Now that's a purty Primal!


Derrick Wyatt, an animator and illustrator whose blog I lurk on occasionally, seems to be working on the new Transformers: Animated series.

At least that's what I assume his last post refers to.

But what's really interesting is some drawings he just posted from way back when and his Beast Machines Optimus Primal is insanely the bomb!!!

I would love to see Beast Machines done in 2-D animation if he did the designs!

Oh. And there's these early 20-somethings in the seats across from me talking Transformers. That damn f'n movie now means I can't go anywhere without hearing TF talk.

These guys aren't geeks though. I'm assuming they go to Otterbein based on their shirts. And man oh man they are talking such shit.


Dude likes Klaus Nomi.

I can't decide if that's awesome or scary.

Derrick Wyatt was one of the the main designer for the Teen Titans cartoon...

Yup! That's what got me reading his blog a long time ago.

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