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And then I read...

The DVD also features a winning soundtrack featuring the iconic theme "The TRANSFORMERS" performed by Lion, and the popular "The Touch," performed by Stan Bush.
I so love the inclusion of the word "winning" here.

Let's face it.

That soundtrack is one of the single worst collections of music used in a film.


Whatever happened to Lion anyway?


And then I read...

The DVD also features a winning soundtrack featuring the iconic theme "The TRANSFORMERS" performed by Lion, and the popular "The Touch," performed by Stan Bush.
I so love the inclusion of the word "winning" here.

Let's face it.

That soundtrack is one of the single worst collections of music used in a film.


Legends of Cybertron Vector Prime, Galvatron, and Soundwave

Numbers in Collection: 1583-1585

Cybertron Metroplex and Drill Bit

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Cybertron Metroplex and Drill Bit

I really was going to wait until these went on clearance in another month or so. However, after having wasted several hours this weekend on toy runs that proved futile, I really needed to buy something.

Our last stop tonight, after dinner with Kelmeister and Kelmeister's Husband, was at a Wall-Mart in New Rome and they actually had something new.

No new Alternator Optimus Prime though.

Numbers in Collection: 1581-1582

Legends of Cybertron Red Alert

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Legends of Cybertron Red Alert

The new wave is starting to pop up. I managed to find a Red Alert the other day. Also picked up a Leobreaker because I had forgotten I bought him online way back in November. I'll probably take the extra one in to work or something.

Number in Collection: 1580

Well. I'm committed now.

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I finally broke down and faxed in my reservations for Botcon this autumn down in Kentucky.

Giga's on the minicon package and I got a second set of loose figures on order for Mister McBeard.

I'm committed now.

Botcon Primal


Botcon actually has delivered something I really frigg'n want!!!

As I had hoped, the pre-Beast form Optimus Primal has been revealed and he's indeed based on the Cybertron Crumplezone mold.



I envisioned this mold working perfectly and they delivered! His alt mode looks good too.

Unrelated to Botcon but of course, related to other cons and Transformers is the unveiling by Iacon One of their souveniers.

We get the two Beast Wars era golden disks!

It is Beast-a-riffic in 2006!



Oh sweet sweet joy!!!

Roadbuster! Whirl! Chromedome! Broadside! Sandstorm! Twintwist! Topspin!


Cybertron Nemesis Breaker


Cybertron Nemesis Breaker

He's a black/grey repaint of Leobreaker just with a lamer name.

Number in Collection: 1579

Alternator Camshaft?

Well if this is a legitimate Hasbro product that we've never heard about then I think we may have on our hands the worst Alternator repaint ever. Well. More appropriately a repaint of a slight retool that was only available in the Takara Binaltech line.

In Japan, Prowl was released as both a standard police car (as one would expect for eventual release in the US) and also in a plain blue version sans police lights and sirens.

This "supposed" Camshaft is a repaint of that simpler retool and man, if this is in fact real, it is the worst possibly repaint that could have been created as shelf-filler.

I don't even know if a new head would make it any better but that would have at least helped it a tiny bit.

That leaves the practically impossible to find Optimus Prime, the yet-to-be-released Mirage, the yet-to-be-released Rumble, and this.

There's probably a Nemesis Prime repaint of the Dodge Ram and maybe a Frenzy repaint of this Rumble mold too.

Man. I think Alternators may just be winding down.

It has been kind of slow on the plastic crack side of things.

Real life has intruded pretty much on everything lately.

But that's ok.

I really need to get over this embarrasing hobby one day anyway.

Beast Wars 4 coverSo the final issue of the IDW Beast Wars series came out this past week and once again I'm trying to find some reason to find something of value in Simon Furman's writing.

Can someone please explain to me why so many Transformer fans think Furman is a good writer?

I know that some of his recent Marvel work has gotten decent reviews but his Transformers stuff (no matter the era) just doesn't seem to offer me anything on any level.

I picked up the IDW Beast Wars series because I love Don Figueroa's ability to illustrate Transformers. Not only can he illustrate a beautiful bot but he also can usually create a design that truly looks like it can transform into something else. He's the only illustrator that I've seen on this material that really nails it!

I didn't expect as much out of this Beast stuff due to their inherently different design aesthetic but he delivered quality art here.

But story? Other than some great Figueroa covers and panels there was just no real story. The plot and story could have been scribbled on napkins at a bar at a Transformers convention for all I know. There's just nothing there of substance.

Now the biggest problem with Transformers (of any flavour) is when someone trys to shoehorn a logical explanation for the fact that some of the toys were made.

This is especially hard to do for the sprawl that was non-show appearing Beast Wars toys. Between those toys and the many repaints that were supposed to be different characters, you've got so much filler that doesn't necessarily need any fiction. They are what they are: just toys. And perhaps that's all they should be.

But in this series, an attempt is made to explain these characters and of course, since pretty much all of them have Earth animal (historical and modern) modes, they have to somehow be on Earth to scan the mode.

Here's where what little story logic there is totally collapses for me.

Lio Convoy (and what appears to be the Convoy/Autobot Council) sends spy Razorbeast to infiltrate Magmatron's group to follow Megatron and retrieve him.

Magmatron and his Predacons basically end up going back in time to the Beast Wars television series right after the episode where Ravage's ship has crashed.

Now this group is out of "time synch" so they can't interact with the Beast Wars television series characters but through Razorbeast's actions, many of the protoform/stasis pods ejected by Optimus Primal in episode #1 of Beast Wars becomes new characters. It basically is a way for them to not disrupt the story we see in the Beast Wars show but also to "get them on Earth" to have their beast modes. It is actually a pretty thin excuse.

That's it!

That's how all these characters come about by being shoehorned into the mainline Beast Wars story.

And for 4 issues it is basically these characters fighting every now and then and new characters being introduced as Razorbeast alters protoforms to become other Maximals instead of the Predacon army that Magmatron wants.

It basically devolves into a a form of the 1980's Marvel Transformers comic where characters pop up, say their name, maybe fight someone, and are never heard from again.

The art as expected is good. There's a few money shots here and there for TF geeks to cream on.

But otherwise it all fell flat for me like most comics do. The art is better than say that Master Collector TF comic but the stories just as thin and pointless.

Indeed. Not all toys need fiction to go with them.

And this is especially true of Beast Wars.

Of course, there's probably a lot of fans that liked these so more power to them. IDW needs an audience to keep their licensing alive.

Yay! I gots a new camera!


I've been trying out my new Canon A620 digital camera.

So much new to learn.

Beast Wars Metals X-9 Jaguar

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Beast Wars Metals Jaguar (Ravage)

Yay! With the acquisition of Beast Wars Metals "Ravage" I now have a complete set of Beast Wars figures for all characters that appear in the television show!!!

I am so the lame!!!

Number in Collection: 1578

Cybertron Cannonball

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Cybertron Cannonball

On a whim Giga and I headed to the WeBeToys on Morse and I actually found a Cannonball.

Shocking. I know!

He's actually one of the better repaints. Cybertron has had a surprisingly good number of them.

Number in Collection: 1577

Did I tell you that Mr. E. is selling off some crack to pay for Botcon 06? Probably not.

Anyway, I'm buying his Takara Beast Wars Metals Jaguar, the only figure in existence that actually looks like Ravage (Jaguar) did in Beast Wars Season 2 episodes.

That should complete my collection of show-appearing Beast Wars characters.

Cybertron Skywarp


Cybertron Skywarp

Found a Skywarp while I was out looking for some remedial Windows XP training books.

Someday, as soon as I get this done, I'll find some time to rip open these packages and take some decent photos.

Number in Collection: 1576

Cybertron Shortround

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Cybertron Shortround

Numbers in Collection: 1575

Cybertron Repugnus

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Cybertron Repugnus

Numbers in Collection: 1574

Cybertron Soundwave and Laserbeak


Cybertron Soundwave and Laserbeak

Numbers in Collection: 1572-1573

More crack.


Giga was out in the far Cowlands last night and found me a Cybertron Soundwave, Repugnus, and Shortround!


Though I've heard and read that Soundwave is pretty crappy.

A sick perverted anniversary.


One year ago today, I broke the 1300 mark with the plastic crack.

I have added 271 Transformers to the Attic of Loveā„¢ in the 355 days since then!

Bad fuck'n craziness man!!!

I am the lame.

Transformers: Stormbringer



Dear Don Figueroa.

If you promise to become the only Transformer artist ever, I will love you long time!!!


Technobots (and therefore hopefully Computron)!


This frigg'n Transformers: Stormbringer series is aimed right at me!!!

Oy koledy!!!

My loins hurt!

Broad-oo-cast. Sound-oo-wavah.


I came across this link courtesy of and I've never seen it subtitled but only with the horrible StarTV dub.

I really hope Transformers Headmasters gets released in a Region 1subtitled version. The damn thing has been released in Europe so why the hell not.

Sure the audience is small. Sure the animation is poor. But this whole DVD region encoding bullshit for niche products is totally crazy.

It doesn't matter.

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Bad craziness. The junk comment queue is just getting packed with pR0n comment spam.



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