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Botcon 2006 G-Rated Videos


So I took a lot of lame ass video at Botcon a couple of days back and I've tried to edit it into something that would be remotely coherent.

Suffice to say, there's no real "story" here.

Part I:

Part II:

I think the only guy we ended up really vocally (amongst ourselves) picking on was Melon-Eating Boy.

And anyway, Melon-Eating Boy, if you see this... what's up with the bad craziness man? Seriously.

UPDATE: Ack!!! I linked some titles in Part II and one referring to getting somebody laid accidentally switched with one about Greg's minicon collection. Do I rerender or just leave it?

Hmmm... I'm leaving it for now!

Botcon - Sunday - Behold! A Holy Grail Item Attained!!!The Takara Super God Fire Convoy Toys R Us Japanese Exclusive giftset is mine!

The Master-Fucking-God-Sword is in da haus baby!!!

Very plasticky. Very cracky.

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It being Botcon time and all I think I'll do my next few days of postings over at Plastic Crack Dot Net,

Check out my other site for fun and excitement over there.

It'll be a geekstravaganza.

Almost there...

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The Cowtown to Botcon Trip!

Only 5 or so hours of work and I'm on vacation! Then Thursday morning it is down to Lexington.

Lori wants to watch The Hoont so I'm going to cancel having him boarded. That'll definitely relive the horribly stress he feels at being sent to the kennel and also not being around me. He's quite the dependent dog when I'm remotely in the vicinity.

I'm so happy that Botcon is less than 200 miles away. My max is about 3 hours or so in a car (either driving or riding) and that's just about at the upper level of what I can tolerate.

Diffusion is a good thing.

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I got a new light box and spotlights the other day.

Hopefully, my geek photography will improve.

It was a very bizarre day to be a TF geek today.

As the last last few entries over at will show, there's no doubt quite a lot of pissed off fans around the country and probably around the globe.

Hasbro really misjudged this one.

Nope. I really don't care.

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Ok. I'm going to make it official.

I don't care that there's a Transformers movie being made.

End of topic.

Micron Densetsu Well today I hit another lame ass milestone and a Takara Micron Densetsu Crystal Convoy became my 1600th Transformer ever purchased.

Ack! I am so lame.

So lame that I actually hit 1603 today.

The Columbus Toy Show was surprisingly large and while there wasn't a whole lotta TF stuff there, it was obviously a geektastic afternoon.

Most of the Transformers related items were pretty much the same old common stuff that all vendors with TF stuff have. If I see another Top Spin or Twin Twist I'll scream. And G1 jets. Ugh! Too many of those exist on dealer tables.

I did pick up a few things I normally would not have gotten such as Throttlebots, Sparkabots, and some miscellaneous other stuff. I mean, while I don't actively collect some of the post-1986 G1 stuff, if the price is right I might as well fill the gaps in the collection.

Quite frankly though, the gems of today weren't Transformers related at all.

I reacquired 2 toys I had as a kid. These were major parts of my childhood and I always knew I'd end up buying them again.

Part of my haul: Vintage Micronauts Battle Cruiser

Part of my haul: Giant Acroyear

Yes. The inevitable acquisition of Micronauts has probably started. The Attic of Love™ needs a few more vintage 70s Micronauts and now I happily own 2 that I really loved as a kid.

The guys I bought them from actually knew about and The Attic of Love™ as well! I was shocked. I didn't think that many people stopped by here since I don't really look at my stats anymore. (Thanks guys!)

A milestone fast approacheth,

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Here's a scary thought.

Today I'm at 1590 Transformers that I've ever purchased in the Attic of Love.

Tomorrow, with the Columbus Toy Show at hand, I will no doubt hit 1600 figures.

Pretty frigg'n insane!

And then I read...

The DVD also features a winning soundtrack featuring the iconic theme "The TRANSFORMERS" performed by Lion, and the popular "The Touch," performed by Stan Bush.
I so love the inclusion of the word "winning" here.

Let's face it.

That soundtrack is one of the single worst collections of music used in a film.


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