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Found stuff.

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I'm usually not one to go out into the interwebs and look for robot shit anymore but I was looking up something and came across this Gryphman guy's deviant art gallery.

I gotta say I like some of his TF Animated takes of some Takara G1 characters I love.

His version of Victory Saber is fantastic!

I would so buy that toy!!!

I like his War Within Ginrai too.

Botcon 2009: Interlude


If you want to see why he's the greatest Transformers blogger of all-time, and if you want to get a completely different and original take on Botcon from what you'll find in my experience or with the Message Board peoples, please visit the Roboplastic Apocalypse.

He has actual real toy robot related content that is always of the highest calibre!

He's good people.

Oh great King... have I offended thee???

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"I don't run one of those "look what I bought at Wal-Mart today" blogs which is actually my favorite kind of internet that is not porn or pictures of cats."

I honestly haven't figure out if this is an interweb's slam at me or not.


I try my best to avoid Sam Walton's beast.

Can't be about me.

Can it?

I shop at at only the finest online establishments and homeless-free Targets.

If you happen to fill out that Hasbro Transformers survey, do a brother a favor and when you state where you go to in terms of website add in too.

I'm so curious to see what that does.


Yaoi! Putting the head in Headmaster!

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So there I am, minding my own business on the interwebs, googling for some Tranformers shit when I came across a rather... hmm... how does one say in English... interesting site.

Yes. I came across a site with some "giant transforming robots macking on other giant, transforming robots".

I had to look up what Yaoi was, though I think I came across the term months ago and didn't realize what it was.

There seems to be a lot of bizarre implications of sexual domination of Red Alert implied on some of these.

You've got Stasis Cuffs, a very angry Inferno protecting a boyish Red Alert from Starcream, and a couple of others.

But quite frankly, if I was forced at gun point to pick a favorite, I'll have to go with Lamborghini Fun.

Obviously, this homage to Headmasters comes in a solid 2nd. (There's actually quite a lot of those.)

Wait. Maybe the incest one is the best.

And then... well...what can I say about this one.

Yup. Absolutely nothing.

Oh internets. What wonders you bring me on a daily basis!

What scary gay robot wonders.

Ya know... I'm kinda think'n I need to jump on that "hope for change" bandwagon now.


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And speaking of adoring readers... where the hell is Frowny???

He's been AWOL for what seems like months now.

Hell. I don't think I've seen him pop up on my various IM time wasters either!


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He said...

Just as goats have an innate fear and distrust of chupacabras, I fear and distrust information from comic shop employees.
... and I realized the profound truth therein.

I don't know what's funnier.

The fact that he's 30 and in a photo used for dropping the drinking age to 18.

Or the fact he's drinking next to Brave Maximus and is surrounded by other toys!

Way to go Despotes!

Only a photo of you and Omar in a drunken brawl at Botcon would have been better!

This has been the week for people to visit Plastic Crack and to email me about it!

I almost feel guilty that I've been fairly TF-content-less for so long but as always, the real world of stuff is intruding upon the already lackluster feelings I'm having about collecting right now.

IMBotcon 2007 - Day 2 - Kristin got an iPhone(Though MrsDuce read the other day that I'd forgotten about the SDDC stuff and she and MrDuce were actually in San Diego and snagged me a set of everything! They are ten levels of awesome like that. Maybe it is all that damn TF love I send out coming back to me!)

Anyway, back to what I was blabbering about... oh yeah...

I came across your blogsite today and just writing an email from one Tranformers fan to another, I love your collection. I would also like to ask where you usually get your toys from especially the rare and exclusive ones. Ebay? I live in Singapore and its a little hard to find exclusives here because we do not have any major toy conventions here. I have to get them from Ebay. But sometimes I do stumble upon some great stuff here in Singapore. I have a blog of my own too which I recently just started. I collect mainly optimus prime.
I also sell some rare and hard to find toys too. I saw your Black Super Fire God Convoy and can you please tell me if you ever find one? I want one too. Loose or mint doesn't matter as long as its complete. But anyway love your collection. Transformers rock.
Palpmaster;s got a Convoyfetish going on.

Actually, I've noticed quite a few in TFgeekdom that really love the *fill in the blank* Primes!

I've never been a huge fan of the Optimii other than Optimus Primal and the Totally Kick Your Ass A Thousand Times Before You Know It Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy.

Though quite frankly, looking at his Convoy pics has made me realize I gotta let my translucent Micron Densetsu Conovy out of the package one day. And my I Can't Believe I Paid That Much For A TakaraTomy Fusion Cluster Protoform Convoy.

So many gay robots, so little time to open them.

They are the love though.

See? There's a little love popping up today.

And once in gmail I read...

I'm just writing to let you know that I'm a huge fan of your blog~!!! I'm a faithful reader and check for updates all the time. In fact, you inspired me to start up my own blog about robots. However, my angle on it is to also feature my other hobby, which is playing rock music. You should check it out as I have a few posts already set up.

If you could link me on your site, I'd really appreciate it, and I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you have for a robot fans like yourself~!

Advice? From me? Nala? Bitter and jaded Transformers collector?

Well Mr. Kang, the only advice I can share with you is finish your graduate degree and post-doc, don't buy a house near people who drink 24 hours a day, and if you do buy a house make sure your basement is sound and doesn't leak.

That's the best advice I have.


And don't waste your hard earned money on too many gay toy robots.

Get just the right about.

Not too many.

Or else... you'll end up bitter and jaded about having a shitload of toy robots you don't want.

(And the thought will go through your mind that it is easier to just throw them out than try to go through all the effort of selling them.)

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