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Holy crap!

It is New Year's Eve!

Where the hell did this vacation go?

I gotsta go back to work in 2 days.


Podcast: Testing the Lameness


Alas, no redesign.

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So I had hoped to get my redesigned PlasticCrack.Com up by the end of the year but trying to launch PaperCrack, as well as all my real life shit-going-ons hasn't made that possible.

And think of all the other crap I've promised so many of you?

Has the Attic of Love been cataloged so I can sell off some crack?

Nope. Everything's in disarray since I suspected the roof may be leaking.

Have the comics been documented so I can unload 95% of them?

Nope. Just taking up space now in the basement while I try to finish remodeling the back bedroom which has to get done within the next few weeks.

So much to do during my non-work hours. So little time to do it all.

And let's not forget Kremzeek!

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Do I bother trying to track down the Wonderfest 2007 Winter Exclusive Binaltech Black Convoy?

2007 doesn't seem to hold much excitement for me in terms of TF purchases, especially since I don't see the current batch of movie toys having much in what I need in a TF.

These kind of bizarre exclusives may just be the ticket to work my geek nerve in the coming year.

Now? I'm patiently waiting for my Autolooper to arrive so I can hide in his redeco/retool awesomeness!

Yes! I Nala think Autolooper is da shit!

6" Titanium Rodimus Prime



I never expected to see one of these so soon but there he was mixed in with miscellaneous other toys and not in the TF section.

Alas, no Poopy Diaper Soundwave to be found.

What's scary is he's the one that took me over 1800 today. Bad craziness!

Titanium Rodimus Prime is the 1800th bot added to the Attic of Love.

Legends of Cybertron Fireflight


Legends of Cybertron Fireflight

I didn't think you could get much more boring than Perceptor but Fireflight proved me wrong.


Legends of Cybertron Fireflight is the 1799th bot added to the Attic of Love.

Legends of Cybertron Trypticon

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Legends of Cybertron Trypticon

I'm not a huge fan of this one but I'll support any small cheap repaints of figures to keep the old names in constant use!

Legends of Cybertron Trypticon is the 1798th bot added to the Attic of Love.

Legends of Cybertron Leo Prime

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Legends of Cybertron  Leo Prime

Now this is what I'm talking about!!!

I'd honestly plop down $20 for this from the full size figure if it was a redeco like this. And I'm not even much of a fan of the brick!

Legends of Cybertron Leo Prime is the 1797th bot added to the Attic of Love.

Legends of Cybertron Perceptor

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Legends of Cybertron Perceptor

Ok. I can see why the redid this Red Alert as Perceptor.

But man is it boring.

Legends of Cybertron Perceptor is the 1796th bot added to the Attic of Love.

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Cool! He finally looks like Prime!

Donkey-faced earlier version go bye-bye.

And I'm loving the film design for Cybertron at the movie site. It is very much how I thought Cybertron should look post-Beast Machines.

On hiatus!

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I'll be outta town for the holidays.

Have a good one!

Of course.


Yeah. I've seen the first real teaser trailer to the movie.

And all I can say is it looks and smells like a Michael Bay movie.

That much is certain.

What's in the pipeline.


2006_12_18_costco.jpgSo Marmot managed to get me the Costco Cybertron 2-Pack of Prime and Wing Saber so I have that coming. (I found out this weekend that we now have a CostCo north of the city and a friend has a membership so I won't have to "import" exclusives from Florida.)

MP-03 Starscream and Autolooper still haven't arrived from Captured Prey yet. I'm waiting for my Kremzeek!

Hopefully the Hot Rod and Poopy Diaper Soundwave Titaniums will be arriving on shelves soon.

And I so need that Classics Ultra Magnus and Skywarp and dare I say it, even the Cliffjumper repaint.

Other than that I can't think of much else that'll be coming out within the next few months that I need or want.

Alive! Alive I say!

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Paper Crack, The World's Most Useless Spin-Off Website, is now live more-or-less.


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Very soon. In fact, hopefully by the end of the year.

Soon. Quite soon. Paper Crack will be born!

PaperCrack will be born!

And still goes on...


You didn't think I spent the last 8 months slaving away rebuilding my basement walls to actually clean up the space did you?

Hell no!

I did it so I could move comics down there!!!

All the comics have been moved to the basement.

Oops I crapped my pants!


Mister Evebird's email made me crap my pants. The links therein full of insane but fleeting joy.

There were 3 recent custom Alternators on Ebay that are quite frankly 3 of the most beautiful pieces of custom plastic crack I've ever seen.

Alternator Insecticons!!!

Custom Alternator Kickback auction

A Custom Alternator Kickback

Custom Alternator Schrapnel auction

A Custom Alternator Schrapnel

Custom Alternator Bombshell auction

A Custom Alternator Bombshell

These guys are so drool-worthy. I'd have dropped a nice bit of scratch down on them.

Do you read instructions?

Ok. I just have to know.

Do you all read the instructions to transform a figure or do you try to figure it out yourself?

Me? I'm pretty much a non-instructions guy.

I usually keep the box to have the picture on the back for both modes to compare it to and throw it out when I'm done.

I'm also guilty of transforming once and never again. The final mode tends to be whatever will fit on the shelves the best and then I forget I bought the figure for another 2 years. Lame. I know.

I have gotten a lot of email over the past few years about some minor mistransformations but I really could care less if I missed something.

Anyway, do you read the instructions?

...except break my heart!


Quote of the Day

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The Quote of the Day:

My tenth grade english teacher said all men remember the first pair of boobs they've ever seen. I don't but I can still remember the day I saw Powermaster Optimus Prime for the first time on the shelves at the Toys R Us...

This'll probably sound "americanist" but you know it has been slow in TF news lately when TF websites post galleries of pictures of multi-lingual international boxes.

It has been pretty slow here in the Attic of Love™ too. So in honor of the slowness, I'll pointlessly write about crap I've seen elsewhere.

I was putz'n around non-forum content of some TF sites lately and came across some pics and such that are pretty cool, especially some kitbashes and customs.

This custom Energon Ravage is great. I'm still no fan of the bot mode but that paint deco makes Ravage look... how do the kids say... bad ass!

A Hotspot made from RID Prime is still a great idea. This was rumored during the OTFCC days that this would be a GRC exclusive but that didn't materialize with the collapse of 3H.

This Alternator Cheetor is fun!

I'd drop the cash on this Alternator Streetwise too. I always wanted to do a story exploring police/detective mentalities using the various TF police car bots. It sounds silly but I'd be perfectly happy with real stories told using the TF universe as a metaphor. Plus, anime G1 Streetwise had the strangest lips ever. We need more of that!

This Beast Wars Transmetal Grimlock is really awesome too.

I'd die to add these custom figures to my collection: Blaster PVC, custom Scourge PVC, custom Twincast PVC, custom Mirage PVC, and this custom Hot Rod and Daniel.

Yeah. Pretty lame today here.

Curiouser and curiouser...

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So I noticed I have a rather large pending charge anomaly on my credit card so that can only mean that my Masterpiece Starscream and Autolooper (with Kremzeek) will be on their way shortly!


After really putz'n around with the new minicons, I kinda wish they'd gone with a Classics Micromasters kind of vibe and by that I mean tiny versions of more standard looking bots.

The brotherhood of the travelling Optimii.

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So Mr. Benjamin Grimm, one of my online Flickr acquaintances, and also an avid transforming plastic crack collector, took this pretty mean pic of various Optimii.

While I have a lot of Primes in the Attic of Love I can't say that I'm really a Prime fan with a capital F.

Other than Shockwave, I don't really have any other favorite characters, especially ones that get a whole shitload of toys made of them.


These guys are... how does one put it without offending... um... different.

Alternator Mirage


Alternator Mirage

I came across a Mirage today. He's the first I've ever seen in the wild.

And man is his quality poor. His face vents are damaged (see above) and there's glue on certain parts that made him really hard to transform.

The face damage is a shame though since I consider his head sculpt to be one of the, if not the best, Transformer heads ever done.

Mirage is the 1795th bot added to the Attic of Love.

Classics Grimlock


Classics Grimlock

Ya know. I thought I'd like him a lot more but I'm sorta-kinda-meh about him.

His head sculpt is fantastic though.

Classics Grimlock is the 1794th added to the Attic of Love.

Transformers Universe Ro-Tor, Skydive, Storm Jet, Fireflight, Air Raid, and Siverbolt

Ro-Tor, Skydive, Storm Jet, Fireflight, Air Raid, and Siverbolt are the 1782nd through 1793rd added to the Attic of Love.

Micromaster Superion is da bomb!

Classics Minicons Knockdown, Swoop, and Terrorsaur

Still no love.

Swoop's kinda cool but the others do nothing for me.

Knockdown, Swoop, and Terrorsaur are the 1779th, 1780th, and 1781st added to the Attic of Love.

Classics Minicons Firebot, Strongarm, and Divebomb

I gotta say... there's no love here.

Sledge, Broadside, and Wideload are the 1776th, 1777th, and 1778th added to the Attic of Love.

Classics Minicons Sledge, Broadside, and Wideload

I gotta say... there's no love here.

Sledge, Broadside, and Wideload are the 1773rd, 1774th, and 1775th Transformer that I've acquired.




I've decided to do a spin-off blog called "Paper Crack" as well as a blog specifically devoted to my Micronauts geekon.

Unfortunately, both and are being domain squatted on by net vermin. Oh yes. I'm so sure they'll get around to using as a legitimate website.


So. I guess they'll just be subsites of for now.

I suppose I could do "" but subdomains are so awfully complicated.



Oh cracky day!


To say that I was a plastic crack whore while running around at lunch would be an understatement.

I got so much crack and spent so much money I should be locked up.

The haul was one of the most extensive non-con hauls I think I've ever had.

I found the Micromaster Aerialbots at Big Lots of all places and snagged 2 sets. So much for it being a Kay-Bee exclusive.

At one TRU I got all 9 new mini-cons and at another TRU I found Classics Grimlock.

And to end my journey I got an Alternator Mirage at Meijers. They have 4 Mirages!!! I have never seen one in the wild and here's a store that finally got a ton of cases in!!!

So. In one toy run I bought 23 Transformers.

Bad craziness.

All hail the return of Galador!


So I read a rumor-blurb over at about the future Transformers animated series but it wasn't the Transformers stuff that remotely got my interest.

Now that Hasbro is making Marvel toys, look for a renewed relationship with Marvel Comics on that front as well. *ahem*ROM*cough*
Three letters.



ROM: Spaceknight was one of my favorite Marvel comics as a kid. It lasted for years and was a thousand times better than the lame ass toy it was based on.

Bill Mantlo was able to make some great comic sci-fi and build an entire mythos around a silly toy.

It sucks, because like other licensed comic properties such as Marvel's Micronauts, the comic company doesn't own the likeness or even name(s) of the licensed property. They own all the other characters created for the series and this has resulted in very sad situations when the licensing agreement ends.

The Micronauts (the licensed name) can't be be used in Marvel comics so the Marvel-only characters have reappeared as the Microns. Acroyear, a pivotal character, cannot even appear or be named. Biotron and Microtron, two major roboid characters, can never grace the page either.

So you go from a long running awesome series to a pointless new series with only the licensed properties and it can't have any of the nostalgia or love that existed in the original property.

ROM suffered from that too.

Marvel tried to do a ROM mini-series without the character of ROM just called Spaceknights a few years back and it was mediocre at best. Not that ROM could ever be a best selling title or anything but it really all derives from Bill Mantlo's comic creation.

What's funny is I can't say I have any fond memories of the Marvel-only Transformers-related stuff.

I couldn't stand Circuit Breaker and on the whole, I find the Marvel comics an unreadable and very poorly illustrated mess.

However, I'm all for fully incorporating Buster Witwicky into a combined continuity and if I had the opportunity, I'd throw in the ultra-rare "brother" Butch!

And it goes on...


So I continue to sort tons of paper crack down in the dining room. There's no place to even put up holiday ornaments since I've pretty much taken over the whole room.

Yay! I found them!

El McBeardo will be happy to know I found the trades of Alan Moore's Supreme he lent me (above).

Bring on the robot penguins!


The always ebullient Mister Evebird alerted me to the fact that pics of movie Scorponok toy are out in the wild now.

I love the alt mode.

Yes. I really love the alt mode.

That's a damn fine robotic scorpion!

Well... it looks a helluva lot better than this at least.

This poor G1 Brawn. He's all brokey.

It is always sad to see broken toys, not matter what line or how old they are.

Yes. I'll say it: "Parts Boxes" at toy shows make me sad.

But there's often the flip side which is a kid really loved the thing and played with it until it broke.

And that's a good thing.

Toys are meant to be played with by kids and not put on shelves to collect dust and never to be touched.

I think I may donate some of the Energon stuff to Toys For Tots or something.

Wow! It amazes me the lengths that people will go to in arguing about stupid toys on toy message boards.

On the whole, I really only go into site forums around Gay Robot Convention time to see who will be going and basically what people are looking to buy. I then typically go afterwards to see people's haul pics and then I disappear for another 11 months.

I almost want to jokingly write a "serious" letter to Hasbro and Paramount that the future Transformers film is ripping the fandom apart but I can't muster the effort to really do it. Plus, I really don't have a whole lot of creative skill with words so it would never come out like I intended.


*sarcastically scream-crying* Hasbro... Paramount... please won't you think of the adult toy collectors!?!?! You're ripping their lives apart and causing dissent and hate in the fandom!!!

For the Love of Heinlad


Originally uploaded by SteddyRuxpin.
You can't beat a Tanuki that has sake accessories.

And he controls time too.

I do need to add a Heinlad to the Attic of Love one of these days.

Well... him and a Tako Tank.



Well I might as well get this out of the way because someone will no doubt email me on it.

Some leaked pics of some of the movie toys have come out.

I can only repeat what Evebird said to me about them because he and I seem to be of one mind on these: We'll be saving a ton of money in 2007!

And I'm the one that tends to buy anything that crosses my path.

A Black God Fire Convoy is possible???

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Holy shit!!!

I never even knew he existed!!!

There's a 80% chance I'll get my holy grail Black Fire Convoy figure some day in the future.

But from the looks of it, there's less than a 1% chance I'll ever have a Black God Magnus.

Oh... Black God Fire Convoy... what a dream you are!

Wow! It arrived.


Holy crap. My copy of the 20th Anniversary DVD of Transformers The Movie came today.

I didn't really expect one to arrive.

Emails outta the blue like that rarely pan out.


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Wow! This guy's Grandizer collection is awesome. It isn't Transformers but from a certain point of view I have a lot more nostalgia for this.

I've always had a special place in my geek heart for Toei's robot anime shows from the 70s.

Getta Robo, along with the awful Battle of the Planets, were my first exposure to Japanese animation when I was a kid.

The tackling of the paper crack!


Let me change topics for a post or two.

If you read this here pointless blog or any of my other sites you'll know that I'm currently in the process of purging myself of thousands of comic books from the past 30 years.

I've read comics since I was about 6-years-old and unfortunately, the paper crack really accumulated over the years. It didn't help that I worked in a comic store in Toledo back in the 80s and I also frequently did comic conventions and crap like that.

After all these years the comics have just become a massive burden that takes up space in my life, not to mention valuable storage space in the Attic of Love.

Well I started pulling them out of the boxes and trying to sort them at least into some larger groups by company and or "family".

So much paper crack!

Let me just say... what a pain in the ass it is sorting 30 years of comics!!!

Oy koledy! What beautiful crack!


Holy crap! I'd buy a Wheelie and Cyclonus if they looked like these and I am not a fan of either character!

I found the link over at hx's blog and damn, it is extremely rare for me to really get impressed with the crack!

So I came home to another Master Collector with a Transformers Newsletter in it and behold... the Evebird article appears!!!

While uncredited on the printed page, you can rest comfortably at night knowing that I, Nala, put much love into the scanning of those deleted and unused Transformers movie cels.

Of course, you can view more of Mr. Evebird's insane collection of rare Transformers shit over at The Transformers Cel Arkive.

Man. I really am the lame.

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So I broke down and have an acquaintance in Florida picking me up the CostCo Cybertron 2-pack.

Not sure why though. I suppose because I have every "store exclusive" from the past 7 years.

Hasbro didn't even bother to redeco them or anything.


Just sick.

And geek that I am is gonna have them.

Classics Fugly


Ok. I have to ask.

Is it only me, Nala, that thinks the lame "Classics" Devestator repaint of Superlink Buildron is just fugly as hell?

I can't believe that Hasbro actually decided to rerelease this shit as a "Classic" of all things.

Hell. The goddamn ancient (and never-ever-seemingly on a release schedule) reissue of the Seacons is more "Classic" than this piece of shit.

Too many of the components suffer from the "gimpy hand" syndrome that I hate and I just don't think calling something Devestator and painting a few parts construction green really makes a "Classics Devestator" figure.

Then again, why should I really care.

I think this has just managed to hit a nerve in me. I finally noticed, after having bought every figure from the line and a few from the Japanese line, that I really really really really dislike about 90% of everything in from Superlink/Energon and that especially includes the anime.

Who am I (in a non-Jean Valjean way)?


Ok. I have to admit I was a bit harse yesterday with my first encounter with the furry thing.

I mean, who am I to comment on another person's geeking with my having this stupid ass collection of plastic toys. King of the attic retards that I am.


I think I may have to register "".

I kind of like that.

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