Beast Wars Neo Longrack


Beast Wars Neo Longrack (close-up)

If you've got Stampy and you have to have Break then you have to have Longrack!

Beast Wars Neo Longrack is the 1942nd Transformer that I've acquired.

Beast Wars Neo Longrack

Beast Wars Neo Longrack (bot mode)

Man oh man! It is like they designed that one Armada figure just to be retooled into a vehicle mode for him.


I think the TF Cybertron Longrack was a homage to this guy (and it was a retool of Armada Hoist - as you said).

He is.

But man, look at how uncanny the arm/claw thing is between both figures and they were years apart.

Usually, the homages are just paint decos put this is really dead on.

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