For Sale: Final Botcon 2007 Springer/Huffer Set


Botcon 2007 Springer (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Huffer (Botcon Exclusive)

I've got one Botcon 2007 Springer/Huffer set still available for $80 + whatever shipping is via USPS.

The last set and an Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf just went out the door to Maldroth, and DL and McBeardo should have gotten their crack already.

Email me by Friday if you want it or else it is off to the eBay.


I can tell you now that I want it, but I canna pay for it. :( The life of the underpaid IT worker, eh?... bah humbug.

I meant to add; off to eBay with you! Fly free, Plastic Crack... oh, also - tried any Belgian Cherry beer? Smooth as hell. Definitely recommended.

Gratzi again for these Nala!!

Whoa... incredibly tempting.

And right when I'm trying to close on a house... :(

Email was sent!

What address did you sent it to? The one posted on this site?

where can you get this kinda crack.

gotta put some bricks in a vcr casing and sell those shits.?

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