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You are such a liar Nala!


Yeah yeah yeah.

I know.

I've said I was going to start on this how many times in the past and the real world of more important things have intruded on it.

But seriously... I really hope to get moving on this soon.

I just finished up the House of Love's 2nd floor bathroom remodeling project and should be scheduling my knee surgery soon.

I'll have about 8 weeks where I can't do anything and will have to keep all weight off my leg so that will be the time I devote to organizing the great Plastic Crack toy removal project.

2010 Project: So many Transformers so little time.

I've got a sorting table setup and will have space to do another one too.

2010 Project: So many Transformers so little time.

There are boxes and boxes and bins upon bins to sort and document.

I can only imagine the possible anger that could arise with my future adopted sons that I had so many Transformers and got rid of all of them.

Oh well. Such is life eh?

And this space in the basement will be completely remodeled into my future office too.

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