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It is like Teen Jesus and Santa stopped by!!! Yay!!!

First Doctor awesome goodness arrived!!!

More birthday goodness...

More of my awesome birthday presents!

They arrived late but I got some more birthday awesomeness in the form of Who dvds.

First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet goodness with The War Machines which I'm currently watching.

Also Four To Doomsday, The Leisure Hive, and Destiny of The Daleks.

I also hear I have the always trippy serial The Web Planet coming on DVD too. My VHS is really sorta crappy. I'm hoping they've restored it.

C'mon BBC.... get The War Games out on DVD!!!

The Dildo of Horath

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If you haven't been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures then you must hate Doctor Who.

Why are you such a hater?

Just finished Series 2 with the 2nd part of Enemy of The bane and all I can still say that this spin-off is more Who than Doctor Who is!

It amazes me that they are able to cram more into 22 minutes of story that most shows ever could.

Yeah. It is aimed at tweens! But it doesn't matter!

it is fun.

I was hoping Horath was related to Sutekh but we never found out.

I'm all for bringing back the Osirians!

I can't wait for Series 3!

You don't look a day over 900!

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Happy 45th Birthday to The Doctor!

You've aged remarkably well.

Now give us some Jamie and Zoe action in Series 5 and we'll be all set for the next 45 years!

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2

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Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2
Written by Tony Lee and Art by Pia Guerra.


My Doctor!



Joe Grant!

The Brig!

It doesn't come close to the excitement I get at the The Ten Doctors but hey, I'll take my my Second Doctor any way I can find him!

The real plaything of Sutekh.

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If you've been lucky enough to watch the fairly fun Fourth Doctor episode Pyramids of Mars then you'll be familar with the the great antagonist Sutekh.

I'd love to see the Osirans make a repeat appearance in new Who... even Sutekh!

But Sutekh actually had quite a life before and after Doctor Who.

I loves the 2nd Doctor!


Any way I can find him!

So yeah...

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I had forgotten I'd snagged some figures for super cheap at the Toy Show last week. That little wind storm thing kind took my mind off them.

I guess the fact I was putzing around with Skid-Z the other day made me realize I had so many variations of the mold... but the original! Can't go wrong for $2.50/each either.

The various G2 and reissue Cyberjets were all like $1.30 or something each too and I don't think I ever had any originals of those. Just many many many repaint versions.

One great thing I found, rather randomly I might add, is a Dapol Cyberman action figure from the 80s.

Dapol Cyberman (1980s)

I didn't even know they made any figures back then.

I also snagged one of those reissue B.A.T.figures off a guy but it appears Hoop found some finally. Anybody want a B.A.T. I paid way too much for?

McGann? Please say this is true.


So we have this?

And then this?

C'mon. Give McGann his due.

Every generation of Who has to get a "multiple Doctor" story. And our generation deserves to see the 8th Doctor finally on television.

How I've been spending my evenings.


How I've been spending my evenings.

While somewhat repetitive, since pretty much everything that can be written about Who has been written about Who, this is an enjoyable pre-sleep read.

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