It isn't all that different than Robot Heroes now is it?

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I'll just mention this to get it out of the way now so I can move on to far more important geek-related things.

2007-06-20-tfanimprime.jpgSo some Transformers: Animated promo materials have popped up and Prime appears in it.

All I have to say... and you have to understand that this is where fanboys older than 12 may have a problem with it... this series was never aimed at you.

Don't believe me?

With Hasbro totally partnered with Cartoon Network and actually producing something homegrown, the template for this kind of show has been there for years now.

The Cartoon Network history of non-Adult Swim original programming gives you all you need to know about the likely visual style of this series.

Obviously this is one image. But this one image has all the essential development ideas that the entire new series likely is going with.

You, the over 12 set, are not the target market for this series. You never were.

You, the over 12 set, are not the target market for 90% of Cartoon Network's schedule. You never have been.

That's all I'm going to say on this.

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Most people generally pissed and moaned about the visual/story direction that A/E/C took and they wanted a homegrown TF cartoon instead. Now they've got what they want all they'll do is piss and moan some more. One thing i've learnt in my time as a TF collector and more importantly as a fan is that no matter what, no matter how much what we want is catered to, we'll moan about it and slag it off...

Personally, i don't like the look of it in the same way that i didn't like the look of the film, but i'll wait until i see it before i pass any form of final judgement just like i will with the film...

End of the day, i agree with your point about "this series was never aimed at you." Transformers in general are a kids toy, they was designed for kids (With the exception of Binaltech/Alternators & Masterpiece) and they're still designed for kids and i think that we as adults forget that sometimes and imagine that this is our thing, this is made for us when in fact it's made for 9 year olds...

Don't shoot me, just my opinion...

I concur. I also think Hasbro does a nice job catering to the "adult" TF fans with lines like binaltech/alternators/6" titanium even, sometimes. Shooting for both adults and kids with Classics and wee little Robot Heroes (which is filed under "Collector" on the Hasbro TF website). I'm an adult and am really impressed with TF cartoons like Beast Wars. My kids will enjoy Energon and Cybertron cartoons more then I ever will. Tricky business.


Sure, it's aimed at children. We all know this. However, to aim at that target you must know what you are shooting at.

Do you remember second grade? Did you see yourself as a child? I know I didn't. First-graders were babies; third graders impossibly old and grown. While my six-year-old outlook was obviously not, in reality, a mature one, in my mind, it was. The Peanuts characters are very realistic in this way.

What does this have to do with Transformers? Well, I think the original cartoon and BW were most successful when they were not deliberately childish. Childrens' fare may be (and perhaps should be) somewhat sanitized and simplified, yes, but it should /never/ talk down.

Compare S1/S2 Grimlock and S3 Grimlock. Who did you, as a child, connect with better?

Compare the "cute" but very serious Bumblebee, and the self-consciously childish Wheelie.

Consider Mister Rogers. I doubt anybody ever succeeded in communicating with a child audience so well. He did not do this by standing, looking down, and making funny faces. He did this by sitting on the floor and calmly talking like a grown-up, but with simple and understandable words.

Was Beast Wars a success with children because of its goofy slapstick, or because of its not-at-all goofy plot? I venture it was the latter.

The best childrens' writers don't write for children. They write for themselves, keeping children in mind. The best childrens' artists don't draw childishly. They draw well, with children in mind. Children respect that. They also know when they are being insulted, and they will not tolerate it for long.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Fuck the haters. That looks fun as hell. Plus, for the first time in ages, goddamn not-japanese-people are writing the motherfucker.

It cannot possibly be any worse than Energon, unless they go the Teen Titans-style "honkime" route with it.

-hx, at least we won't have to hear people bitching about the goddamn length of the smokestacks.

Autobus FTW. I treat my daughter respectfully like she's a miniature adult; and that's why I've got a kid that'll pick the storytelling of Doctor Who any day over singing those brain-melting Barney songs.

Kids might lack experience and knowledge; but they are sharp as hell, and they see everything - it would be a sure step-up for the human race and American specifically if the entertainment was geared accordingly, ratings be damned.

Is Michael Bay involved? Because if he isn't, I don't really have any reason to hate.

Yes, I am completely serious.

Story-telling or marketing toys. I think we all know it's the latter.

After all these years I am still waiting for someone to explain the Energon fiction to me.

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