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Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

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Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy

I had to get him.

I've bought every other Masterpiece figure so if I'm going to buy some bots I may as well buy ones that are worth it.

Masterpiece Starscream (Ghost Version)

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TakaraTomy Masterpiece Starscream (Ghost Version)

In keeping with my narrowing of my collecting niche to more "odd" things I have added the ghost version of Masterpiece Starscream to the translucent collection.

Masterpiece Grimlock (Hasbro Release)

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Masterpiece Grimlock (Hasbro)

Still not sure why I bought him. I already own the original Takara Masterpiece Grimlock. Hell... he's even taken a dive off the shelves on occasion.

Maybe he'll go back.

Masterpiece Grimlock

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Masterpiece Grimlock

He's total love.

Utter and total love.

From his cocktails to his robe to his brain cap.

Sure he's a little small. And yeah, I'd have loved for him to be about 1 or 2 inches taller than MP Convoy.

But this figure is total love.

F you HasbroToyShop


So every damn thing I wanted at SDCC is now on sale online at Hasbro!

All the stress and f'n trauma I but my friends through in San Diego to get this shit and I didn't even have to.

And what's worse, the cryptic prior message I got didn't even tell me if they scored everything on the list or not so I can't even buy crap online because they may have already bought it!!!


Masterpiece Skywarp? Well duh!

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Geez. I honestly expected this for MP-05 and was shocked with TakaraTomy released a Megatron.

Now honestly, I have to say, I can't see myself getting this unless it is discounted.

MP-03 Starscream is the biggest feels-ready-to-break-at-any-second figure I own. There's a reason I have done much more in the way of photographs or even transformed him back into a jet.

He just feels too fragile.

For $100, I just can't justify a repaint of it when I know it will have little if any die-cast.

With TFs now doing so poorly in Japan, it is nice that TakaraTomy continues to try and release something new a la Megatron but a big $100 repaint is even too much for my stupid addiction.

Oh... the by-gone days of MP-01 and MP-02 in all of their deadly 10 pound die-cast glory!

The Infamous Orange Plug of Masterpiece MegatronI've got to assume that they are all the same and believe me, the orange tip that had to be placed on MP-05 Megatron is absa-lootly-posa-tiv-ly no big deal.

I feared it might be glued into the barrel but nope.

I popped Megatron's barrel cherry in three seconds!


Masterpiece Kremzeek


Masterpiece Kremzeek

Electric Insanity

Takara Masterpiece MP-05 Megatron


Takara MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron

Look! No orange tip!

For the $100 I spent I wish he'd frigg'n stand!!!

Masterpiece Megatron is the 1843rd Transformer that I've acquired.

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