"Fan buzz: Flesh out those 'bots"


There's a filler article in today's USA Today about the Transformers film and the lack of characterization of the actual Transformers themselves.

"I would totally love to see more robot interaction. Most of those characters don't get any development time at all," says Yzquierdo, who has seen the film six times. "With a sequel, they have the opportunity to develop more with the Transformer characters and push that as far as it can go."

Producers say they understand.

"The honest answer is if we're lucky enough to make another one, we would push to get more underneath the skin of these guys," says di Bonaventura, though he believes the humans were important to draw in those not familiar with the robot mythology.

One guy ready for more action is Optimus Prime himself, voiced by Peter Cullen. "(Producer) Don Murphy mentioned to me, 'Only because of the tremendous expense to animate Optimus Prime, he'll be in just a certain amount of things.' But he said, 'Next time, if the movie is a success, you're gonna be in it a ton.' "

Producer Tom DeSanto says some special-effects techniques developed for the film can be used in a sequel.

"It's not like we need to go out and have that expense again of 'How does Optimus Prime transform?' with 10,000 moving parts," he says. "So in the future that expense doesn't have to be prohibitive."

Di Bonaventura cautions, however: "We always think that, and then find out it's not true. These things are always going to be very expensive, and we'll always want them to do more."

It still blows my mind that di Bonaventure still trots out that "humans were important" line.

Just f'n come about and state the truth man!

It is far cheaper to shoot live action than it is to create the effects shots.

I totally understand that.

Most fans probably understand that too.

The whole thing about humans and such just insults the fans that have kept this goddamn brand alive for 2 decades.

Ok. I gotta go rant on my other blogs now.

Yes. I'm bored at the moment.


Nah, Chertoff's too busy worrying about his "gut" feelings on terrorist attacks.

Ask me, he probably just ate the same place you did last night.

What are you talking about?? The HUMAN element WAS important in the Transformers movie.

Just like it was in Lord of the Rings...

OK, thinking about this, what the hell is Hasbro going to do for #2? Re-sell the exact same Prime toy? Somehow I get the feeling they'll God Ginrai him, or maybe even Ultra Magnus.

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