Actually, I think having a real life should be the priority.


OK. It should be obvious to readers of the Crack that I'm not one of those, as the kids call 'em, diehard "Geewunners".

Sure, my plastic fetish started with The Cousin's G1 Shockwave and has pretty much continued unabated for the past 23 years, but on the whole, the so-called Generation One era takes up only a fraction of this. I suppose those people who feel they have to include Diaclone and Microchange in there can extend that original 7 year period but I feel that's pushing it.

Anyway, while I do need to get my hands on one of the new Transformers Identification Guides, there's a serious lack of anybody really doing anything about Beast Machines to the present.

It is always G1 this or G1 that and then following mildy by Beast Wars.

No doubt this is partially due to the expanse of time but 20+ year old toys, while they can be fun, aren't the end all and be all of this geekdom.

Maybe when time permits, the House of Love III is sold and the House of Love IV is fully occupied it may have some merit for me to use the opportunity to have to pull out all the toys from Car Robots to the present and do consistent proper (and unique) photography, documenting the shit and maybe putting it all in a Wiki off of this site.

Hell, I'd love to even acquire the IP of and use that as a starting point as a comphrehensive site about TF toy data!

Now I know you are saying "Nala... what the hell is this shit that's spewing out of your mouth fingers?" and you'd probably be right.

But if I need to pull the damn toys out of the bins and boxes, and I need to clean all the dust off anyway, why not waste hours of my life scanning in the instructions (if not available via Hasbro), doing technical documentation photos as well as my typical ones that I'm known for (when I care enough to light properly).

I don't know.

I guess knowing that I am so far behind on my database makes the data collector in me want to not only get that data accurate, but take it to 11 if I can.

Then again, I probably should just leave the figures in the bins and boxes and sell the shit on eBay by the pound, stop wasting valuable creative time blogging about gay robots, and focus my life on things that matter!

Such is the love-hate relationship I have with my lame ass plastic fetish.


Still, there are about 400 US G1 Transformers, more than double what the Beast Era produced. To put it in perspective, G1 is like RID, Armada, Energon, Cybertron and Alternators put together. G1 is still more than a third of all the TFs ever released in the US --pretty amazing 17 years out.

Not that these numbers really prove anything, you just ispired me to dust off my own TF database!


There just seems to be so much repeating G1 stuff and no real attempt to get mega toy-centric on the past 10 years.

I'm finding every time a missile fires out of somebody and I find it weeks or later it can be a pain in the ass to figure out which figure it came from withough going over each and every shelf. is such a great idea, it's a shame that it seems to be stalled for updates... Having someone of your collecting caliber acquire the site would be pretty freakin' awesome. :)

As far as these guide books are concerned, I think it's just a matter of market penetration - if you are going to release yet another guide to G1, or a guide to Beast Machines, then G1 wins every time - 'cause the man on the street remembers 'that guy with the funny voice'.

I think you have bigger issues if your toys are firing missles at each other on shelves. You may have a revolt on your hands.

I've noticed something coming back into TF collecting that folks tend to favor what got them into TFs in the first place. Alot of the older guys really like G1, some are obsessed with it. I've noticed some of the younger guys prefer the Beast Wars stuff. I saw it and the figures or the show really didn't do anything for me.

I dare say being a G1 fan I do like the new stuff. I missed out when RiD was on the air so came back to TFs when Armada was on the air. I liked it. The toys were blocky in comparison to the RiD stuff but I liked it.

G1 toys pretty much only have the nostalgia factor for me. There are a few I want to get because I always wanted them as a kid, but that's really about it. I think since Cybertron and Classics I've really wanted to get a whole line. The figures pose, have more interesting stuff about them and sometimes resembles older characters I knew.

Now I'm rambling but yeah seems there is alot of stuff for G1 and a larger following, perhaps the Beast Wars stuff still feels recent since its only 10 or so years ago. They will have their time i'm sure.

Good luck actually bringing yourself to sell anything. Every time I try I end up in the boat of "One day the kids will leave or I'll have a bigger house with an office to put these out again in.

At the same time I'm thinking "Why would I want to clutter up my office with scads of transformers. I should sell everything that's not Alternators".

Then there's the "Why do I need to buy more, I have tons of these still in the garage in tubs.... Ooohhh Camero Concept Bumblebee sure is pretty.... man G1 Recolor Movie Jazz is nice too... Maybe I should try Ironhide first hand instead of judging him based on his size and photos....

I guess the point is, I feel your pain. As much as I want to just stop collecting this stuff and focus my energy someplace more productive, I can't make myself pull out.

On the other hand, I could have said the same about Video Gaming once but these days, if not for the occasional DS outing and Oblivion on the PC, I have nearly zero interest in them anymore. I have no desire to own any of the Newest consoles. Well OK, GTA4 looks bad ass awesome but it'll be released on the PC in a few years.

Lol- Ramen Junkie- it can be hard to quit. The movie line has actually allowed me to cease buying new toys for the first time in many years. Some of them are kinda neat, but I know I'm a completist and if I pick up one they'll be an avalanche, so I'm skipping them altogether. It isn't always easy but I'm gonna bide my time until Classics 2 and clear our some extra inventory in the meantime.

Speaking of cluttered offices...has anyone seen any really well done TF collections on display? Most of the large collections I see on display online look kinda haphhazard compared to some of the nice displays hardcore Star Wars collectors do. Are there any really nice looking displays of large TF collections out there?

Yeah, Ant's been hell of busy lately, which is why there hasn't been any new updates in over a year. Dude's working two jobs and is about to close on a condo.

That being said, apparently it pays for itself through google ads, so he doesn't seem to be interested in getting rid of it.


While I'd call myself a Geewunner (thanks, King Macro), I usually don't get all crazy about G1 toys. Sure, I have Optimus, Soundwave, Starscream, the guys that you'd call 'iconic' G1 characters. I went out and bought Blitzwing because he was my favorite Decepticon for reasons unknown. I picked up the reissues whenever I saw them on clearance at TRU. But I never find myself on a "gotta get it" kick with G1 toys the way I did with BW Megatron, or a Robotmasters Optimus Primal. I guess its because I realize that the toys, while they were supremely cool back when I was 10, just aren't up to the quality and playability (not that I play with them) of the stuff we've seen in the last 10 years. G1 toys, except for a few characters that I really liked, just don't do much for me.

Alex: Are you implying that this isn't the finest display in the world? :-)

Actually, when the Attic of Love was around 1300 figures it looked really good. Everything was grouped according to line and then size. It just reached a point where it got out of hand and then I had more important things than toys to deal with.

I wouldn't be doing this if I hadn't started as a "Geewunner." About half my early purchases were TRU reissues and the Takara numbered reissue series. My interest with that line dies where my interest with that line died when I was little, somewhere around the 1988 lineup, and I've since branched out. But I really don't see an issue with letting the nostalgia through. My dad has surrounded himself with wrought iron antique car toys from when he was little, and that's pretty much how I view my G1 collection. If the argument is about keeping transformers within the rigid framework of G1, that's just stupid. But as an individual, it's my collection and if I like Snapdragon better than anything from the movie line, that's my business. . .

QFT: As much as I want to just stop collecting this stuff and focus my energy someplace more productive, I can't make myself pull out.

Ramen Junkie summed it up best ... I feel the same. I'm a G1 fan, not hardcore, but it will always have a special nostalgia factor for me.

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