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TF Collectors Club Seacons


TF Collector's Club Seacons

No. Seriously. Was I drunk or really high when I bought these club figures?

I paid how much for fugly colored 20+ year old toys again?!?!

The TF Collectors Club Seacons (Snap Trap, Skalor, Nautilator, Tentakil, Overbite, and Seawing are the 2121st, 2122nd, 2123rd, 2124th, 2125th, and 2126th Transformers that I've acquired.

Takara Galaxy Force Megatron, Convoy, Starscream (Legends)

I only paid $10 for these and they are really rather cool!

When Takara does translucent they just know how to do it!

Takara Galaxy Force Legends Megatron, Convoy and Starscream are the 1952nd, 1953rd, and 1954th Transformers that I've acquired.

Takara Gasket (Police Type) Exclusive


Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) Face

I'm in a very weird mood today and actually opened my only Takara Gasket figure done up in the police deco.

It is quite possibly one of the finest repaints I've seen in a basic figure.


Galaxy Force EX-02 Sonic Convoy with Coby Ramble Giftset

This set includes the Coby Ramble that only was released with the full exclusive.

These are the 1720th through 1722nd Transformers I've ever bought.

Galaxy Force Gasket (police type)

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Galaxy Force Gasket (police type)

My biggest regret from the con was not getting a second one. The Japanese guys had them for only $20 while so many others were asking $35-$50.

This is the 1708th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy

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Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy

He is one helluva nice redeco. He's of the "black" variety but has tons of teal highlights.

This is the 1705th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Kabaya Micron Booster Roots

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Kabaya Micron Booster Roots

Man I loves me some Roots.

I picked up another one to add to the minicon collection.

I think he's pretty much my favorite minicon of all time.

I just wish he spoke and did something in Galaxy Force.

Number in Collection: 1621

Most awesomeness JUSCO display ever!

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Now this is one big ass Galaxy Force Convoy from a JUSCO display.

I would love to have this display!!!

Galaxy Force Hop (Kabaya Micron Booster)

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November 28, 2005 - Kabaya Micron Booster Hop

He was cheap and I love Hop but I was kind of hoping he'd be repainted a bit.

Number in Collection: 1474

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