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Botcon 2009 Thunderclash

Botcon 2009 Flak

Botcon 2009 Kup

Botcon 2009 Scourge

Botcon 2009 Landshark

I do believe that this may be the most mediocre Botcon set I've had the unfortunate displeasure in buying.

I don't care about a single figure here at all.

I've always hated G1 Scourge so even birthing this one... even with a new head... means nothing to me.

Back in the box they go.

Thankfully, Evebird bought the loose set I accidentally ordered. That's primer and paint for the garage repairs I'm doing.

Botcon 2009 Elita-One

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Botcon 2009 Elita-One

Wow! She's very... very... very... pink!

Botcon 2009 Razorclaw

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Botcon 2009 Razorclaw

I totally did not know they remolded Leobreaker's head for this exclusive until I opened him.

Damn! I love it!

Insomia beckoned me to the computer and I saw some pics at Tformers tonight.

I was never a fan of the Energon Hot Shot mold so I was shocked (and rather surprised) that FP's retooling for the Transformers Club Nightbeat figure actually removes a lot of the suck.

The Hot Shot head really didn't do anything for the body at all but this new head sculpt definitely looks tons better.

Even in the alt mode It really does look like a totally different toy.

Amazing with a little work and a color palette change can do.

Alas, Botcon Richochet still leaves me apathetic.

Now just like the Movie Jolt repaint, I think the car looks great.

Those colors work so well but then once transformed, he just looks so awkward with the black head and hands.

He looks like a total Big Lot Chinese knock-off to me.

Stepper versus Meister

Now Richochet, aka the robot originally known as Stepper, is pretty much an exact inverse of Meister, aka Jazz.

Obviously, I didn't remove the flame sticker or anything but you can see from a simple Photoshop invert that they are opposites so to speak. (Jazz would look kinda cool with the blue flames.)

And even though I'm not a fan of that robot at all, I still think that the original Stepper deco would had been far more pleasing to the eye than what they are doing.

The whole Earth-3 theme doesn't do anything for me toy-wise, and I'm just not seeing much in Botcon Richochet to love.

I mean, FP more or less regurgitated Botcon Jazz without varying much from his G1 appearance so I can't figure out why they just didn't do the inverse here for Richochet too like the original Stepper.

If they didn't do any strange wording on him, then at least he could be used as a "Classics Richochet" for those who get off on the Classics stuff.

For the attendee figure, I guess I wish they'd have done something really unique and special since the volume is so low. Something to make you feel like you really get something for the effort and money you put out to travel and then spend hours in a line.

Hell... in retrospect, last year's translucent blue Mirage looks far more exciting than this year's figure. But I love the Mirage mold so that doesn't help me be objective here at all.

Oh well.

I just can't get over the knock-offishness of it.

And Botcon Blurr ?

Sorry. Double plus ungood bot there for me. I'd forgotten about the Armada line until they dredged this one up.

Once again though, the car alt mode looks great. The lightning paint deco is fantastic and the blue on the black is surprisingly sharp.

If for some reason these guys to make it to The Domicile without being sold off, if I even get Blurr, they'll definitely be in car mode all the time.


Botcon 2007 Attendee Exclusive Mirage

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf


Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf (alt mode)

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Huffer


Botcon 2007 Huffer (alt mode close-up)

Photo Review: Botcon 2007 Springer


Botcon 2007 Springer (face close-up)

Crack for the masses.

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Well I sent out all the emails with the prices of the toys and such.

I based the priorities as best as possible on the emails and blog comments you all posted.

Please don't be mad at me if you didn't get an email. There was only so much stuff I could get.

Next year if we go we'll do a Primus package for Giga and have twice as many chances to get extra stuff.

If I decide to sell my personal stuff I'll use the next names on the list too in case you are still looking for stuff.

Vector Sigma...


Botcon 2007 Vector Sigma

Oh yes. I also now own a hollow yellow ball that has a stand.

Someday... I'll tell you the importance of this in Splintered.

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