Custom painted Scorponok


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Someday, when I've finally got a new house and can find some time to waste on skills development I'd really like to just learn to do basic repainting.

Sure I've got all these custom kitbashes in my head but we all know those'll never see the light of day.

But with Hasbro's rather lackluster paint decos striving for realism in the movie line, some fans, like pairadocs here, just do a little bit of repainting and make some of these figures really desirable.

It is like Revlimit doing minor work on some of the Classics and making them look a thousand times more detailed than the final Hasbro release.

The simple things are sometimes far more effective, and impressive, than say kitbashes and true custom figures.

Someday.... I'll learns me some shit.


You may be interested in Jin Saotome's work then. He does the same kind of repaints.


I've been drooling over this the last few days...


Oh yeah. I posted something about his stuff last week or so.

He's fantastic.

I'd love to own that Shockwave he did.

youngariff: I love when people do the step-by-step photos.

Oh. And are you in that band? If so, which one are you?

im the one rocking the shahib scarf and fisherman hat.

WHOA. I somehow missed this one. Looks JUST like Jin's. Maybe better. Damn. I gotta buy me a Scorponok.

Thanks for the shout out. =)

Rev: I thought the guy was pawning off Jin's as his own but I noticed that the hip parts in Jin's are a metallic grey and this guy went with the gold.

And his Custom Shockwave from an Energon Shockblast still blows me away.

I would love to add this to the collection.

That Shockwave custom looks a lot like the 6" Titanium prototype Shockwave ...

Hey there! Pari does some great work, he's been out of the customizing loop for a while but I see he's back to making stuff.

When I saw this I thought someone had snuck into my house and taken new pics of my scorp on my gray background, lol! Thanks for the link-piming too. I have all new stuff up this week like my Ironhide and Megatron!

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