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So while I'm more or less on hiatus on the Transformers side of things I've still been keeping an eye out for the missing PVCs to my collection.

Man oh man the recent ones on Ebay have been totally insane!!!

I was pretty much a doy and didn't bid on the Victory Saber PVC. It would have been worth the price.

However, the rare chase pieces went for totally insane prices. Ghost Starscream ended up selling for $58.51. Way too much if you ask me. And hell. It doesn't even look like someone tried to jack the price up with a fake account either.

The chase/bonus color Scorponok ended at $70.00. Now this one definitely seems to be pretty rare to come by but $70.00 rare? I don't know. Once again it all looks legitimate too.

Chase Cornonation Starscream ended at $57.00 which is pretty much as insane as the previous 2 figures.

The customs that people had made were also pretty high. Sludge went for $46.75, Blaster for $52.00, and Scourge for an unheard of $90.56.

Even I wouldn't pay more than $20-$25 for PVCs!!!

I noticed the all pretty much went to the same buyer who also happened to pay $99 for the Shockwave custom I blogged about last week or so.

Nala = Geek

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Putz'n around a Something Awful Photoshop Phriday and noticed this submission for Acid Freakouts uses the Transformers Robots In Disguise Spychangers 2-Pack as a source.

See. If it wasn't for me and you happened to be looking at this you'd never have known this vital piece of information.

And the one Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy has a frigg'n Computron in it. Computron for chrissakes!!!

Actually. Many of the ones in this theme are excellent.

There's even one for Giger.

The comic book choas covers are great too (from here). I love this original O.M.A.C. cover and I'd buy The Poison Womb too.

And yeah. I'm bored at the moment.

Traitor Bear?


Ya know something. If I'd have known about this earlier I'd have bid on it.

I am that much of a loser.



For the final fucking time there is NOTHING RARE about this fucking poster!!!

So much crack...

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And the packing continues.

What the fuck is wrong with me???

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Ok. So I've come to truly realize that nothing matters anymore.

And this is especially true in the realm of Transformers for me.

The club exclusive figure expected to ship at the end of May. Oh goody. My $40 repainted Energon basic exclusive will be coming. I can barely contain my excitement. I'm pretty sure that joing this "club" was the biggest waste of $40 I've spent in 2005.


IDW Publishing obtains the Transformers comic license. Yet another big fucking deal.

Practically every company that licenses stuff from Hasbro ends up failing. And the major reason is not because it is Transformers-related but that it is collector and bad business set-up related.

Dreamwave fucked up the TF license by having horrible business practices and putting out product that collectors really didn't want. I mean a Micromasters series that was practically unreadable about characters no fan knows??? What the fuck?

And not paying your creative talent didn't help.

It also didn't help that there was zero advertising and marketing for the Dreamwave product outside of comic shops. This of course is a comics industry problem more that only hurts everybody in the business.

And did they have to reprint the same issues over and over with different fucking covers??? This is what killed comics in the early 90s. Don't you fucking people learn??? Ever??? History is history. It is what happened! (Of course, a lot of dregs like to try and alter history and/or disregard any lesson that it teaches.)


And now that 1/2 of my collection is packed up I realize that I've really wasted a lot of money on an absolutely useless hobby. Totally and utterly useless. Boxes upon boxes of toys that serve no purpose other than for me to say "I have this!" or "I managed to get that!".

What the fuck is wrong with me???

I am not just a retard I should be known as the Retard!



Oh my god I don't know if I can live without this!!!

A pack'n we will go...

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Did you know that all show-appearing Beast Wars characters plus 2 G2 Megatrons can fit into an 18 gallon bin? Yup. With room to spare.

Now Giger was just watching one of those "How To Sell" shows on a Miscellaneous Home Improvement Network and the house they were prepping to sell was owned by a toy collector.

Upon entering the place the woman who's in charge of getting the house ready immediately demanded that he remove his toy collection of DC Direct figures.

Well doy! To the non-collector/fan toys are merely clutter and a waste of space.

That's why Nala's already got most of the Robot Masters/TFU shelves down and binned.

Of course I'm going to need a helluva lot more bins.

So the "Lot That I Accidentally Bid On Even Though I Own Every Single Bot Even Multiple Times" arrived today.

And with this, all outstanding ebay transactions are done.

I even sent out my old Scorponok to a new home in New Zealand today.

Spreading the love... one ebay auction at a time.

Awesomely cool stop motion TF animations. This guy's great!

This one great!

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on Energon Prime too.

Crack collecting hiatus.

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Ok. The further acquistion of Transformers is now offically on hiatus.

Yup. There are more important real life matters to deal with at the moment.

However, I will no doubt be trying to sell off large parts, if not all, of my Armada and Energon runs with some Beast Wars and Robots In Disguise stuff thrown in too. Maybe some G1 as well.

I'll post to let you know.

This and that.

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$500 for a Korean Brave Maximus is insane. Totally insane. The Japanese Brave Max comes with accessories and so much more that I might go $300 on that one. But $500??? Hell, I only paid $108 for mine.

This is the ugliest knock-off I've ever seen. It sure as hell isn't Galaxy Shuttle nor is it (lion) Voltron but some horrid Chinese bastardization of the two. Man the Chinese start these knock-offs and they just keep getting uglier.

I am very wet for this Deszarus.


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G1 SlammerSo my tank component to Metroplex's Slammer arrived yesterday. This was the only piece I was missing so now I've got a complete beautiful Metroplex.

Yeah. I know. Exciting isn't it.

And I still don't have the Attic of Love cleaned yet. Total disaster.

Need to get the A/C installed to since the past few days have finally seen the weather change enough to make it a bit hot upstairs. The fish though haven't been affected.

Tell me why again?


So my standard copy of Master Collector came the other day.

Can someone tell me why I joined the Transformers Collectors Club again?

This Master Collector serves no purpose for me.


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And Mr. E. sent me the link that read...

Although it is opening ending, OOS with the sufficient state of a main part would like you to offer a bid, after consenting to the point which has some damages in the box which is not.
My head then exploded.

Pretty fucking sick isn't it.



Yeah. 1304 as of today.

Pretty fucking sick isn't it.

I broke the 1300 mark!

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Holy shit there was a lot of crack activity today!

Car Robots God Magnus arrived today.

And John from work, who's become quite the crack dealer to my addict supplied me with major panties wetting goodness today.

I bought his practically complete G1 Scorponok and he had a Micromaster Combiner Patrol I needed.


And... um... I hit 1304 figures. I broke the 1300 mark!

Please medicate me.

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Well my Takara chase PVC figures arrived yesterday.

Rodimus Convoy and Grimlock look so much better in their chase exclusive colors and plastics. I'm glad I got 'em but they cost me more than I normally pay.

And John, who I work with, unloaded some G1 Actionsmasters on me that I hadn't really thought about ever buying. Hell, if he hadn't brought them in I probably would never have ever purchased Actionmasters.

But, these have all brought the crack total up to 1291. Just 9 shy of 1300.

Somebody. Please medicate me.

Transformers that don't transform.

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Bought some Actionmasters and assorted accessories from John at work today.

They make nice little statues but that's about it.

Heck, I think when it comes down to it I like the modern PVCs better than the Action Masters.

I dont' have an exact count but this may just take me to 1300 or pretty close.

Black Super Fire Convoy

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Holy shit!!!

The holiest of holiest holy grail Transformers for me is up on ebay with a Buy It Now of only $1,559.99.

Feel free to buy it for me as an birthday present.


One day... you will be mine.

Yay! Snagged the Slammer piece to Metroplex. Now he's complete!

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