit! I also got a comment from The Cousin!!! Very rare but always brings a smile to my face.

I miss him lots.

Weekend cracky goodness


So let's see. What has this weekend brought to us here at the old House of Love™?

Friday say me, Matt, Kelly, The Pickett, Max Power, and Kelly's brother Eddie went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was ok. Not fantastic. But ok. There are have been far worse films made over the years. And it was better than Alien vs. Predator.

Unfortunately, the story is very thin with only 3 main characters and mostly a few very minor supporting characters. Visually it is a feast to behold but it does wear thin on characterization due to the lack of characters, duh.

Saturday saw Matt and I, but this time joined by The Fabulous Jen™, Brian D., and Alex and Christie B., heading down to the

Got good deals on a Beast Wars Depth Charge,Optimal Optimus, and Magnaboss, a G2 Mirage, and a shit load of mint but loose G1 Micromasters from the early 90s.

I think the collector addiction is going to go crazy with trying to track down all Micromasters and their related items.

Oh. And I got an Energon Shockblast and a Universe Soundwave and Space Case too.

So all in all it was cracktastic!!!

And yes, I can officially announce that the Attic of Love™ now has 741 Transformers in it. And to think I was thinking it would be 2005 before I hit 700!!!

Today? Laundry, Hoont-bathing, some miscellaneous cleaning, and overall just being lame.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Transformers

On September 18, 2004 the Transformers debuted.

And because of that event my levels of loserness have reached all time highs.

But hey. Only one year to go and Optimus and company will be of legal age to drink.

One extreme loser!


Would you like to know how bad my addiction is?

Well I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Today consisted of the following:

  1. Going for Gyro Salads at Tommy's Diner on Broad Street.
  2. Picking up The Pickett and Kelmeister to abuse their Sam's Club card for exclusive plastic crack.
  3. Hitting the West Broad Target for crack.
  4. Hitting the West Broad Kohls for crack.
  5. Hitting the West Broad ToysRus for crack.
  6. Hitting the Georgesville Meijers for crack.
  7. Hitting the Georgesville Wal-Mart for crack and finding an Alternator Hound!!!
  8. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Wal-Mart for crack.
  9. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Petsmart and petting dogs and cats and debating about the merits of an insane massive Habitrail set in the house.
  10. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Meijers for crack.
  11. Hitting the New Rome/Hilliard Sams Club for crack and scoring the exclusive and a gallon jar of kosher pickles!!!
  12. Returning the Picketts to their lair and returning to the House of Love during the game just in time to feed and poop the Hoont.
  13. Eating at Hong Kong Buffet with the Picketts and Kelmeister's parents.
  14. Hitting the Sawmill Target Greatland for crack.
  15. Hitting the Sawmill Meijers for crack.
  16. Hitting the Sawmill ToysRus for crack.
  17. Hitting the Sawmill Andersons for crack.
  18. Hitting the Lewis-Center for crack.
  19. Hitting the Lewis-Center Meijers for crack.
  20. Spending an extra 40 minutes trying to get back to the House of Love dealing with after-game traffic making my neighborhood hell.
That's it.

That was the day I spent!

I visited 3 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 WeBeToys, 4 Meijers, 1 Kohls, and 1 Sams Club all to feed the beast that is my addiction.

And do you know what this means after today?

Yup. I am now at 697 figures in the Attic Of Love.

Three figures shy of the magic 700!!!

And after all of this what does today prove?

I am one extreme loser in the grand scheme of life.



So I ordered a copy of Beast Wars The Complete 3rd Season and Transformers Season 3 Part 2 on DVD today.

I could have sworn my mother has said she got me Season 3 Part 2 in March so I held off buying it for 6 months now only to find out that in fact she only got me Season 2 of Beast Wars.


At least I'll finally have them.

I was pretty tempted to buy the Staw Wars Trilogy on DVD but I really honest to god just want the 1977 releases and not all the funky Special Edition butchered versions. Especially now that Lucas has inserted Hayden Christiansen as the ghost of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Return Of The Jedi (pics of even more changes).


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I feel so dirty.

I created a Wal-Mart gift registry since they actually have photos and order updates for crack.


I always feel dirty and ashamed when I go to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club.

Dirty and ashamed indeed.

CostCo Crack


Ok folks.

There aren't any that I know of in the Greater Cowlands so I'm asking all of you folks who read this blog...

Are you near a CostCo?

If so, would you be willing to look for and buy me 1 of the CostCo exlusive Transformer releases of this Optimus Prime and and Overload?

They are ugly and normally I would never buy them but since they are exclusive to a chain I'm not near I might as well try and see if someone can snag one for me and mail to me.

Please contact me or leave a comment if you are willing.

The "exclusive" shit is insane, with us crack addicts having to look and shop at places we'd never normally ever go to.

Exclusives include the Big Convoy repaint called Nemesis Primal at Target, a Sam's Club repaint 2-pack of Prowl and Starscream, KBToys' exclusive repaints of Armada Cyclonus and Demolisher, the KMart SWAT team Prowl/Checkpoint, and ToysRUs' exclusive Energon Megatron/Optimus 2-pack,

Totally insane.

The dope dealer stopped by...

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Energon Bulkhead and Universe Nemesis StrikaSo my dope dealer's product arrived today courtesty of the MIB.

A Beast Machines Rattrap, a TFU Nemesis Strika, a TFU Fireflight, and a TFU Autobot Whirl were delivered.

Rattrap sucks the proverbial balls as a bot but is a cool rat. Nemesis Strika looks like something out of Aliens. If you've ever seen the Director's Cut (which is the only way it should be watched by the way) Newt's dad drives this rover-vehicle thing out to the crashed spaceship. This thing looks just like that vehicle. Trippy.

Oh. And on the Cowtown P-Crack front Matt found me an Energon Bulkhead at The Andersons. Why oh why Hasbro didn't name him Springer since he's a G1 homage is beyond me.

At least Takara got it right. They called him "Sprung". Close enough.

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