We need more of these!


2007_07_11_daiatlus.jpgTakaraTomy Wonder Festival Dai Atlus!!!

I would be perfectly happy if Japan would just keep producing non-transforming articulated versions of a ton of G1 characters.

I'd so buy a Victory Saber, Road Caesar, Star Convoy, and any other later G1 characters they'd make.

The size is just perfect to fill up shelf space and they are so much easier to deal with than actual mainline Transformers.

You know you can't survive without a super-articulated Grandus!

That is, if such a thing could actually exist.


Action Masters shall have their revenge!

These guys are to Actionmasters what Binaltech/Alternators are to Diaclone.

I love me some Revoltech Convoy and Megatron and i would be perfectly happy if they carried on making TF characters in that line...

Dai Atlus looks amazing and i would be quite happy as well to see this line expanded to include Japanese TF characters...

I hope Revoltech makes Shockwave ...

Uh, base mode was about the only selling point for Grandus. Trust me, I have the brave series remold.

Super-articulate non-transforming toys? Agreed, though I'd rather see figures of the '84-'85 G1 characters than the Japanese stuff. Ironhide, Ratchet (whose G1 forms have never seen a decent AFORDABLE release), Shockwave, I'd much rather have these than Victory Saber or the different Convoys, etc.


Ironhide proved he had all the aim of a Stormtrooper towards the beginning of the (animated) movie.

Dai Atlas turned his wings into a giant Z shaped sword and cut Predaking in half.

Dai Atlas > Ironhide.

Yeah, but...

1) I've never seen Dai Atlas in animated form 'cause I've never watched the Japanese cartoon *gasp*.

2) Dai Atlus (probably) never gave us gems like "When are we gonna start bustin' Decepti-chops?"

And anyway, G1 Arnn-hahhd's toy just don't cut it for me.

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USJq1CvjBDc


2) No, but he did have built in electro roller skates. Hence his title of "Powered Master" as opposed to "Powermaster." Also, very few of the TFs post '84-'85 had any discernible personality whatsoever. I blame Casey Kasem for quitting.

I dig you on the toy-I have Ratchet and fugly is far too subtle to describe it properly.

I'm really glad you posted that link because I've never seen that either. I actually have those two big micromaster bases plus some of the little ones. They were some of the last aquisitions of mine and my brother's "childhood" transformers purchases. He got into the micromasters a lot right there before the end, and now I've got em to go with the collection. I never really knew how to take the micromasters. I mean, are they human sized and matter shift to size for humans to ride in them, and if not, then what's the point of turning into vehicles? I do love the bases tho', and now I know which shows they come from!

No more Convoys/Optimus Primii/Ginrais!

Give me a decent articulated Fortress, Chromedome, Victory Saber, Victory Leo, or Dai Atlas anyday!

Ok, either my web browser had a hiccup yesterday or you posted the wrong photo because when I first read this post instead of that robot there was a LOLCATs photo with a swiffer thing.


Of all of those, Chromedome is the one who deserves a decent toy. I can't say bad things about Fort Max (or JRX or Longrack or MP-04) but the Chromedome toy sucked balls. Really though, I'd definitely prefer a Hardhead.

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