In which I am told I am legit. That's never happened before.


So I was going through the referrer logs this morning and came across some traffic from a site where someone has posted a review of The Crack.

Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog. The guy also likes to talk about the Dr. Who robots and other science fiction TV shows, but for the most part is on topic with the transformers toys. Goes to all the Botcons and other transformers trading events, too. How do you know he's legit? Will be able to legitimately explain why some of the G1 toys sucked ass. A lot of information on the toys here that's not found anywhere else either. Mostly I stare at pictures he took of the rarer and more valuable transformers he got, and you will too.
I think what totally caused me to start laughing was just the line "Not a, but the definitive transformers toys blog."

Some day I'll go into how much I love the power of the English definite article "the".

Though I'm not sure when I've ever legitimately explained why G1 toys suck ass.

In my opinion, so many of them, especially the post-Diaclone remakes, suck so much self-expanatory ass that I don't need to even mention them. Yet people love 'em!

Thanks plsburydoughboy. Glad you like the photos too.

And in other stats-related news, a lot of people are hotlinking my pics even though my htaccess redirects these to a a lolcat.

Don't these people look at the final result???

I think I may have to go back to redirecting to the explicit pr0n images to see if that stops it.


"And in other stats-related news, a lot of people are hotlinking my pics even though my htaccess redirects these to a a lolcat."

I've saved and used your pictures on my blog but i always credit you and direct people to plastic crack...

That's fine. That's the same thing I try to do when I've posted stuff that I can determine the true source for.

I just get stuff posted in message boards all over the world directly from my server. It annoys me.

2 Legit 2 Quit.

On the hot linking issue. That explains the problems I have on your RSS feed. I keep getting LOLCats instead of the proper images. I imagine a lot of these hot links come from RSS readers.

Well yeah, i can understand how people hotlinking annoys you. Plus if i remember rightly it kills your bandwidth...

It's not exactly hard to open a Flickr or Photobucket account and use that instead...

God, please don't redirect those to porn. Like Ramen Junkie, I read this site in Google Reader at least 75% of the time.

RJ: I didn't realize the RSS feed would do that. I'll have to experiment with htaccess codes. The RSS feed isn't really a redirect to my knowledge.

Bruticus: Well most of my stuff I just do a direct link to my Flickr galleries. It'll totally hose the site should Flickr go down or I stop using it but that way at least I don't get hit with the bandwidth problem of so many photo posts.

Canthros: Not even absurd ones? Like hardcore Autobot on Autobot action? :-)

I'm going to have to investigate the RSS stuff. I get my photos fine using Bloglines as a test but I never use Google Reader.

"the definitive transformers toys" Not to bust your ego, but I really don't know of many transformers toy blogs. In the TF world it is mostly filled with web boards all made in 1998. It is really quite sad. It would be real nice to have a modern site like, but for transformers.

I have no ego to bruise. Especially considering this site is nothing remotely definitive when it comes to robot crack.

You know... if you built it... they may come. You should consider implementing something like that.

I'm less worried about the mental scarring than the possibility that somebody else in the office happens see it over my shoulder, actually.

*tsk tsk tsk* Reading the internets whilst on work time.

My review would be something like "Nala is a big jerk who likes his gay robots more than I do. But sometimes there are pictures of his dog, which is not a transformer but sure is cute."

No, seriously, I dig this site and your photos a lot but it is by no means definitive. Not a very good review.

A review of the review of a review of a site full of reviews...


The guy was being nice to me!

Usually it is just people bitching that I didn't move this or that clip according to the official instructions of a f'n kid's toy!

Let me have my one shining super robot action happy time moment!

Your "Nala's Happy Time" moment?

Giga: ain't it though!

My amateur film critic friend would say that it's a bad review BECAUSE the guy is embellishing to be nice. I hate the misuse of words like definitive. It's like Larry King did a review of your site:

"The greatest website I have ever visited. Six hours isn't enough time to drink in the majesty of coding this site provides. What is it called again? Oh god, did I forget my pants?"

Why do you hate CNN?

Sanjay Gupta and Wolf Blitzer. Jack Cafferty's alright, though.

Wow, I finally had an answer for one!

Wow, I get recognition from Nala! Glad you enjoyed my post over at StumbleUpon. Of course you deserve your Happy Time Moment given all the resources you spent (time, money, loss of sleep) getting these toys and showing them to us over the internet.

I guess you also would have to expect that when someone on the internet has something nice to say about someone else on the internet, that you're gonna twelve angry reactions about how wrong that person was. I dunno why people can't just be nice on the web anymore, has the intarwebs become such a dreary place full of haterizing motherfuckers?

Anyway, just want to push you to keep on doing more of what you're doing as me and my pals enjoy it so much. Maybe you'll want to check out my tumblr blog as well, where I find 80s cartoon intros from youtube and embed them, just some short time fun.

Greetings plsburydoughboy!

Don't mind Frowny. He hates kittens and puppies and babies and sushi and CNN and Sanjay Gupta and Wolf Blitzer and...

And I think you for "haterizing motherfuckers"! I think I'm going to try to use that at least once a week! :-)

Hello, person who I dressed up as for Halloween when I was 10.

Yeah. . . I stand by my original statement. Definitive was a bad choice of words. It implies completeness. is a more definitive collection of pictures of transformers.

Incidentally, the original definition of nice made it synonymous with accurate.

And I love my G1 toys. Want to fight about it over the internet? I'm sure the resolution will be completely satisfactory to everyone involved. Cannons at 50 paces! Name the time and place.


PS-I may be full of hate, but I have never sexed my mother, you pre-vert.

Cannons? How 18th century of you!

Hell... I'll fight you with canon!

On the plains of Magog then?

I'm busy most of August so it'll have to be after Labor Day.

Bring guacamole.

Fine, we'll fight with Canon. I'll show up with guacamole and the G1 cartoon. You can arrive with Kielbasa and botcon comics. Pointless debate will ensue!

"Zombie Tarantulas? That's just stupid."

Nala: No, let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you see a sign out in front of my house that said Zombie Tarantulus Storage?

Frowny: Nala, you know I ain't seen no...

Nala: Did you see a sign out in front of my house that said Zombie Tarantulus Storage?

Frowny: [pause] No. I didn't.

Nala: You know why you didn't see that sign?

Frowny: Why?

Nala: 'Cause it ain't there, 'cause storing tarantuli ain't my fucking business, that's why!

As long as they send in the Weirdwolf, everything will turn out OK.

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