F you HasbroToyShop


So every damn thing I wanted at SDCC is now on sale online at Hasbro!

All the stress and f'n trauma I but my friends through in San Diego to get this shit and I didn't even have to.

And what's worse, the cryptic prior message I got didn't even tell me if they scored everything on the list or not so I can't even buy crap online because they may have already bought it!!!



Nala - I just ordered 2 Rodimus' from HTS, so if you didn't already get one, my 2nd one is yours. At regular price + tax + shipping.

Well, considering the cast of characters here willing to take extra exclusive swag off your hands, I think too many is a better problem than too few. So I'd order just to be safe, I guess.

Bleh, Hot Rod is out of stock. I actually find I don't really care. I don't like the mold that much and he's just kind of... ugly.

That stand Lee figure is pretty sweet but I'm trying to get out of the Marvel figure collecting business.

I already got the Electric Vagina Monster version, which spared the flame graphics from the alt mode. It was the version I wanted, but I'm glad Hasbro brought a slight repaint stateside. Again, it would have been better with the fishing rod.

The "Electric Vagina Monster" version is also metal which makes it 10X cooler from the six year old "I could chuck this at your head" perspective.

Ramen, I wish I had your resolve. I just completed my HML Wave 2 set, and I'm seriously eyeing both Stan Lee and the variant Shulkie.

I like the Rodimus, but then, I'm a big fan of the Ford GT. I wish it hadn't disappeared from stock so quickly...

Ignore that last post, I am incorrect, it is not metal, but plastic.

Indeed. The days of the die-cast Binaltechs are long gone.

What's really sad is with Vagina Player Autorooper, even though I totally love him, he's made of an even cheaper plastic.

He totally feels like one of the knock-off G1 combiners.

Wow, that's disappointing, considering that EVM Rodimus seems like he's of better quality than the Alts I have.

Check the HTS between 9:30 and 10am the next couple of days they may have staggered their stock of them to avoid a rapid buy out. The pepsi prime appeared 2 or 3 more times in stock but very limited supplies.

I'm hoping that's the case since I get paid tomarrow not today, but I have a crack payment to send Nala for a much greater fix than the SDCC Rodimus.

Read a rumor while googling for a free shipping coupon that HTS was limiting purchases of the exclusives to 4 apiece. That's a rumor, and I've lost the link, so ... believe it if you want to.

Maldroth, you're right. That's how I bought my Pepsi Prime(the 2nd time when it was in stock online). Hopefully that's also true for Alt Rod so that more people can get this figure at regular price.

Maldroth: You may be corrrect, not to mention any orders that may be cancelled. I, for one, indavertantly ordered 3 by mistake when my connection to Hasbro kept stalling when I was just trying to order one. Like the idiot I am, I kept trying to re-fresh the page during "Order Confirmation." So I've cancelled the two extra orders and I'm now only getting one.

People should definitely keep checking HTS if they want to try to buy one from them.

You really can't fault yourself for trying at what you thought was the best time based on all available information. You have to give it a shot at some point and that's what you did. There was no guarantee Hasbro was going to have their crap together at the online store. You can second guess yourself after the fact but that really accomplishes nothing.

Well biggest things are they need to limit the amount of purchases somehow if they cared to make sure everyone that wanted one got one rather than sit in a scalper's store inventory.

Only other thing I can think of is stager the release in bundles each day to give others a chance if say Monday wasn't the best day.

Or they could actually give say 500 or 1000 units to the TFCC since they could release it overseas why not let the club sell some as well and get some more money going to those guys.

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