Transformers Movie Ratchet


Transformers Movie Ratchet (alt mode)

I kind of regret buying him at full price.

I've deviated from my policy of buying the larger-sized movie figures at full retail and I feel dirty.

I'm really looking forward to the G1 homage repaint. It'll be so much nicer.

Transformers Movie Ratchet is the 1967th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Movie Ratchet

His color palette is just so boring in the yellow/green.


Nala: I might have to disagree; Linda Blair-green is hardly my first choice for the primary component of any colour-scheme, but there's something not quite right about the look of the white/red repaint. I can't quite put my finger on it; suffice to say, something about Rescue Ratchet looks slightly too... nurse-ish.

BTW, I do find it interesting how said green in real-life translates into a much more fluorescent yellow affair under the flashlight.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to disagree!!!

You will buy the G1 Homage and you will suck it up and love it!

Are you ask'n for a smiting?

Just dare me man!

After seeing the photos, I'll wait for the repaint for both movie Ratchet and Starscream.

Unless I can buy the movie figures for 12 bucks each.

Colour scheme aside - Ratchet is a great, solid mold IMHO.

Jawohl, mein Nala! Is this smiting going to involve the goon squad I offered several months ago?

No, seriously, I was waiting for the repaint as it's the closest I'll come to Classics Ratchet.

I still think a Hummer ambulance is totally weird, tho.

A smiting may be too severe for this infringement.

Much like Jasper did on The Simpsons, I think a clearly defined and communicated list of things that warrant "a paddl'n" is necessary.

Disagree? That's a paddling.
Call RID Optimus Prime Fire Convoy and Fire Convoy RID Optimus Prime? That's 3 paddlings.

And so forth...

How about re-arranging any of the words in the name Black Super God Fire Convoy?

That? That's a lubeless fisting!

What's wrong with this color????

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