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Since those of you who comment here are pretty much the only TF geeks I communicate with I'm curious about something.

Am I unusual in the fact that I just don't give a shit about TF comics?

Do any of you read them?


I used to read them as a kid, before I outgrew the mindless mentality of it all... So, in 17 years, I've only read Transformers:Evolutions! And that's it...


When Dreamwave first started making them and there was a comic shop nearby and easy to walk to (while in college) I bought them and read them. Now I don't really care.

I do kind of want to pick up the one shots. I bought the Kup one shot recently.

I love me some IDW. I appreciate the lack of a "house style" as it was with Dreamwave.

I haven't bought a Transformers comic since i was about 11 i think...

I "obtain" the comics slightly dodgily when they're released and read them on the PC that way...

Been through the Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW stuff plus the DDP crossover and i'm really enjoying the IDW stuff but the Dreamwave stuff stands out for War Within and their G.I. Joe crossover...

Ramen, the IDW Spotlight issues are a pretty good idea and there's been a few stand out issues for me like the Shockwave, Soundwave and Ultra Magnus ones. What else i like is how they're tying them in with the Stormbringer and Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation storylines...

I guess I'm a bit in the minority here, because though I don't get anything through comics shops currently, I have been getting some from ebay lately like the Hearts of Steel stuff and I'm rounding out the complete Marvel stuff right now with the last three of the original ones that I need. I buy them for characterizations, or for resource material for kitbashing and modeling. Most of the time they're hard to read because they're stilted or physically because of the glare or bad print. The completist in me is dictating the finishing of the Marvels. Who knows where I'll go when thats done?

I don't read the original comics nor the new IDW ones, but the Dreamwave ones I did. I really liked the art and the story wasn't half bad.

I use to read the old Marvel comics when I was a kid ... but haven't read anything since. I remember having the TF Universe 4-issue set - which listed all the different TF character profiles.

But everyone keeps mentioning war within - maybe I'll pick up a copy of the tradepaperback (the only way to buy comics cheaply nowadays).

I remember the early Marvel stuff fondly, but I recently picked up a tpb of the last five issues, and it made no sense at all. It was all "Teh Last Autobot" and the Decepticons were all "Oh Noes!" and then Bludgeon ran away and the autobots declared victory. It wasn't so much an ending as "Okay, we'll just sorta stop here."

Oh, and Grimlock and Prime became Action Masters for some reason.

I have bought the two G1 TPB's that Dreamwave released (well, IDW re-released) as well as the three or four IDW G1 TPB's up to this point. For me, I don't want to sit there and get a monthly comic, I'd rather just have it in TPB form. I like the pretty pictures, but the writing's too stupid for grown-ups, and not appropriate for my son with lots of "damns" and "hells," etc. I've never read the War Within or Beast Wars or any of the other comics, so I don't know if the less-than-adult, more-than-juvenile writing is symptomatic of them all.

I guess this means you won't be checking out Graham Crackers Comics while you're in Chicago? I got stuck in Chicago for twelve hours last year on the way to Iacon One and I went to GC to pick up some Sleepwalker books for Budiansky to sign. I had a good time although the store is rather small. They did have a nice display of old old comics that I found fun to look at. Seeing how you're pretty much over the whole comic thing I guess that store wouldn't be much of a draw for you. They were also having their Taste of Chicago food fair while I was there and that was awesome. It's definitely a fun place.

Oh, and Grimlock and Prime became Action Masters because Casey Kasem quit.

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