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So way way back decades ago I realized that my plastic fetish was really too boring to the people who frequented my personal blog, naladahc.com.

I've actually been a blogger from before the term "blog" was coined. I used to type up html journal entries as early as 1995 on a host an ex set up for me. Creepy to think I've had a website or sites in some form for 12 years now. Creepier to even think I used to spend hours wasting the nights away learning to compile IRC clients on UNIX back in 1990 and wasting the time on what would become EFNet and the now long gone Cleveland FreeNet.

Where was I going with this? I'm meandering.


Yeah. I was putz'n around waiting for a meeting to start today and realized that Plasticcrack.net's 3rd birthday as separate entity from naladahc.com recently passed.

I had been writing about my addiction and collection as early as 2001 or so but it was July 12, 2004 that I toyed with the idea of splitting off the TF shit on its own so as to not bore Kelmeister, Max Power, Chuck, and the rest.

Originally I was thinking of more of a place where people could buy, sell, and trade amongst each other without all the crazy eBay prices and shit.

While I'd used the term "plastic crack" for my toys for what seems like forever, originally the new site was going to be called "Rough Trades" since it would be for older toys, no doubt in less than mint collection.

Well... I killed that really quick when I realized that while I thought the play on words was funny, it would more than likely turn up as pr0n due to the fact that rough trade is also a slang term in the homo world for blue-collar guys looking for sex or something. Funny in an absurd way that I normally would like but definitely not what I needed to be confused with. There was a brief period where I thought about atticoflove.com but that could change of course if I was to move, though the "of love" moniker has been in use for every place I've or many of my friends have lived since 1989 at the original House of Love. (Note: Yes. A shitload of sex went on there back in our early college days!)

So I went with the addiction-themed route instead and Plasticcrack.net was born as a separate entity from naladahc.com, along with a few other topic blogs that will remain nameless, though I'm fairly certain one of you may have commented at the one in the past.

I originally had to get the .net because the .com was being cybersquatted on. When it became free I picked that up as well, along with the always important to remember theyrejustfuckingtoys.com.

Thanks to all of my loser geek brethen who waste time here commenting and such.

Not really being able to tolerate message boards, you all are pretty much my connection to the geekness these days. (Though since the GRC I've shockingly been posting every now and then over at the Collectors' Club board of all places. No doubt because it is small and for the most part I can remember people's names and personalities easily.)

Oh. And a shout out to all you lurkers too! I see you in my stats so I know you are all there.

Anyway, happy belated birthday Plastic Crack. I how I utterly hate you some days.


I should make a toy-only blog. I wouldn't want the idea to seem unoriginal though, so I'll have to come up with a name that no one would catch on to....something catchy though...I've got it! I'll call it Plastic Crank!

Completely original idea, there. Amazing, how I do that, isn't it? :D

What kind of toys? Just TFs? More? Let's come up with a cool name!

Well, I collect TFs, Marvel Legends, DC Superheroes (the 6-inch ones, not the animated figures), and every other occasional figure that catches my eye...I've got the turtles from the recent TMNT movie, and a few DC Direct figs, and even NECA's Player Select figs based on video games. I keep a running wishlist for everything I want at all times.

That's awfully broad.

I'll work on it.

Yeah...I'm very "kid in a candy shop" when I'm toy hunting. I'm astounded my fiancee puts up with me.

I guess the lurkers shout out prompted me to post. I've enjoyed your blog for some time now especially with my disenchantment of the current state of the "big TF sites" message boards. Intelligent or amusing posts are certainly few & far between. So I appreciate the tone of your site.

Greetings jsmith41!

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