I am 100% positive it is shit like this and general eBay scalpers that explains why certain mass market retails never seem to have exclusive toys on their shelves. Most recently Alternators Rumble and Ravage.

I hope Wal-Mart puts it online.


What's even more heinous is that it's priced in the Wal-Mart computers at $48.88.

..and Alt Rumble and Ravage warm the shelves here in Rapid City. It's almost a scalp free paradise.

I was going to comment on the $50 MSRP. And it will probably sell out at BBTS.

Also the whole Ravage/Rumble debacle is irritating. What's worse is with the line canceled they'll probably never reach any level of saturation.

I wish they weren't a Wal-Mart exclusive. The Meijer in Springfield seems to go through Ricochet and Rollbars pretty quickly. If these were going everywhere I could try to get them there. The Meijer is the only place int he area I ever see Alternators these days.

Yeah I hope the Hasbro MP Starscream will be online as the walmarts in my state refuse to stock exclusives even though they sell out within a week.

I was able to get the Decepticon Attack Robot Heroes so hopefully we'll see the rest show up.

Crazysteve, you still have Ravage and Rumbles there?

Lots, like five or six of each. There's only one Wal-Mart in town but I heard it's the number three performer in the country. I think because of all the people going to Mount Rushmore that stop by on their way.

Someone made an offer of $400 to get one on ebay.


crazysteve would you be ok with picking up a set of ravage and rumble for me? if so let me know

NONE of the wal-marts around here stock alternators at all and haven't in the year I have lived here. So aside from paying twice the retail at least you're my only hope :)

Sigh. It only costs $50 at walmart? Damn. Please get me one Nala :D

Zircor: The "you're my only hope" might trigger Esteban Loco's Star Wars subliminal programming.

Reignfire: When they start appearing I will look for one for you if that's what you want. The box is kind of large though. I have no idea what shipping to Brunei will be but of course I'll gladly get one for you.

I'm guessing we'll all be able to order it from when it goes on sale and have it sent "Site-to-Store" for free pickup or pay a little more to have Walmart mail it to your home address if you don't have a Walmart nearby or don't want to go in their store. I'm a Target snob. Anyway, I wanted to hear what folks think of the suggested retail price of $50. BBTS is a good (sometimes expensive, sometimes smokin' sale) backup resource and this case may be playing more to Joel's international buyers who may not have any other recourse for getting this store exclusive.

The big walmart here was flooded with the cassette Alts too. I bought 2 of each and mailed the extras to Super King. It worked out nice.

A pox on BBTS. I preordered Revoltech Megatron from them and waited LONGER than HLJ customers to receive him. So fuck on them. I haven't ordered since.

BBTS never did anything for me. They are overpriced and sound like they are slow to ship. Only thing I could see useful it to get some foriegn items but there are plenty of other competing sites that beat their price.

The guys on the Seibertron forums swear by them but then they are a sponser so I'm sure that's why.

I used to buy from them all the time up until around 2004. Joel even recognized my last name once at a Botcon.

But their prices did become a bit high. And I always find the same things cheaper elsewhere now.

Yeah, I've had bad times with most online retailers, especially Bill's Toys and Games, but I did get my item three months later. I just really, really hate BBTS's lack of customer service. I tend to stick to JRS because I've been buying from him for about three years and I have yet to have any serious problems with him. And he responds to my e-mails within 24 hours.

BBTS - talk about price markup!! WTF?!! Even their supposed "sales" are high prices ...

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