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So according to Mister Terrific, the folks that bring you Dollcon are having a contest to create a 25th Anniversary Custom Figure.

And little do you all know that I've secretly been waiting all these years to unleash upon the poor and downtrodden masses the most awesome G.I.Joe character never created!


It is true!

I may have to unleash one of my most cherished 1980s creations: Swamp Ass™.

And yes, he's a Dreadnok if you didn't know.

I can't stop laughing.


I love when old people write about pop culture and don't seem to have any true grasp that everything, and I mean everything, is designed to sell something and make a profit regardless of some minor past origin.

Case in point: this article on GI Joe.

It is basically a reaction to the fact that Hasbro, now becoming a media company (once again to sell product) realizes it needs to alter the concept of GI Joe to become something less "fabricated Americana" and something more international to sell the brand properly.

This ties into the future film.

What I just love is the fact that this writer uses that as a trigger to spend the rest of the article basically continuing the American delusion that corporate products have patriotic value.

My favorite part though is this comment...

Where will it stop? We turned our backs on returning Viet Nam Soldiers, we have allowed the Government to (from all outward appearances)to remove GOD from the USA. We allow our Government to run rampant and many seek to seize more control. Now we allow the movie companies to deface and defame GI Joe and with it our "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Where does it stop fellow Americans? Lets stand up for our Values, Principles and hold our Way of Life as a standard for others to follow. Let us start by keeping God and Prayer available to all. I do not wish to force anyone to believe in my God, but I will not let anyone take my right to believe in God. Only by standing together can we stop this "crazed movement". Each day that we do nothing, we reinforce the stripping of our rights and freedoms. Are we going to continue to stand by and do nothing? I for one am not!
Oh Homo sapiens sapiens americanus.

I so truly love you all.

I'm gay for Cover Girl


So. I'm not really into any other toys other than TFs.

That much is obvious if you read this site.

But I came across a blurb elsewhere about 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe figures that I had to look up. I guess you could call these a "Classic" line of figures.

What I realized was that I might buy these, but only the female characters.

I don't know why. I suppose it has to do with the fact that out of the hundreds of male characters that there really are only 6 women in the Joe mythos.

I'd buy the Scarlett, and also Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Baroness, Jade, and Zarana figures if they were released but I'd probably totally skip any males other than maybe a Crimson Guardsman.


That's totally gay.

Not as gay as this new Gung Ho mind you.

That's like 12-level gay.

Just looking at this figure in a store could turn a straight guy gay.

Focus on the Family could have a field day with Gung Ho.

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