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The crack that intentionally got away.


I was kind of shocked to find the new Real Gear redecos today.

That's quite a lot of new crack in the past few days and I'm close to approaching that dreaded 2000 mark.

There were actually quite a few toys I didn't buy.

I passed on the Leader Class Brawl which really looks like an expensive Big Lots knock-off to me.

I also passed on the other movie Robot Heroes figures and some of the Legends figures.

The completist in me is long dead when it comes to this new movie shit.

Hell, Ultimate Bumblebee was picked up and quickly put back on the shelf when I realized he's about as useful as that Beast Machines Supreme Cheetor figure. I don't see a lot of people dropping $79 for this thing.

Now Brawl may enter the house when clearance prices begin to appear.

Frankly, I'd be happy just to find Arcee, 2008 Bumblebee, and the other 2 that are out.

I do have some of the Cybertron Legends repaints on their way from Captured Prey though. And there's his awesomeness eHobby Translucent Mirage!

I wonder which'll end up 2000.

Red Stripe


Red Stripe

So after spending many hours shopping for this Sunday's 4th Annual House of Love Cookout, I needed a beer.

And I decided to reacquaint myself with Red Stripe.

And after 2 of them I can truthfully tell you that I forgot how much I like Red Stripe.

There will be many more before the weekend is done and over with.

Real Gear Wire Tap V20


Real Gear Wire Tap V20

Real Gear Wire Tap V20 is the the 1994th Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Night Beat 7


Real Gear Night Beat 7

There aren't a many TFs that pull off the teal color but I really like this.

Hell... I'm extremely happy that new crack is making it into the retail chain.

Real Gear Night Beat 7 is the the 1993rd Transformer that I've acquired.

I iz ascared.


I iz ascared!

Will the winner be "South Dakotan Sings The Theme To Mighty Orbots"?

Or is it "Boring Ass 10 Minute Jack Daniels Fueled Doctor Who Rant At The Gay Robot Convention"?

Or maybe it'll be "18,000th video of son hitting baseball into father's nuts!"

TF Movie Dreadwing


TF Movie Dreadwing

There's just not a hell of a lot to say about this guy.

TF Movie Dreadwing is the the 1992nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Movie Optimus Prime


TF Robot Heroes Movie Optimus Prime

Out of all the Movie Optimii that they've made, I think this one is the lone I like best so far!

Robot Heroes Movie Optimus Prime is the the 1991st Transformer that I've acquired.

Robot Heroes Blackout

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TF Robot Heroes Blackout

Robot Heroes Blackout is the the 1990th Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium Movie Blackout

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3" Titanium Movie Blackout

Titanium Movie Ironhide" is the the 1988th Transformer that I've acquired.

Titanium Movie Ironhide

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3" Titanium Movie Ironhide

I don't know why but I warmed to this little figure.

I really hadn't planned on getting any more of these guys but he's not bad at all.

Titanium Movie Ironhide" is the the 1988th Transformer that I've acquired.

The Pool Party


The Pool Party
Originally uploaded by revlimit
Prime and Megs were doing well with the ladies at the secret pool party. That is, until Magnus showed up.

See, he heard it was "clothing optional" and Magnus had misplaced his powersuit...


I wonder if you could call the Barbies "Boobieplasticos"?

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco)


Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) (bot mode)

Wow! This G1 homage deco really makes what I thought was a rather lackluster toy pop!

That's what my main complaint about the movie toys has really been: boring realistic color palettes!

Now of course, I'm all for that in figures like the Alternators and Binaltechs, but for these smaller hand held mainstream toys, the reduced colors just have been kind of dull.

But Jazz here, he's all special again!

Transformers Movie Jazz (G1 redeco) is the the 1987th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) (botmode)

So later in the day I got another email from Giga telling me Target had a shipment of the G1 deco movie Starscream.

I stopped there after work and got one and after putzing around with him I'm reminded of why I thought this mold totally sucked balls the first time.

Transformers Movie Starscream (Target Exclusive) is the the 1986th Transformer that I've acquired.



2007-08-28-ehobby-mirage.jpgHoly shit! E-Hobby Exclusive Translucent Alternator Mirage is just beautiful!

This is the kind of figure Botcon Mirage should have been!

I mean... there's nom. And then there's nom nom nom nom nom!!!

And this eHobby Mirage is definitely the latter!

I can't wait for him to arrive. I think my order went through. I was so last minute on him.

In other news, Giga emailed and said he found the Scatman Cruthers redeco of movie Jazz for me.

2007-08-28-puppylove-jazz.jpgOh. Speaking of Jazz, teresa posted one of the funniest pics I've seen of toys ever.

She posed the Deluxe Movie Jazz toy with the little Robot Heroes version holding its hand like a child and it totally works!

There's just something about the RH version's pose that looks like a clinging kid!

I loved it!

Protoform Starscream with claw hands

So I noticed Pairadocs posted some new photos of his custom stuff at my usual Flickr haunts and damn, once again a customizer/kitbasher makes a mediocre Hasbro released figure look fantastic!

The 2 Movie protoform figures just seems so "last minute" and felt like shelf-fillers.

Hell... in Cowtown here Starscream is literally a shelf filler to this very day in some stores.

I love the articulated hand claws and the custom paint job, which is thankfully not a G1 homage, is a more realistic version of the movie's deco.


I hate the fact that these guys, and even TakaraTomy now with the "fusion" translucent versions, actually make me like these guys!

I so may need to start bidding on his customs!!!

My god this is amazing!


Jin Saotome Custom - Swinwave
Originally uploaded by weibun76

Jin Saotome does indeed turn shit into gold!!!

I just don't have the kind of time needed to do this!

Movie Swindle was a rather boring figure but look what a little skill will get you.

I may have to try and acquire this one.

The Crack needs a special mascot like this!

One-uva-kind baby!

Real Gear High Score 100


Real Gear High Score 100 (bot mode)

I love his simple two-tone color scheme.

I just wish he was a bit more articulated so I could do more gorilla shit to him.

No real complaints though.

Real Gear High Score 100 is the the 1985th Transformer that I've acquired.

Real Gear Meantime


Real Gear Meantime (bot mode)

I couldn't believe my eyes! I actually found some new crack today!!!

Meijers, Wal-Mart, Target, and Andersons were as empty as they have been for 2 months and ToysRUs was too.

However, will at TRU, I looked at an end/side cap and found him!!!

Real Gear Meantime is the the 1984th Transformer that I've acquired.

You can fool some people sometimes...


2007-08-25-fusion_clusters.gifI know it has probably got to be my recent translucent fetish reappearing, or quite possibly it is the lack of any new crack for ages now, but I really really really find I like the TakaraTomy translucent movie protoform figures.

But do I wanna drop the scratch?

Wow! TakaraTomy is rereleasing fugly old G1 Ironhide and Ratchet in their Encore line.

Still no Sunstreaker yet.

I think I'll probably get the Sky-Lynx depending on the cost.

It is done.


After 2 years, a lot of work, a few false starts, and major frustration here and there, the House of Love III is finally on the market.

It is done.

For some reason I'm scared shitless.

Return to the Attic of Love...


Ultra Magnus confronts pure evil.

In the aftermath of the cleaning and scrubbing of the house, Ultra Magnus returns to the Attic of Love to find it devoid of Cybertronian life.


There is evil afoot!

Minicons my ass!


Day 54 - Getting smaller?
Originally uploaded by Despotes
Despotes, of About Heroes fame and who hung out with us at Botcon, posted this the other day and I really didn't notice how frigg'n huge these knock-off Armada minicons are!


I gotsta find me some of these one day.

That's like Master Sword level size!

We are part of the problem.


Group finds China toy factory conditions "brutal" (Yahoo News)

A U.S.-based workers' rights group said it found "brutal conditions" and labor violations at eight Chinese plants that make toys for big multinationals, and called on the companies to take steps for better standards.

China Labor Watch said in a report issued on Tuesday after several months of investigation that the manufacturers -- which served a handful of global players, including Walt Disney Co, Bandai and Hasbro Inc -- paid "little heed to the most basic standards of the country."

"Wages are low, benefits are nonexistent, work environments are dangerous and living conditions are humiliating," it said.

I find it funny that all of this shit is coming out now.

It isn't like any of it is new.

Are Americans stupid enough to think that cheap prices at Wal-Mart and at other stores don't come at a price by the manufacturer.

Yes. I do believe it is all tied together.

"Corporate codes of conduct and checklist-auditing are not enough by themselves to strengthen workers' rights if corporations are unwilling to pay the real price it costs to produce a product according to the standards in their codes."

The group said it saw quality problems as "a result of multinationals' single-minded pursuit of ever-lower prices and neglect of other considerations."

I doubt much will change though.

Megan Fox's stinky cooch cover!?!?!


Megan Fox's stinky cooch covers!?!?!

Bruticus posted a comment about this auction, supposedly for the panties Megan Fox wore in the Transformers film.

I had to save the image for posterity.

Stretchy yet clingy. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the point of purchase guarantee that it was worn by the actor.

Should I bid?

This would be the strangest addition to The Attic of Love ever. That much IS certain!

ROM: Spaceknight



It is so rare that I read anything comics-related that makes me happy.

But I've got 5 days of love ahead!

It is ROM week at the ISB!!!

ROM: Spaceknight is hands down one my favorite Marvel comics of the late 70s/early 80s.

It'll never top my beloved The Micronauts but then again it is totally different in concept so why should it.


Of course, to the general population, "Cheetor... Maximize!" would be a little less known.

Stunticon Army


Stunticon Army
Originally uploaded by revlimit
Revlimits custom Alternator Stunticons are just beautiful!

I would totally have found it acceptable if Hasbro had repainted the shit out of some of the others and retooled the heads to give us a set.

I mean, at least they were cars!!!

*cough* ravage *cough*

Grrr... vermin!


I had to kill the email address I've used on this site for the past 2 years.

Somehow, and I'm not quite sure, it got picked up by a spambot recently and it must have been sold since I've started getting slammed bigtime.

So. New email address.

Let's see how long this one takes.

But I love the fact that with Dreamhost I can create and destroy them as needed.

So busy.


Major workage right now.

I'm the project lead for a full top-to-bottom, floor-to-ceiling, 4 building 16 floor physical audit of all IT assets at my company.

The next week or so will be oh so fun.

Oh. And still no new toys to be found in Cowtown.

Every time I read on a news site that this or that new figure has been spotted at retail I so want to burst out laughing.

September is so far away.


Cant... wait... until next month.

I even love the box!

Request permission to Buy It Now...


This is probably on the Tivo from last night.

They do love the toys they parody.

And apparently that's Frank Welker doing Megs too.

But really, Shockwave is the best!!!

A milestone.


Wow! I just noticed that HeavyArms' comment here is the 5000th comment posted here at The Crack.

Bad craziness.

If we all pull together as a team...



I'll be putz'n around with my styles and design this week trying to implement a 3-column layout.

I've always felt bad using other people's art as a design element. My illustration days are way behind me but I do take a shit load of photos don't I? Might as well base it around that.

May work. May not.

Only Jeebus knows for sure.

Classics Constructicon Devestator (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

I never had any real intention to get this. I already have the original Energon releases of the molds and I also have the Takara Buildron exclusive giftset which I've tried to get rid of.

I'm just no fan of the central part or the combined form.

However, SpectroScott found me one for about 50% off so I figured what the hell, I'll add it to the collection.

Classics Devestator (Scavenger, Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, and Hightower) are the 1979th through 1983rd Transformers that I've acquired.

The purtification of Barricade


I saw this on one of the sites and just had to comment on it.

Jin Saotome's Barricade alteration is just fun! Period!

I may have to try this one day.

I'm wondering how easy this would be to alter for a Binaltech or Alternator Prowl.

You make the call.



Dropkick's head looks a helluva lot like a standard infantry armor for soliders in the Army of the Southern Cross.

I was just reading an article "Transformers as an investment?" I came across and all I can do is laugh.

If anyone considers toy collecting as a true form of financial investment they are so full of delusional rubbish they deserve what comes to them.

It still blows my mind that so many people in geekdoms somehow believe that their "thing" is somehow an investment.

Is it an attempt at a rationale for the amount of dollars they've wasted on something that likely 99.9999% of the rest of Homo sapiens sapiens sees as a total waste?

Is it an attempt at a rationale for the fact that they are adults who buy children's toys because "investments" are something an responsible adult in the year 2007 has to consider?

You show me that Transformer.... or any toy collector who can generate $70,000 profit a year off of only their supposed investments in toys and I'll reconsider my position.

Hell... show me a toy collector that generates any substantial profit that they can live off and I may change my tune here.

I don't mean someone who dumps their shit on eBay every now and then and makes a couple of bucks here and there with it either.

I'm talking some toy collector, not toy business, that has produced long-term return-on-investment from children's toys and maybe you can convince me that considering toy collecting as an investment isn't a poor delusion in the minds of certain collectors.


I think those mini-mates are hideously ugly.

I don't think they are as ugly as those hideous DC minithings, but they are ugly nonetheless.

However, moments ago, I fell in love with Stickfas because of a picture.

Holy crap! These Stickfa Transformers are the... what do the kids say... shit!

I gotsta have that Stickfa Shockwave!

They even did a Ginrai!!!

My Little Pony (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


My Little Pony (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

So there's she is? If it is a she.

Are My Little Ponies gender-specific? I've never actually had one in my possession.

All I know is that if you lick it, the walls will start melting like candle wax and you'll see stars.

Titanium Menasor (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


Titanium Menasor (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

The stuff from SDCC arrived today. So I've got my extra Hot Rod now, a psychedelic colored My Little Pony that I'm not sure what to do with, and this Menasor.

Like Classics Bumblebee, this mold is "too distinct" as Rodimus Prime to be used as another character. Keeping the flames doesn't help.

It is hilarious though that I now have the SDCC exclusive figure but I can't find a single G1 Ultra Magnus Titanium figure.

Titanium Menasor is the 1978th Transformer that I've acquired.

Optimus Prime Movie Pose


Optimus Prime Movie Pose
Originally uploaded by ELTMAN
I really love this post Eltman managed to get out of a Masterpiece THS -01 Prime.

I think having the toys all packed up or away in storage has got me thinking of a ton of photos I want to take above and beyond my usual generic reference ones.

But it'll be awhile for me to have those out again.

2007_08_06_prime_case.jpgDuring my 6:30am tech news reading I came had one of those moments where my personal crack geeking crossed over into the technical world were I make my living.

The Optimus Prime PC Case Mod (Extremetech)

"This Optimus Prime PC mod is made out of aluminum from ranges of 14 ga to 1/4" material and formed and tig welded. It stands 6'10" tall while in transport mode. When I was designing this PC I wanted it to transform in some way or another. It is a Transfomer, what kind would it be if it did not transform. So, I made it transform into a much smaller desktop form. The hands are from casts I made from my own hands. I thought it would be cool to have something of me built into the mod. I used a slideout motherboard design for the MB mounting and external PSU mounted in a custom enclosure mounted on the back. It also has a 7" LCD sreen mounted in the waist to watch movies or such. I made the Autobot Matrix center out of a solid piece of brass then milled it on my lathe to accept a 7" blue plasma disk and mounted on a 1/4" aluminum frame and polished it to a mirror shine...

I started this mod almost a year ago and have over 300 hours into this project. Now that it is finished, I am really happy that I made it. I havent met anyone that can say they have a Optimus Prime PC in their house. Hehe.

Geekdom devotion can both simultaneously amaze and shock me.

I cannot imagine devoting 300 hours to anything in my personal life other than investing in home remodeling or something along more permanent lines.

Mad crazy props to John Magnus. That's some crazy shit there.

Alternator Hot Rod (SDCC 2007 Exclusive)


Alternator Hot Rod (San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Exclusive)

While my stuff from SDCC hasn't arrived, the package from HasbroToyShop has.

While I won't be transforming him any time soon, I can definitely say he looks boring compared to my KISS Play Hot Rod.

I just like the white stripes on the car instead of the more gimmicky flames. But at least he's different and not just a straight up Hasbro release of the Takara version.

And I'll never warm to the Rodimus or Rodimus Major name. He'll remain Hot Rod here in the Attic!

Alternator Hot Rod is the 1977th Transformer that I've acquired.

In lieu of new TransformersSo you may remember that yesterday I hit 2 Targets and found no new toys.

Today, after hitting 2 Targets, 1 Meijer, 1 Wal-Mart, and 2 ToysRus... and finding absolutely no new waves of Transformers, I bought a new desk chair, 500GB of extra storage, and 3 DVDs of Doctor Who instead.

So I've got The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis, and Castrovalva to look forward to watching. I've seen none of them before.

And I can start backing up Kama so I can reformat it and do a refresh of XP on it. Been far too long.

It is shocking how dry the crack is here in Cowtown.

Repaint Shit I'd Buy!


So my last post got me thinking...

What repaints would I actually buy?

Unfortunately, quite a few actually.

Remember the recent almost-military deco of Skyblast? I would actually pay a good price for all those basics done in a consistent "squad" color palette. I'd probably drop $12 a figure on them too.

I'd buy a Cybertron Evac done up in G1 Whirl colors. Hell... even G1 Springer colors too.

A bunch of Energon stars in different translucent colors? I'd buy that so that all the figures could have at least one.

A minicon booster redeco set of the minicons that came in-package only with Armada figures? I'd buy that. I'd pay a lot for that to compensate for the fact that I don't want the mainline Armada figures again.

6" Titanium RID Prime repainted with the Black Fire Convoy color scheme? Duh! I'd be all over that!

And yes, I'd even drop down $20 on a properly done Classics translucent Ghost of Starscream. Even a lame Sunstorm would end up in the collection.

Classics Astrotrain done up in purple and grey? Hell yeah!

Classics Ramjet done up in cheezy yellow/orange/white as Sunstorm's even lamer "brother" Sunstroke? Damn right I'd hit that!

Cybertron Metroplex done up in "forgettable G1 character" Metrotitan colors? Gimme!

Yeah. I'm a sucker for a repaint that I consider done right!

Then again, isn't that just part of the addiction?

Remember the days of long long ago when some store exclusives really were different?

Sam's Club had the awesome yellow RID Prime and darker painted RID Magnus.

K-Mart even had some minor variations in their Armada Super Prime/Jetfire pack. And they had the awesome SWAT redeco of Energon Rodimus and Prowl.

CostCo did the had the strangely painted uriney Armada Prime and Overload as well as some differntly colored Armada Starscream

But the writing was on the wall for the demise of anything different or special when CostCo released a 2-pack of RID Prime and RID Magnus that was no different than the original releases.

This became cemented with the release of the Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber which was just the same general release figures as a 2-pack, which is sad because Takara did this a thousand times better.

From the looks of it, our domestic releases are pretty much going to be repackaging existing toys in multi-packs or with smaller bots.

CostCo's track record is now cemented with the announcement of a leader class movie Prime with a few Legends figures.

Obviously the US market and the Japanese market are totally different.

We seem to get repackaged stuff that isn't moving as solo figures and they release true variations of figures.

Kinda sucks for us.

I mean, as a collector, I'm not going to just buy multi-packs of the same exact figures I got as singles. Those days are done.

Hasbro obviously isn't aiming at the collector for these releases but at the mass market of somebody that is not me.

I really wish Hasbro would release something repainted or different again.

Kelmeister sent me this:

If you haven't seen the Simpsons movie then you don't know how great Spider-Pig (aka Harry Plopper) is!

The problem is, he kind of just disappears from the script about half way into the film.

Two new TakaraToy exclusives have popped up on the internets and I definitely think they'll be something I buy in a couple of months or so.

The Lawson's Exclusive Metallic Movie Bumblebee looks sweet in the metallic yellow paint. There's just a "depth" to the appearance instead of the way the yellow original looks so flat in appearance.

And today, I saw that Remy Rodis posted a gallery of photos of a future Hyper Hobby EZ Bumblebee (Scanning Version) figure that is awesomely translucent!

I just love the way the Japanese use translucent plastics and this new little Bumblebee is just perfect.

Of course, it'll end up at some outrageous price online or on eBay. I just know it.

So. Imelda. What about the shoes?


My biggest regret from Botcon was not purchasing the TakaraTomy (I still can't get used to that) Nike Sports Label Convoy and Megatron from Fumihiko for $100.

Yeah. They're pretty silly.

And yes, TakaraTomy looks to be doing the insane redeco thing with the Convoy one. We've seen the now generic "white repaint" as Ultra Magnus and now there's this "marine color repaint" that has popped. Oh. And the possible, though unconfirmed, Starscream.

I dont' know why but I find myself drawn to their silliness.

My only complaint is that they all are designed as left feet. I think it would have been a bit sillier to pair Convoy and Megatron as a set. And if they did more, the Autobots are always left feet and the Decepticons are always right feet.

I still may get them.

I doubt I'll ever find them for the price I could have paid at Botcon though.

[Sol: By the Terms and Conditions of you are hereby informed that you are not allowed to read this post. It has been brought!]

So as you may know, I've been trying to get this damn house in a state of readiness to put on the market for sale.

I'm now months behind schedule and nobody knows when I'll be able to call up my realtor and tell her to finally plop that sign out front.

I was doing well, but the year I spent redoing the basement walls really took a physical toll on me that I'm only really starting to see now. My upper and lower back will never be the same. Hell... I'm in pain right now as I type this.

But anyway, over that year I ignored the Attic of Love something fierce, rarely doing more than coming up here daily to feed the fish, taking a quick photo of some new crack, or throwing some new toy in a "to be sorted" pile.

The Attic of Love devolved into the Attic of Disaster over that year.

The Attic of Disaster - At least the aquariums have been cleaned!

Attic of Disaster

Messy Attic of Love #1- So much plastic crack!

If you happen to ever reach the insane level of having nearly 2000 toys, believe me, never ever let it get disorganized or out of hand.

But, as of 5:00pm, Eastern Standard Time, in the Central Cowlands...

We shall make you a believer!


In this post the other day youngarrif commented, in regards to lame TFs...

what about cerebros?

hes um a walking head.

Cerebros? Lame?

Oh... oh... oh say it ain't so youngarrif.

We shall show you the error of your ways.

Two words to describe Cerebros:

This $4.99 Transformer could kill you.


Fisher-Price to Recall Nearly 1M Toys (ABC News)

Fisher-Price is recalling 83 types of toys including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters because their paint contains excessive amounts of lead.

The recall being announced Thursday involves 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States between May and August. It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

So... if all of a sudden we were to find out that a line of TFs has something toxic about it or something to that effect, would you partake of the inevitable recall?

Or would the damn things just become listed "high-lead rare variants" on eBay and marked up another 20%?

Everybody wants a G1 Optimus cake no?


optimus prime cake sm f
Originally uploaded by morgan-v
Giga alerted me to this bad crazy birthday cake.


Nobody ever made me a birthday cake like this.

I even went all out and had Kelmeister make Giga an erotic cake of a lady peeing behind a bush for his 30th.


Maybe in a few years I'll have a custom Shockwave cake made or some crazyshit like that.

Holy crap!

Iron Sheik rocks!

There's just something insanely over-the-top manic of having him on Stern!

They are so busting his balls!

This'll be great on Howard TV in a couple of days!

UPDATE: And Bubba The Love Sponge showed up from Florida to play Anal Ring Toss too and verbally spar with the Iron Sheik!

Now I've pretty much given up on trying to figure out how Wal-Mart, WeBeToys, Target, and the like restock their crack.

The Targets I've frequented either are overfull with Wave 1 TF movie toys are are actually pretty much barren.

Now we don't do the geek toy run shit anymore like we used to. Last year's $3.00+ per gallon gas, and the general boredom of it all, pretty much killed my wasting a post German Village Kaffe Haus breakfast day. It still blows my mind the hours upon hours wasted in search of something new at any godsforsaken Cowtown store!

But have any of you in the Midwest, say 600 miles from Ohio, actually seen a 2008 Bumblebee, Dreadwing, Arcee or the new Real Gear figures?

The online version of the stores don't even list the stuff yet and they rarely seem to ever update after an initial Hasbro blitz for Wave 1 stuff in any line.

Wave 2 of the Sector 7 stuff seems to have dried up too. All I've seen are a glut of the Wave 1 stuff. The Armorhide repaint, Elita-1, and Air Raid still seem to be no shows.

Maybe it is just me but I would think Hasbro, and the major retailers, would have wanted to position waves and quantities better this time around, especially since peak toy sales to the true market (the kids) has got to be tied to the first few weeks of the movie.

Holy crap!

I figured out a general plot for a 45th Anniversary Doctor Who story that would completely allow Tom Baker, or quite frankly any of the suriving actors who played the Doctor to actually play the Doctor again and not conflict with David Tennant!!!

Hell... while casting Tom Baker would be great, especially since he's so recognizable as The Doctor outside of the UK, storywise it would actually make more sense to have Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor in the role!


And since it would be 45th Anniversary special it totally and perfectly allows Rose to make a guest appearance!

Oy koledy!

Too bad I don't work for the BBC.


Artie defends his title for Lord of the Anal Rings tomorrow!

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri will finally be on Stern.

It works.

Totally fake but it works.

What do you think?


So this morning I received a comment on an older entry from Zobovor, who was apparently the person who sniped an auction way back in April that I, Evebird, and obviously others were bidding on.

I don't have the links anymore and quite frankly I don't remember much more of the event other than what I posted.

Primarily he took offense at my animosity to the use of eBay sniping software and people who use it.

Now I'm opening this up to all of you out there because from previous comments and emails many of you have also implied how much you disdain sniping software as well.

For those geeks into this insane collectible crap, do you think auction sniping software is ok to use? Do you use it? If so, why? If you don't use it, why not?

I'm curious about what you all have to think on the matter.

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