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TF Movie Robot Heroes Dispensor

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TF Movie Robot Heroes Dispensor

I never saw one in a store.

However, Hasbro ended up giving me one and I finally got one.

Dispensor.... Tranformers Mountain Dew machine!


I walked by a TV running the movie at the store the other day and within 2 minutes I was totally sucked in and immediately bought the film.

I'm talking about... Speed Racer!

It... it... it is insanely fun!!!

I bought into the world created in the film and I honestly can't say the last time I remember having so much fun watching a movie.

Not even this past year's Iron Man was this much fun.

And I think that's the key here. You have to buy into it completely and not think about how insanely crazy it is.

The fun I had in this film is what I wanted to have in Transformers and didn't get.

Now this is some bad crazy fanwank in Iron Man.


I never would have caught that.

If there's one movie you see this year about an alcoholic genius inventor that ends up creating a suit of powered armor and goes about kicking all kinds of ass after he has a crisis of conscience then make sure Iron Man is that movie.

Holy shit!

It was... it was...

It was damn near perfect.

It is quite possibly the most fun and dead on balls awesome comic book to film adaptation that I've ever seen.

In the world of awful films made from comics, this one is a shining gem of how to do it right.

Thank you Jon Favreau.

I knew from the moment I saw the leaked image of Tony Stark in the original thrown together armor I knew there was going to be something special here.

Everything about this film turned out great!


And if you are saying to yourself "I want to see a fantastic movie that has superheroes in it during the dark era of the 1950's McCarthy hearings" then look no further than The New Frontier, the film adaptation of DC: The New Frontier.


Yay for Mark 1!


Whilst out yesterday picking up the remainder of the crack shelves in Lancaster, the G found me the shortpacked Iron Man Mark I figure I wanted.

Yay! I got the Mark 1 Iron Man

Now I read Iron Man in the early 80s, but like all Marvel Comics I lost interest by the late 80s and just find it hard to read any of them anymore.

So honestly, when it was announced and Iron Man flick was in the works I was pretty much ho-hum about it. Though truthfully, I was more excited about this than certain recent Michael Bay films.

I knew that this was likely going to be a good film from the moment the first stills leaked and voila... the original grey Iron Man suit was in it.

I mean, they could have glossed over much of the character's history, including the evolution of the armor, and it would be standard sci-fi.

But no... they actually adapted the Tony Stark story to modern times and have given us him creating the armor in stages.

Kirby - Iron Man Mark 1There was always something simple yet cool about Jack Kirby's original design which really only ever appeared in Iron Man's first appearance in 1963.

And the fact they included this in the film just shows a love that I didn't expect.

Now sure, this film could be a disaster like Daredevil, Elecktra, or Ghost Rider, but I'm thinking that it'll be several levels about those.

I can hope can't I?

And could Tony Stark have been better cast?

I think not.



What's funny is that there was a time in my life when I would have been ganked about this.

But there is nothing original anymore.

Absolutely nothing.

Instead of taking a dead franchise into someplace new they just basically are doing what Hollywood always does: the same old shit.

The mere fact that all these characters appear to be in what amounts to a prequel to the series just doesn't ring true to anything remotely like the military would be. Especially where certain much older doctors are concerned.

While I suppose I wish it well, it just pains me to see thing like this created purely because Hollywood and a few... they call themselves creators... can't do anything remotely original.

However, if this fails to do any box office, then man oh man is the franchise truly dead and I'll stand by my post from 2 years ago and say yet again it needs to be dead for many years before trying to bring it back.

DiCaprio, Warner Bros. in for live-action 'Akira' (Hollywood Reporter)

"Akira" has long been in development at the company, with producers Jon Peters and Basil Iwanyk involved at various times, as well as directors Stephen Norrington and Pitof. The rights lapsed but Warner managed to re-scoop them again for Robinson, who came to the studio with a vision of a two-part adaptation.

The new story moves the action to "New Manhattan," a city rebuilt by Japanese money.

So... you are moving a Japanese story to "New Manhattan" over "Neo Tokyo".

I can only imagine how un-Akira like this'll be.

And Akira was only a tiny fraction of the original manga even.

No excitement here at the 'Crack for this one.

Now maybe if Michael Bay were to direct it I'd get really excited.

Yeah. That'd do it.



I feel kind of dirty.

The geek in me really wants to see and really wants to like that Jumper movie.

However, the geek in me also knows it will suck horrible balls of nastiness.



Happy Happy Joy F'n Joy!!!



I think Roger is in the trailer too!

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