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Transformers Encore Ironhide


Transformers Encore 05 Ironhide

Encore Ironhide is the 2029th Transformer that I've acquired.

Transformers Encore Ratchet

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Transformers Encore 06  Ratchet

Encore Ratchet is the 2028th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara Micromasters "Berserker" Six-Wing (White Chase version)

I don't know why but I love these guys! So much better than the all black or all red chase versions.

Takara Micromasters Six-Wing is the 1913th through 1918th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm


Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm

Takara e-Hobby Sunstorm is the 1912th Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara G1 Masterforce Godmaster Zetoca

Godmaster Zetoca is the 1863rd Transformer that I've acquired.

Takara G1 Masterforce Godmaster Aquastar

Godmaster Aquastar is the 1862nd Transformer that I've acquired.

I am so THE lame!


Godmasters Zetoca and Aquastar in "engine" mode.

I am so THE lame!

Can somebody please tell me why I dropped so much cash on 2 tiny Godmasters that turn into this?!?!?!

Reissue Soundwave with Ravage and Laserbeak

On retrospect, I feel really bad about buying both this figure set, and the Alternators.

Basically, I just contributed to "online retailers" basically descending on mass market toy chains, buying up all the exclusive figures to those chains, and then reselling them with a significant markup.

I thought it wouldn't bother me when I bought these but now it is.

Guilt over toys. That's the story of my frigg'n life.

Reissue Soundwave, Ravage, and Laserbeak are the 1854th to 1856th Transformers that I've acquired.

G1 Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike


G1 Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike

He doesn't really fit in the light box.

He's a bit dusty and needs some love.

And yes, I'm going to count him as 3 bots since in the American continuity you can almost count him as such. Definitely 1 bot + Spike at least.

(If and when I get a Takara version I'll only count him as 1 since that's the way he really is supposed to be. Plus I like that continuity a thousand times better than the lame ass Nebulos/Rebirth storyline.)

Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike are the 1824th - 1826th Transformers that I've acquired.

Worst Photo of Fortress Maximus Ever!

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Worst photo of Fortress Maximus ever!

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