In which data collection is an important thing that can't be forgotten.


So the collection is pretty much packed up with only the Botcon shit and the recent little guys needing to be binned up.

The biggest concern I have is the fact that all the real life important work I've done the past 18 months meant that the crack became a very low priority. (And that's the way it should be.)

But... I'm realizing that if I hadn't split this site off of my other site and done the stupid "minimum 1 picture per figure" I would have absolutely no f'n idea what the hell I own.

My spreadsheet stops somewhere around Cybertron Breakdown GTS back in August of 2006.

That was when I hit 1665. I'm at 1966 now so there are really about 300 figures that I only know I bought because of this damn blog and my photo,

Hopefully, when I buy the House of Love IV I'll have some geek time to pull each figure out, document what I want to pitch, and do the proper data collection I stopped doing last year.

An accurate data repository is the life blood of everything including stupid toy collections. My inner anthropologist screams at me to resolve this data gap but the practical side of me has pretty much won out.

When I have time I'm going to continue working on the database architecture of a toy asset management system that I've envisioned. I'll be building the first version in OpenOffice Base and it'll be pretty TF-centric. That'll solve my immediate need.

I'm then hoping to try to actually collaborate with Giga on a web-based/SQL-driven toy asset management product that other people can use to track their shit. Who knows, it might even become a reality.

There's gotta be a lot of the Geekae out there that need a solid but simple tool to track their wastes of money.

Plus, I have absolutely no intention of buying a new house that requires the back breaking repair work that I've done on this one.

I'll need a project of some kind to keep me busy.

Picking up Hoont poop doesn't cut it.


Give me a heads up when you get one . I got a dvd collection that i have no clue where im at with it .

It's my understanding that there's actually a product out there for organizing media collections; you scan the barcodes on your DVDs and CDs and then it looks them up online and catalogs the whole process. Pretty nifty.

If I never hear "asset management" ever again it will be too soon. :)

I'm getting ready to start a wall-to-wall audit of 4 buildings with over 40,000 items in use. Gonna be fun.

If you need any assistance with said project grande, let me know, as I'm a fair hand with a SQL query myself.

The software you're thinking of is called Delicious Library - it's OSX only, but it's the best $40 I've ever spent on an application that I didn't actually need.

Dan : that would be great if it didnt cost a extra 500-2000 for the mac OSX machine .

JOP: another i dont have all that stuff . I unpackage dvds almost the instant i get them in the house and into a binder they go . Also scanning them is kinda hard without scanner . and there isnt much differnce to hand entering upcs verse just making a spread sheet or access file on them .

But thanks for the ideas .

What i really need is a full data base of all movies and anime and tv shows that i can check what i have off .

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