Marshall McPeak annoys the shit out of me.


I just happened to look up recent search stats that resulted in this site.

137 transformers crack
64 crack transformers
62 transformers blog
42 sector 7 transformers
40 ultimate bumblebee
37 plastic crack
27 plasticcrack
24 transformers sector 7
19 transformers hentai
19 masterpiece megatron
14 plastic crack blog
12 transformers movie frenzy
10 huge black tits


That last one is what I get for having jokingly done this post back in October 2006.

Of course the top 2 make sense given that there's a new TF video game out and people no doubt don't want to pay to have to license it.

What's funny about that?

I am so not a gamer!!!


Can I say rusty trombone just to see what that does to your traffic? 'Cause I just did.

What, no hits for "Anal Rampage"?

Anal Rampage was a never released Beast Wars Rampage repaint I think.

I think his paintjob was to be based on this.


(Thanks to ED/Hooper X for the link)

The most popular post on is this one, a review of Final Fantasy X. For some reason it hits a lot for "Final Fantasy Hentai" even though this copy doesn't have the term hentai in it.

The original non wordpress blog version had an alternate image text on the Yuna/Rikku hugging image with comments along the lines of "Starting point for many future hentai stories".

The post literally drags in 400+ hits a day with 6900 in the last 30 days.

The next most popular last 30 days is th emovie Jazz review with 690.

Just to add to the randomness, I feel comfortable pointing out (only in fun, of course) that trombones don't technically rust, per se, but sweat and bourbon can sure do a good job oxidizing the hell out of 'em. By the way, do you think I could get theyrejustfuckingplumbing trademarked for my own use, since you've got the whole toys version wrapped up? I've been telling my students that for years--- appears to be available.

That's a great domain name for brass instruments!

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