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Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Health experts have long known that drinking red wine can have such positive benefits as reducing blood vessel damage, lowering the risk of heart attack, and preventing harmful LDL cholesterol from forming. But researchers at the Northwestern University Department of Preventive Medicine have recently found that the consumption of four to six glasses of red wine, most notably at dinner or a family function, may be linked to totally going off on one's mom...

...The positive effects of wine consumption were seen in as little as three hours, with 86 percent of participants showing greater resistance to unsolicited career advice, 77 percent displaying increased mental function in the area of the brain devoted to reminding you why Dad left you in the first place, and 60 percent demonstrating less concern to "play this little happy-happy game anymore."...

...The Northwestern team is currently in the process of securing funding to determine what ingredient in bourbon enables one to finally wrestle one's stepfather to the ground.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

And in the end...

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I bought 3 cases!

Oy koledy!

S'gunna be a bad crazy holiday!

Don't ask for his opinion.

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I'm off to go buy 2 cases of that shit I went all wet over yesterday.

Now I just wish I had a fireplace.

With this craptastic grey freezy weather, that wine and a nice fire would be so perfect.

You know the best thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

I learned my lesson the first time around and won't be buying shitty movie shit!


What the hell was I thinking?

Other than my Black TakaraTomy Incinerator, the TakaraTomy white/pink Arcee, and my two expensive as hell Fusion Cluster Protoform figures, I can't think of anything I want to keep.

That's it!

You don't look a day over 900!

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Happy 45th Birthday to The Doctor!

You've aged remarkably well.

Now give us some Jamie and Zoe action in Series 5 and we'll be all set for the next 45 years!

Stickshifts and Safety Belts


So as you know, Mr. Giga, former action figure collector, has been busily working on our online store.

It is totally separate from my Crack Affiliated websites, but will be a place for both he and I to sell off our collections... or at least a decent chunk of them.

Now I know this may piss some of you off, especially those who I've promised (literally for over 20 months or more now) that a good chunk of my toys will be sold... but Giga's shit is in a more orderly catalogued state to be sold first so once I post the link to the store site, his stuff will likely be up first.

I've gotten a ton of basic photos done today for 3 bins of figures.

Since I know many of my readers are cross-brand crack addicts, there will no doubt be many of you interested in some of this non-TF stuff.

Out of the recent bins I've had the obscene pleasure of photographing such Mint-On-Card figures as...

Ralph Dinby with creepily sexual elongated neck

JLA Satellite Era Ralph Dinby with Creepy and Odd Sexually Suggestive Elongated Neck!

And then... well... there's quite possibly the greatest accessory to a figure ever this side of a rubber duck for Beast Megatron...

Alex Luthor with 80s mullet action accessory

Earth-3 Alexander Luthor with 80s Mullet Accessory!


Mullet Accessory!!!!

80s Mullet Accessory

Take that Classics Ultra Magnus armor!

You think you are all that?

Alex Luthor's mullet has so got you beat!!!

Charles Schaw Nouveau Valdiguie

Totally unpretentious.

Charles Shaw Nouveau Valdiguie is the 623rd bottle of wine I've probably bought in my life.

Oh great King... have I offended thee???

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"I don't run one of those "look what I bought at Wal-Mart today" blogs which is actually my favorite kind of internet that is not porn or pictures of cats."

I honestly haven't figure out if this is an interweb's slam at me or not.


I try my best to avoid Sam Walton's beast.

Can't be about me.

Can it?

I shop at at only the finest online establishments and homeless-free Targets.

Titanium War Within Grimlock

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6" Titanium War Within Grimlock (TRU Exclusive)

Behold... Grimlock!

In all his tank-thingie glory!

Could be worse though.

He could have been designed my a wheel-chair bound geek with a secret dirty lust for Carly.

Titanium War Within Grimlock is the 2147th Transformer that I've acquired.

Psst... I want to tell you a secret...

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Taking robot photos, drinking a bottle of wine, and listening to CAKE's Comfort Eagle blaring from my speakers is indeed a great way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon.

Damn I need to do this more often!

Makes having all these damn robots almost enjoyable!

Titanium War Within Prowl

6" Titanium War Within Prowl (TRU Exclusive)

Finally found them!!!

I figured they were Ebay scalpered and almost gave up.

Still need to find me a damn Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus to complete the set!

Titanium War Within Prowl is the 2146th Transformer that I've acquired.


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M-O may be the greatest robot ever!

I'm just say'n ya know.

He kicks more ass than any Transformer ever.

And well... he made me laugh more than any Transformer ever has in 20+ years of robots.

The question to be answered today...

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Will drinking the $4 per bottle Charles Schaw Nouveau Valdiguie be just as enjoyable while taking gay robot and DC action figure photographs for our new online store as if I was drinking a $14/bottle Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau?

You'll find out soon.

If I had a daily moment of zen...

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So you want to be a leather pervert?

I'm afraid this banner graphic would be it.

Oh Happy Day!

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Animated Strika - Colored

Freed from the oppressively annoying Obsidian, Strika is now free to pursue her secret nookie-nookie crush on Blackarachnia!

Damn girl! Get out already!!! I need some more silicon double-x love on the shelf!



Mickey Convoy


That's just so unappealing to me.

At least they aren't trying to pass off repaints as other characters in this line.

If you happen to fill out that Hasbro Transformers survey, do a brother a favor and when you state where you go to in terms of website add in too.

I'm so curious to see what that does.


TF Universe Thurst, Blades, Ramjet, Skydive, and Air Raid

I think they'll be going back too. Unimpressive. Shouldn't have bought it.

TF Universe Thurst, Blades, Ramjet, Skydive, and Air Raid are the 2141st through 2145th Transformers that I've acquired.

TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge

TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge

Total keeper on the Roadbuster. Sucks I had to pay the money to get him and now have the Dirge which does nothing for me.

At least his blue is pretty damn intense!

TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge are the 2139th and 2140th Transformers that I've acquired.

TF Universe Springer and Ratbat

TF Universe Springer and Ratbat

I'm thinking that these guys will be going back. I'm not sure why I bought them.

TF Universe Springer and Ratbat are the 2137th and 2138th Transformers that I've acquired.

TF Universe Hot Spot

TF Universe Autobot Hot Zone

I'm sorry. I just don't get the Hot Zone thing.

The usual contrivance of having the "Autobot' title in front of a name has always been, or so I thought, that it somehow allows the name to be different and hence retrademarkable to some extent.

For every name Hasbro lost, they'd throw the Autobot moniker in front of it to use it.

So if he's now Autobot Hot Zone instead of Hot Spot. That implies they somehow lost the name Hot Spot and also lost the name Hot Zone which I don't recall ever being a Transformer name.

Why not just call him Autobot Hot Spot then?!?!

TF Universe Hot Spot is the 2136th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Silverbolt

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TF Universe Silverbolt

Holy crapola! This is the best repaint of Cybertron Thundercracker so far!

The colors work so well!

TF Universe Silverbolt is the 2135th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Scattorshot

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TF Universe Scattorshot

The colors are dead on but the mold? Well... that's pushing it for Scattorshot a bit.

TF Universe Scattorshot is the 2134th Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Hun-gurrr

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TF Universe Hun-gurrr

Grrr! I accidentally snipped off part of his moster head flange side thingies when I was snipping off that damn wires.

TF Universe Hun-gurrr is the 2133rd Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Razorclaw

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TF Universe Razorclaw

This tiny mold looks a thousand times better in these oh so true-to-life lion colors.

The G1 Predacons colors suit it.

TF Universe Razorclaw is the 2132nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Even if nobody else sings along...


And the robogods looked down from their icy heavens and bestowed upon The 'Crack some hopefully working templates.

I so want to make sweet sweet robot love to you.


Very soon.

We'll be making the robot with two backs.

Yaoi! Putting the head in Headmaster!

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So there I am, minding my own business on the interwebs, googling for some Tranformers shit when I came across a rather... hmm... how does one say in English... interesting site.

Yes. I came across a site with some "giant transforming robots macking on other giant, transforming robots".

I had to look up what Yaoi was, though I think I came across the term months ago and didn't realize what it was.

There seems to be a lot of bizarre implications of sexual domination of Red Alert implied on some of these.

You've got Stasis Cuffs, a very angry Inferno protecting a boyish Red Alert from Starcream, and a couple of others.

But quite frankly, if I was forced at gun point to pick a favorite, I'll have to go with Lamborghini Fun.

Obviously, this homage to Headmasters comes in a solid 2nd. (There's actually quite a lot of those.)

Wait. Maybe the incest one is the best.

And then... well...what can I say about this one.

Yup. Absolutely nothing.

Oh internets. What wonders you bring me on a daily basis!

What scary gay robot wonders.

Ya know... I'm kinda think'n I need to jump on that "hope for change" bandwagon now.

In the DCU she'd be Stompa ya know.


TF Animated Strika

I've been looking at Animated Strika and ya know, out of all the Beast Machines characters you could reimagine, the old Lesbot looks pretty damn good in that sketch at

I can't wait to see what she looks like in color and especially how the toy comes out.

At least I hope there's a toy.

And I can hope for it to be at least Leader class can't I?

Is there a word in English that means "I hate something 1000 times more than I hated in yesterday and will likely have it even 1000 times more than that in an hour"?

Because if there is a word in English like that then that's truly what I think of Movable Type 4.2's templating.

I actually came across someone with the same complaints I have and someone from MT commented and said something along the lines that MT has such "grokable templates" now or something like that.

Um. No.

I've come to the conclusion now that if you want to remotely customize the design of your site beyond changing simple CSS colors, Movable Type really isn't for you any more.

You need to be an expert at understanding all of this and how it interacts and so forth.


After 200+ hours over the course of the past few months I certainly don't grok this shit.

Where was I going with this?

Oh. Yeah.

I really hate Movable Type 4.2.

It is a fine example of an application that went from being incredibily simple and functional for the intermediate user to a dog slow piece of shit that is now more confusing.

I'm pretty much back to looking at new blogging software and just abandoning this mess.

Wall-E & EVE

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I've wanted a decent little Wall-E and EVE as soon as I saw the movie and now I gots 'em!

More crack for my work office.

TF Universe Ironhide

TF Universe Ironhide

On the whole, he's not bad. His blue face leaves a lot to be desired, especially with the shitty paint job mine has.

TF Universe Ironhide is the 2131st Transformer that I've acquired.

Got some robots.


Found some transforming and non-transforming robots today.

Put back a lens I wanted though. Several Circuit City stores are going out of business here and have a rather piss poor sale going on. Hell, it was obvious that some of their shit was raised in price so that the "sale" basically brought it down to what it retails for most places.

More later.

What the phrock!?!?!


Ok. Paper crack moment here.

Speaking of the delays, Legion of 3 Worlds #3 is now scheduled for Jan. 14, 2009 and issue #4 is scheduled for Feb. 25, 2009. Issue #5 has not been solicited yet...

I've spent a good chunk of my life in the publishing industry.

Why the fuck can't a companies like DC and Marvel remotely keep shit on a monthly schedule?

They have so many months lead-in and yet these companies, as publishers, are totally incompetent.

How is that in the pre-digital hey-dey of paper crack, writers and artists managed to produce a ton of shit on a monthly schedule and yet now, in this digital world of fast transmission and everything else Adobe has touched can't a goddamn comic book company put books out on schedule!??!?!

It can only mean that they are totally incompetent or that they just don't care.

If any of our publications failed to meet deadline heads would roll.

Obviously, these companies must view us, their stupidly retarded customers, as utter shit!

Have I told you lately how much I hate Movable Type 4.2's templating system?

Take balls.

Add nasty.

And you have my general feelings on the matter.


Are they a rip off or are they original?


I suppose I should just email the man (or woman) who could answer me directly but hell... that would take all of the fun about actually having something TF-related to say right now.


Are Mighty Muggs original or are they a derivative of the Munnies or are Munnies original or are they a derivative of the Mighty Muggs?

They are kinda-sorta the same basic thing.

Obviously, my first exposure to these types of things were Mister Sloane's #1 Award Winning Botcon entry from earlier this year (below).

Botcon 08 - Day 2 -  Award Winning Munnies Display!

And truth be told, I think I'm more partial to the Munny shapes over the Mugg shapes.

In regards to the TF Muggs, face-plate bots such as Prime and Soundwave look a helluva lot better than actual face-mouth bots such as the Megatron and Bumblebee.

I think I'm partial to these things being more abstract and the real face ruins it for me.

Mister Sloane kept the Beast bot faces, but they are more abstract than the ones on those 2 Muggs and I think that really appeals to me.

And of course, the current mascot of, my totally tits awesome Munny Shockwave, couldn't possibly have a more abstract face if one tried!


Help a brother out with some data folks.

Don't make me have to be all Googly and shit.




How's it go'n?



Yeah, Giga's working on the online store. Hopefully the security certs will be fully active and we'll be able to run some content test on it.

Huh? Oh... there will be a "Buy My Crack" link appearing somewhere on the home page that will take you there when it is fully online.

What'll I have up?

Well... I need to filter out some things first that some Cowlanders may want and then it'll probably be Armada, Energon, Cybertron, and miscellaneous G1 stuff.

No. I do not have MIB G1 stuff.

No. I never wanted to own a lot of G1 stuff.

Huh? Oh never! Shockwave, Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy, the Botcon Beast Wars set are not for sale.

It'll be up soon.

Can I get a Peg Leg Pete Megatron too?

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It may be funky, but I kinda like it for what it is.


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Tellus? In the DCU present?


I swear I just can't keep track of the whats and wheres of the DCU anymore.

As bad as force feeding pork to a vegan.


Over 18 hours of excruciatingly poor and painful storytelling.

Did you know that being forced to watch Transformers Energon was used as torture by the Nazis?


I read that somewhere.

Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?


The claws and arms!

Look at the claws and arms!

Holy f'n crapola!


At least he's not Decepticharge!

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That exclusive Dragstrip is a mighty fine repaint and all but I find it hard to get excited about it now that I have 3 versions of the thing already.


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I'm still hating Movable Type 4.2 templating.



I call thee!


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I am so happy this election is almost over with.

I'm so sick of the adverts.

I don't know what they are like where my US readers live but here in the Cowlands they are not about what the candidate will do and stands for anymore but all "don't vote for my opponent because they are evil and must be destroyed".


I voted.

Bright and early at 6am.

But that doesn't mean I really like anybody I voted for.



Comparing any shitty Dune-related novel by B. Herbert and K. Anderson to anything written by Frank Herbert is already abomination.

To say that their shlock sci-fi for the retarded is in fact better than Dune Messiah means you fail to understand the purpose of Dune Messiah.

Man I so hope that when the rapture happens, Zombie Frank Herbert will appear and eat the brains of his kid and that mundane Anderson, then piss all over their mundane schlock "novels".

It is taking forever but The Crack Den™, the toy room formerly known in bygone days as The Attic of Love™, is slowly surely coming together.

I've rummaged through a few bins and boxes in the basement but I can't seem to find my other Micronauts or other stuff I want out.

What I am coming across is a lot of stuff I will definitely be getting rid of once our online store is done.

The Crack Den - November 1 2008
The Crack Den - November 1 2008
The Crack Den - November 1 2008

I'm trying to keep the shelves somewhat thin and will eventually, pretty much what can fit on the shelves will be all I keep.

That's the way it has to be.

But that is a good thing.

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