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So my 2nd day of training has come to an end and I've sat through enough about initiating asset life cycles, leasing/purchasing strategies, and disposal management. I'm beat.

What really sucks is the chairs in these meeting rooms are some of the most Grade-D level chairs I've ever sat my fat ass in. Damn my back is killing me and the naproxen doesn't do shit.

So I've got to read and try to retain this 109 page course book so I can somehow pass the certification test tomorrow.

Joy. I don't know how they expect anyone to pass these kinds of test with 16 hours of conversational babbling and a basic quick reading of a guide.

Insane bad craziness!

What sucks is that it'll be my last night in this king-size Sleep Number Comfort bed. I've kinda grown accustom to it.

I was thinking though.

Loser that I am, I need to start thinking about the awesome lameness that will be the 2000th Transformer that I purchase.

It is only 37 figures away! Hell... that's a decent Micromaster score or even the missing minicons I need.

So... I open this conversation to you all.

What do you think the 2000th figure should be?


I was going to ask you what you were thinking about doing for your 2000th purchase.

It needs to be either something incredibly super-impressive, or something incredibly nondescript like a minicon or something.

Personally, I think you ought to stop at 1,999 and leave some for the rest of us.

Beast Wars Injector.

Better yet, Retrax.

Even if you already have one, buy another because they are both considered lame.

Personally Injector is kind of spiffy in an odd way. He grows on you.

Alas, I have both. And I keep them hidden in a bag.

I still love "Why No One Love Retrax".


Taxara was pretty cool.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Tako Tank.

That'd be special.

And why has Tako Tank not been recolored for KissPedos yet?

With "pedos" meaning "farts" in spanish, "Kisspedos" is funny in two languages!

As for 2000, do you have the Millenium Convoy? The one with the Gold roller? Since it was released in 2000 it'd be fitting if you don't already have it.

I'm so not a Convoy or diehard G1 guy though.

I can't say that Millenium Convoy would be really special to me.

Does the Peter Cullen Talking Optimus Voice Changer Head count as a figure?

The mythical Black God Magnus.

@Kelmeister: Target Graceland had 2 of those helmets left. One was the generic voice, and the other's batteries were dead.

If anyone needs the Peter Cullen voiced helmets there are a few around town here I can get if people like. They are rare to find but I think with the movie actually out they are coming in the new waves of toys.

Seems like when the old stock sold out Cullen ones started to appear.

Its a stupid gimick toy but it does look cool and sound great with Cullen

Too bad we couldn't get one to verbally assault Nala then it would continue the trend of strange Cullen encounters for him :P

HAHA, Maldroth, I should get you to send me one, then I can randomly drop by Nala's house and pretend I'm Peter Cullen and ask him why his house isn't on the market yet.

"Are you taking my picture? Don't you know house values in this neighborhood aren't getting any higher? Why do your shoes smell like cat pee?"

Heinlad or Grandus both sounded like good ideas.

But if you really want people to sit up and take notice. . .



Seriously, tho, I would kill for the Marlboro Wheeljack. Marbor, whatever.

Frowny: That thing is an abomination.

I've got it.

Make this your 2000th Transformer!
Seriously, if you have to buy the car to get it it would make it a) the most expensive piece of crack ever and b) monumentally the lamest part of your collection!

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