Pepsi Optimus Prime


Hasbro Pepsi Optimus Prime

I bought him because he was being sold.

Pepsi Optimus Prime is the 1938th Transformer that I've acquired.


Nala said: I bought him because he was being sold.

ha ha, more true that you know dude!!

Pre-ordered one from (had a coupon for free shipping on orders over $25.)


Assuaged said guilt by convicing myself it was for my son, who bought a Mountain Dew just to get a Transform Your Summer code, used code to register to win one and didn't understand that just because he registered to win one didn't mean he was going to get one. Felt better.

I remember seeing the original Pepsimus Prime when I was a kid, and even then I thought it was hilarious, though I didn't know why. The price really isn't bad, and the absurd blend of marketing is gonna make me chuckle inside every time I look at it. No guilt for me on this one. :D

Yeah. I'm not a huge fan of G1 Prime but this was fun. And they didn't go crazy with putting some insanely stupid collector price tag on it.

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