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Ron Moore's blog post about the ending on The Sopranos.

Either Tony was going to get whacked, or he wouldn't. "The Sopranos" would end with either the bitter little pill of the "bad" guy finally getting what he's got coming or with the vaguely false relief of family affirmed and life goes on.

Instead, Chase managed to do the unthinkable, the unbelievable and the unprecedented: he yanked us out of their lives without any resolution whatsoever. We were torn away from Tony, Carmella, AJ, Meadow, Paulie, Sil and the all the rest without any idea what happens to them tomorrow or even later that same evening. In real life, when you lose contact with someone, you seldom if ever have the satisfaction of knowing how the myriad threads of their lives resolved themselves. They are removed from your circle of knowledge and yet their lives go on unbeknownst to you in ways you can only imagine. The Sopranos are gone from our lives, but their lives go on without resolution, much like ours. None of us have tidy, revelatory endings that are the culmination of our "story arcs" and neither will they.

But I think my favorite part is...
It's poetic. It's exciting. It's perfect.

And most of all, I wish I'd thought of it first.

This is probably the best commentary I've read on that final epsiode.

The Sopranos: Fin

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Well I can't say I was satisfied with the final The Sopranos last night.

I can understand why they ended it that way but it was somewhat unfulfilling.


Hell's Kitchen: Episode One


Let's deviate from the normal Transformers crap and the occasional Who crap and just get right down to it shall we?

Hell's Kitchen rocked!

Now I hate reality television shows but for some reason, this one has caught my attention for 3 seasons now and last night's episode was quite possibly the c*ntiest episode ever!

Yes! I said it!

We've had our share of women bitching at each other and last year, Sara was a total backstabbing bitch supreme. But man oh man these girls couldn't get any of their shit together at all. Ever. And they totally were screwing over poor Julia the Waffle House grill cook, who of course saves the day by being the only one who seems to be able to cook the quail egg appetizers correctly.

By the end of the hour, the red team composed of all of the girls lost the evening's work and one of the bitchiest women so far was let go.

And for the most part, I think those of us who reside in the House of Love agreed with the results. None of use think any of the women, with the possible exception of Melissa will go far.

I'm actually thinking of rooting for Eddie, the short little guy. I think it is worth cheering on this guy.

So. With only 1 episode left to be aired of The Sopranos and 4 episodes of Doctor Who remaining, Hell's Kitchen is pretty much the only television I've got left for the summer and autumn.

And believe me, I don't think I give shit about about Torchwood returning. It really did kind of suck balls.

Takara Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron


Takara MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron

Look! No orange tip!

For the $100 I spent I wish he'd frigg'n stand!!!

Masterpiece Megatron is the 1843rd Transformer that I've acquired.

This and that.

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I need to see what Time Warner is charging for Howard Stern In Demand and I do need to get my shit together on finding a Sirius satellite radio system and account.

I failed to find an Evac today. I swear I just can't seem to come across this damn Transformer anywhere.


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