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Oh Jesu, Part Deux


Oy kolendy! At least I got paid today. It is the only thing that has been helping me assuage my recent crack-related guilt.

Recently, my second major crack dealer started a 15-20% off sale and lo and behold I found myself going in on an order with Evebird and Matt to feed the addiction.

Now with this splurging I completely and utterly went over any sense of a budget that I possibly could have set myself. Especially in light of the $ I paid to the bank to get in their good graces.

But man oh man and I am feeling the guilt over these purchases.

Sure Evebird finally got his Blue Tracks and Matt snagged some of his DC Direct figures, but I lost my mind that night.

Theoretically, I shouldn't be allowed to buy anything until June.

I mean, I usually budget about $30-$40 per month for my habit. I am way beyond that already for January alone.

To try and counter-balance the insanity I've put my first ever Ebay auction up. Depending on how this first one goes I've got about 5 other things I can put up. I'll be happy to break even on them and I'm not the kind of guy to screw people up the arse on shipping as I've been screwed.

Got an Energon Megatron, Landmine, Sam's Club Exclusive Prowl/Starscream, a box of loser non-show Beast Wars figures, and some other miscellaneous stuff I can probably put up.

The guilt though... that is what I want to go away.

I feel like Lady Macbeth wandering around trying to clean the spot that just won't come off.

Stupid stupid plastic crack addict.

One day I'll end up in therapy.

Geek 101

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So Mr. E. Bird should be coming over soon to indulge his inner geek child and help me clean and sort TFs up in the Attic of Love.

Perhaps he'll have some insight into how to arrange the Beast Machines stuff into the collection without significantly having to move my Robots In Disguise stuff.

These things are important ya know.

I mean, if I don't find a way to properly merge these new figures into the collection the terrorists will win.

You think I'm the only loser?

Today's Fark Photoshop Theme: Unlikely hide-and-go-seek hiding spots has this entry.

See. I'm actually normal.

Then again if I had done an image it probably would have just been a screen cap of bots in their Alt modes (car, truck, gun, etc.) anyway since that's the whole point of having an Alt mode in G1!!!

And pssst... HasTak... that's what you should go back to!

Oh I wish...

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You know what I want.

I want a device that can scan the visuals in my thoughts and transfer them to digital video.

I really really want that.

I came up with the most awesome idea for the opening of my retroactive continuity story that replaces the horrid Season 4 of the 80s Transformers cartoon.

But writing it down just can't do it justice.

I just don't possess the descriptive language skills necessary to write nor do I possess the artistic skills to storyboard and time this sequence for animation.

Then again I still think I have some scene/shot/timing sheets around from my old animation school days. I suppose I could drum up the 12 year old knowledge stored away in the depths of my brain to document this visual.

Of course, you'd need to be an animator to read the timing sheets to understand what I'm getting at.

Hell... no doubt the computer revolution in animation has made some of my old timing knowledge obsolete.

And my Splintered story in which I redeem the character of ultimate pussy Rodimus Prime has kind of stalled.

Since I'm not a serious writer I can't say I have writer's block. But I've more or less reached a point where it would become nothing more than 50 or so pages of dialogue between 2 individuals and the "ghosts" of about 10 others. Perhaps I can find a way to distill this down into something less talky. Then again, maybe not.

Skills. I lack so many.



I think I'll install a Shee Pee when I remodel the Bathroom of Love.


IronhideA Ford SYN would make a good modern alt mode for the original Ironhide. The "van" mode just doesn't cut it for a character who was totally kick ass and could take a helluva lot of damage. Here's hoping we get that $30 price point series of Alternators after all.

Here's hoping for a Hummer, Jeep Gladiator, and maybe a jet or two.


Yay!!! We went from the Axis of Evil to the new Outposts of Tyranny!!!

I just love how we are all like "Hey... we must defend freedom and all." now.

Distractions. Distractions. Distractions.

Like the US truly gives a damn about Belarus and Burma.

Then again I'm not sure of their oil reserves or other natural resources.


I think James Earl Jones should be hired to push the button on this one. Hell... he can even use his Darth Vader voice too while he's doing it.


I kind of broke down badly last night and ordered a whole ton of shit from Big Bad Toy Store because of a 15% off sale. No doubt they'll probably have a %20+ off sale next week in which I will get really depressed for having bought so much.

But I did snag Binaltech versions of Grimlock, Swindle, and another Zoom Zoom to open. I added several Robot Masters figures to the collection too. Oh. And a Takara Stepper.

I ended up not getting the Galaxy Force Vector Prime I wanted in lieu of the Stepper. Saved me a few bucks anyway.

Not that a "few bucks" mattered when considering the total I bought.

But hopefully Chico's Father will finally be able to get a Blue Tracks.


Oh. And I may be a grade A loser geek and all but at least I didn't do this.


Trixter managed to put into words the same things I was thinking about the new Transformers Collectors' Club that came into existence after the demise of 3H's horrible management of the previous club.

But then again, I actually paid money... on Dreamwave's sometimes-atrocious TF comics, so it clearly takes a massive amount of suck for me to not spend money on Transformers. The thing about this club is that it feels far too much to me like what they're really selling you is a subscription to their "indexed Toy and Doll trading newspaper with several thousand classified ads each month."
Yeah. That's exactly what I started thinking about it too. Hell... even sent Evebird an email when I joined saying I felt guilty... and I did... but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Trixter really nailed it though.

There's no such thing as a Transformers fan, just a legion of Transformers collectors out there for toy sellers to fleece! (And I do consider there to be a difference between the two, largely judgable by your concern about the "value" of your "collection"...

I guess I just wish it had gone to some people - even another professional company! - that didn't need a volunteer fan panel... because they understood the people who were here for the love of it as much as the people who were here for the bling.

Oh well. I've wasted $40 on a whole lot of worse things before this.

Form of... a brick!

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Energon Ultra Magnus

An elusive and rare Energon Ultra Magnus has arrived from the land down under and found a new home in the Attic Of Love.

So much drama for a total brick that is just a repaint of a previous brick.

But this redeco is soooooooo much better.

And almost impossible to find.

So... I suppose this should be a "Yay for Nala!" moment.

Ok. Now onto getting clothes packed, the Hoont bathed, and on the road to Glass City!

Beast Wars sorta-kinda organized!


So if you've read a previous post you know I've been trying to clean up and organize this Beast Wars shit I've acquired.

Suffice to say I've been fairly successful.

A cracky experience...

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So you may think it is easy and all being Nala but you gotta understand that being a plastic crack addict is quite a chore.


You end up wasting countless hours (and dollars) with your major dealer looking for those specific things you need.

If you are lucky you can find a lot of them at a decent price but you truthfully never know the quality or condition of them.

Yes. I'm very boring and lame.

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So I wonder if there is anything interesting at home on the porch today.

I'm expecting a variety of shit that none of you could care a single iota about but hey... I've rarely got anything worthwhile to write about.

Such is my life.

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